Top 15 Best Online Tutoring Services In 2022

Best an popular online tutoring services will be discussed in this article. It’s no secret that a bunch of parents are using online tutoring services for their K–12 students. Online tutors are in high demand right now, whether you have a homeschooling family or you just want to support your child’s in-person learning.

Finding a tutoring programme that works for your child’s needs and learning style, as well as your family’s finances, objectives, and schedule, is crucial. That’s why we’ve searched the market and put together a list of the top online tutoring services, whether you’re looking to add a fun elective to your child’s curriculum or are attempting to help them realise their potential.

Top 15 Best Online Tutoring Services in 2022

Top 15 Best Online Tutoring Services are explained here.

1. Chegg Study

Chegg Study

Chegg Study was chosen as the top overall online tutoring provider due to its price, adaptability, and subject diversity.

Chegg experts, who must pass a topic competence test, are drawn from the best institutions and universities. They tutor students of all years in hundreds of areas, from engineering and test preparation to essay writing, AP classes, ESL and foreign speeches, and even music. On Chegg’s online platform, they are always accessible, making it simple to get started learning or extra assistance right away. On their platform, you may browse through tens of thousands of homework assignments, add a photo, and ask a professional for assistance with a particular difficulty. This is another online tutoring services alternative. Also check  free vector software 

For roughly $14.95 per month, Chegg Study subscribers have access to video walkthroughs, practise sets, and certain textbook solutions. For $9.95 a month, those in need of a little extra assistance can also sign up for Chegg Writing, which gives users the ability to check papers for plagiarism, generate automatic citations, and get professional writing assistance whenever they need it, as well as Chegg Math Solver, which offers users unlimited solutions and in-depth explanations for challenging problems as well as access to a graphing calculator.

2. Learn To Be

Learn To Be

While online tutoring programmes can be quite helpful for many children trying to reach their academic objectives, they are sometimes expensive and out of reach for many families. With a “determine if you can pay” model for its one-on-one online tutoring in a virtual classroom, the nonprofit Learn To Be hopes to close that gap.

More than 2,000 students have been helped by the company’s instructors since the nonprofit’s inception in 2012. The programme provides K–12 students from eligible households with math, science, reading, and English tutoring. Parents frequently state that after enrolling their children in Learn To Be, their test scores and GPAs greatly increased. This is another online tutoring services alternative.

Visit the Learn To Be website to fill out an enrollment form if your family needs accessible tutoring. If you’re given the go-ahead, your kid will receive an email matching them with a tutor, who will then work with them to develop a unique study plan.

3. Princeton Review

Princeton Review

This is another online tutoring services alternative. One of the most complete online tutoring services available is The Princeton Review. The company’s tutors provide live learning sessions and homework assistance for students of all ages, from kindergarteners to adults, in more than 250 subject areas. They are accessible online 24/7.

In addition to ACT, SAT, P/SAT, and GED test preparation, AP and IB courses, student success skills (like note-taking, organisation, and time management), nursing and health, business, technology, essay and cover letter writing, and even career support, subjects covered include math, science, history, drama, and the humanities (taught in both English and Spanish).

The cost of Princeton Review varies depending on the bundle you select. Prices range from approximately $40 for an hour of tutoring (often divided into three, 20-minute sessions, on average) to about $115 for three hours of tutoring if you subscribe on a month-to-month basis. While one-time packages can cost anything from $350 for 10 hours of tutoring spread over six months to $1,450 for 50 hours of tutoring spread over the same period.

For students from American military families, Princeton Review also provides free tutoring, thanks to funding from the Department of Defense & the Coast Guard Mutual Assistance.

4. Preply


One of the best online tutoring assistance for language learners is Preply, which has thousands of native speakers from over 185 different nations. Preply is a tool that students can use to expand their working vocabulary, finish their homework in a foreign language, or even improve their fluency in one of more than 20 different languages. Also check Best Game Recording Software

You can search for language tutors on Preply by availability, country, language, or pricing. Each tutor sets their own rates and availability. You’ll meet with your new teacher to go through your goals and take your first lesson after arranging a first session that works for both of your schedules. This is another online tutoring services alternative.

To make sure you get the perfect companion for your child, you can also explore language instructors’ profiles and read reviews from other parents and students. If a student is unhappy with their first lesson with a new instructor, Preply will provide a free replacement tutor or a complete refund.

The price varies according to the tutor’s type and frequency.

5. Skooli


One of the greatest online tutoring services for immediate homework help is Skooli, which offers a flexible pay-as-you-go learning model with lessons costing about $1 per minute and requiring a minimum of 15 minutes per session.

You or your child can start a conversation with a tutor or ask a specific question to discover if you get along. You can start a live video session with a tutor for well-liked subjects like trigonometry, calculus, chemistry, or physics in a matter of seconds from any device. The UI of Skooli is also distinctively interactive, featuring a virtual whiteboard that enables students to solve challenging word problems with their tutor.

For students in kindergarten through college, Skooli provides math, science, language, humanities, and business tutoring. To refresh their memories of what they learnt, students can watch their tutoring sessions again at any time.

