Top 15 Of The Best Game Recording Software For Windows In 2022

This post will explain Best Game Recording Software. Most of us enjoy playing digital games, and we occasionally have memorable experiences that we want to share and boast about.It’s only natural to want to save a record of such memorable events, and happily, this is simple to achieve using these game recording software for Windows.

Some games aren’t as simple as they appear.This is due to the fact that they contain numerous tricks and turns that must be decoded in order to progress to the next level.Game recording software allows you to record your game or parts of it for future reference or to improve your skills.Perhaps you just want to post it on your favourite social media platform.

Top 15 Of The Best Game Recording Software For Windows In 2022

In this article, you can know about Best Game Recording Software here are the details below;



Action! is a game recording software that produces high-quality films with high frame rates and a variety of other features.

While recording, you can also contribute live remarks.To avoid overheating your CPU, the software processes recordings using your GPU.

You can also easily save the movie to your computer and share it on Facebook or YouTube. Action! has a 10-minute time-shift option. You may also easily modify your recorded video by cropping it or applying different effects to it.

It makes use of GPU acceleration to avoid interfering with the CPU’s performance. It features time-shift mode and has 4K video recording for the best quality experience.

Price: Free trial, $29.95 for personal usage, and $49.95 for business use.

2. The Game Bar in Windows 10

The Game Bar in Windows 10


Game Bar is a built in feature in Windows 10 that allows you to record games. You can record a high-quality video of your game using the Game Bar.

It’s a straightforward and functional game recorder that gets the job done. Furthermore, with this, you won’t need to install any third-party software. Simply hit the Windows key + G while your game is running on the screen to bring up the control buttons.

You can also start/stop the recording by pressing Windows key + Alt + R.
The video quality can be customised by choosing between Standard and High in the options.

It’s a free built-in function in Windows 10, thus it’s a unique feature.

Price: Free

3. Screen Recorder TuneFab

Screen Recorder TuneFab


Another nice alternative for screen recording is TuneFab Screen Recorder.2
On Windows and macOS, it can record video, video, and screen capture.
It can be used to record gaming, live stream, & hold online meetings.

TuneFab Screen Recorder is user-friendly for beginners while yet providing advanced functionality.It lets you schedule recording, add annotations while recording, and export video and audio in a variety of formats, including MP4, MOV, and AVI.

It has a special feature that allows you to record with a microphone and system sounds, as well as capture particular regions of the screen and edit films in real time.

Trial period is free.

The annual licence is $24.95 per year.

The cost of a lifetime licence is $34.95.

4. D3DGear is a game recording software that is very light.



D3DGear is a small and lightweight game recording programme that does not degrade your computer’s performance.It uses GPU for video processing, just like most other game recording software.

Furthermore, the best feature of this software is that it compresses video in real-time, allowing you to record video even if your PC is running low on space.

You can capture the game’s audio and add live commentary to it.
Additionally, you can save the sounds from a microphone onto a separate audio track.

It has a unique feature in that it compresses video in real time and enables GPU encoders to lessen CPU impact.

Cost: $34.95

5. Software for Open Broadcasters

Software for Open Broadcasters


Open Broadcaster Software is a free and open game recording programme.
This software allows you to share your gaming with others.

OBS records in real time with an infinite recording of scene successors that you can move between using transitions.
In addition to its powerful setup, it boasts a gorgeous interface with both dark and light themes.

It has a unique feature: it is open-source and has a great setup.

6. Bandicam.


Bandicam is a screen recorder that can capture everything on your PC screen, similar to what we have with WM Capture above.
You can record the entire screen or just a portion of it.

You can record a game in a high compression video without sacrificing the video’s quality.
You can easily record your own voice & add it to the video.

It also contains a variety of capabilities, such as real-time painting and the ability to add a camera overlay.You can use this to include webcam video of yourself in the video you’re recording. Also check steam not launching

It captures a portion of the screen while simultaneously adding a real-time painting to highlight something on the video.

Trial period is free.
$39 for one licence, $59 for two.

7. Dxtory – A Good Option As A Game Recording Software


Dxtory is a software utility for capturing movies in DirectX and OpenGL applications.
The software is a sophisticated tool for recording streaming videos with a variety of capabilities.

It accomplishes this without slowing down the system.
There are several audio recording sources available, including game sound and a microphone.

It has a lossless video source that produces the best quality video while preserving the original pixel data.
You may effortlessly record your games using its convenient features, and the output is excellent.

It includes many audio sources recording options and provides the best quality video with original pixel data.

Price: The free version has several restrictions.
The complete edition will set you back $32. 8.

8. Fraps


Fraps is a real-game video capture software that may be used with games that use DirectX or OpenGL visuals.This is one of the most effective free video recording programmes available.

It includes many useful functions, such as Screen Capture, which allows you to take screenshots with a single keystroke while the recording is active.

You can use Real-time Video Capture to record your screen while playing your favourite game.It’s also a benchmarking programme that shows you how many frames per second (FPS) you’re getting on your software.

You can see the FPS in realtime and get a sense of how well your machine is performing.

Price: The free version has a limited set of functions.
The complete premium version will set you back $37.

9. XSplit Gamecaster

XSplit Gamecaster


XSplit Gamecaster is a gaming recording software that allows gamers to make high-quality game recordings.
With an in-game overlay, efficient encoding, and social network sharing options, the interface is straightforward.

It was developed by SplitmediaLabs, the same company that built XSplit Broadcaster, the world’s most well-known streaming tool. It has a simple and powerful UI that comes with all of the fundamental functionality in its free edition.

Price: Basic features are free, Personal subscriptions are $4.95 per month, and Premium subscriptions are $8.95 per month.




Shadowplay is a popular and strong game recording software that is widely regarded as one of the best game recording programmes available.
It captures and records your most memorable gaming moments to share with your friends, family, and followers.

The user interface is straightforward. You may also capture high-definition gaming videos, live streams, and snapshots. You may capture up to 4K HD videos at 60 frames per second without sacrificing quality. Furthermore, because Shadowplay is hardware accelerated, you may leave it running in the background without fear of it slowing down your machine. Also check pokemon fan games

It’s a one-of-a-kind feature in that it’s completely free and uses the Nvidia Geforce GPU, thus it has no impact on CPU speed.

A Versatile Game Recording Software (Price: Free)

11. – A Versatile Game Recording Software is a powerful software programme that allows you to record your gaming experiences.
It’s simple to use and aids in the creation of high-quality videos.

This software supports over 3000 games and automatically records all of your gaming sessions.
Furthermore, it has no effect on the performance of your CPU. It’s also capable of detecting important points in popular games. You can add text and stickers to your films to make them more appealing. Furthermore, clips can be shared with friends or shared on social media. Unique Feature: Text and stickers can be added to your films to make them more educational and appealing. It also allows for immediate social media sharing.

12. MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is a free programme from MSI. The most popular and extensively used graphics card and overclocking software is MSI Afterburner.
It’s a free game recording software.

Additionally, this programme has useful features such as configurable fan profiles, benchmarking, and video recording. MSI Afterburner is a free graphics card optimizer that may be used with any brand of graphics card.
You may also quickly share your memorable gaming memories with your family and friends.

13. Smartpixel.


Gamers will enjoy this game recording software because it allows you to publish your videos in HD quality immediately on YouTube and Google+. Smartpixel is also one of the best game recording software, a well-known screen recorder, and a video editor that can capture everything on your screen.

It also includes capabilities such as extensive video post-editing, vibrant effects, and much more.You may share your videos immediately to YouTube and Google+, which is a unique feature.

14. ZD Soft Screen Recorder (free)

ZD Soft Screen Recorder

ZD Soft Screen Recorder is a completely free game recording software that will never expire.The watermark will appear on your videos until you upgrade to the full version.

You can use the free version if you don’t mind the watermark.It was created specifically for the Windows operating system. Furthermore, employing GPU-accelerated screen capture technology, this recorder provides high-quality video recording that does not degrade CPU performance.

Additionally, if you’re seeking for free game recording software, this could be ideal. Unique Feature: It uses GPU-accelerated technology to ensure that the system’s performance is not harmed.

Price: The free version is unlimited, but you can upgrade for $39 15.

15. Capture with WM

Capture with WM

WM Capture isn’t a game recording software, but it does a great job at capturing everything on your screen.
You can easily record a short portion of your screen if you don’t want to record the entire screen.

It saves the video in popular formats including MPEG, WMV, and DVD-ISO, thankfully.
You have the option of recording sounds from speakers, microphone, or both.

It records video in high resolution and saves it in a variety of popular formats, which is a unique feature.It can be used to record anything because it is not a dedicated game-recording software. Also check why my ping so high

Free trial – full-fledged premium package


You may catch fantastic moments of your games with this list of video game recorders and share them with your friends and family. If you’re a Youtuber, these recordings made with the best game recording software can be very useful for guiding and assisting your viewers while they play.

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