6. Pearson’s Smarthinking

Pearson’s Smarthinking

For students who desire to develop their writing abilities, Pearson’s Smarthinking is among the greatest online tutoring services accessible.

Although Smarthinking’s tutors—90% of whom have master’s degrees or doctorates in their fields of study—can instruct middle school, high school, & university students in nearly any subject, they really excel in assisting students in reaching their writing potential.

This is another online tutoring services alternative. Prices at Smarthinking are also fair, especially in light of the level of experience of their coaches. Online tutoring in your preferred subject for four hours on demand costs approximately $150, while one hour costs approximately $45.

You may also send an example SAT essay or school essay assignment for a thorough evaluation by a professional writing teacher. The price range for this service is roughly $13 for a SAT essay, $32 for a typical-length essay, and $42 for an essay longer than 10 pages.

Additionally, Smarthinking’s resume, college admissions essay, and cover letter evaluation services could be useful for older pupils who want to find employment or enrol in college.

7. Tutapoint


TutaPoint provides some of the greatest online tutoring services available for SAT and ACT test preparation, with staff made up mostly of retired teachers, college and university professors, and teaching assistants.

The least expensive, all-inclusive TutaPoint packages for SAT and ACT test preparation start at around $425 (includes three hours of online tutoring, a comprehensive practise test, and a personalised study plan), while the most expensive, all-inclusive packages cost around $1,895 (includes 10 hours of one-on-one tutoring, unlimited practise tests, and a year’s worth of access to a wealth of online prep resources).

Each online test prep student receives instruction in test-taking tactics and a preparedness manual that is tailored to their particular strengths and weaknesses. Access to an online portal with tests, practise exercises, and TutaPoint’s exam preparation workbook is also typically included in most packages. Pupils with learning impairments, dyslexia, or ADD/ADHD can attend live sessions with TutaPoint tutors who have received specific training in working with such students.

8. Mathnasium


With more than 1,000 locations, Mathnasium is a neighborhood-based, math-only learning centre franchise. The online alternative Mathnasium@home provides the same individualised, one-on-one math tutoring programmes given by the same qualified professors. This is another online tutoring services alternative. Also check iPro software alternatives

The Mathnasium curriculum begins with a thorough evaluation of each elementary, middle school, or high school student’s present command of pertinent math ideas. It is designed to assist both students who struggle with math and advanced students who want to be challenged and up their STEM game. A private tutor will then create a tailored strategy that addresses the unique strengths and weaknesses of that student. The curriculum includes both homework assistance and exam preparation, and monthly evaluations are utilised to track each student’s development.

Program costs for Mathnasium@home vary depending on the zip code, but online estimates at the moment range from roughly $200 to $300.


Online tutoring Services: What Are They?

With the help of online tutoring services, certified instructors can instruct students in one-on-one sessions through the phone, video chat, email, or even online chat. You can choose a tutoring service that enables you to get in touch with a number of tutors at any time of day or night, or you might develop a long-lasting relationship with one particular tutor over time.

What Are the Prices for Online Tutoring Services?

Depending on the tutor’s level of experience, education, and training, online tutoring services might range greatly in price. However, you may often anticipate paying $30 to $80 for an hour of private online tutoring. Over $1,000 may be spent on a larger package of online tutoring services that might include include exam preparation, online resource access, and numerous hours of live instruction.

For students who have a specific issue or need assistance with their schoolwork, on-demand online tutoring services are becoming more and more common. These services often have a minimum session length and cost about $1 per minute.

Some online tutoring services offer considerable discounts to customers who purchase monthly subscriptions to a specific number of tutoring hours (or even unlimited hours per month). These services are frequently less expensive. Additionally, kids with financial need or those from military families may be able to get free or inexpensive online tutoring.

Online tutoring services are best for whom?

When a child is lagging behind in a subject or needs to strengthen their comprehension in a particular area, many families turn to online tutoring services. The personalised, one-on-one attention of an online instructor in a subject area a student finds challenging is frequently very beneficial to them.

Some students use online tutoring services specifically to prepare for standardised tests, for example. Others might require assistance just sometimes, such as for an essay critique or help writing a college application essay.

Online tutoring services may also be beneficial for gifted students who desire a greater challenge or who are interested in an elective or AP course that isn’t offered at their school.

Students who require immediate homework assistance might also benefit from online tutoring services. If you have a specific issue about an assignment, several online tutoring services allow students access to rapid assistance from a subject matter expert at any time, day or night.


Based on the wide range of disciplines offered, tutoring and teaching experience, coupled with quality, affordability, flexibility, tutor availability, and user-friendly technology, we chose these programmes for our list of the best online tutoring services.

According to users, we picked several tutoring services because they combined all or many of these attributes. Others were formed on the list due to a distinctive quality that set them apart.

Preply, for instance, was given a spot on the list due to its dedication to helping language learners of all kinds. Likewise, pupils who need to improve their writing abilities would benefit greatly from Smarthinking. Skooli was picked in the meantime because of its combination of price and instructors’ accessibility for immediate homework help at any time, day or night.

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