What is SAP Solution Manager? What You Can Learn

SAP Solution Manager SolMan is the module of SAP that provides performances like integrated content, methods, tools, and so on to implement, operate, keep an eye on and support a business’s SAP solution. SAP solution manager manages the SAP and Non SAP services in the IT landscapes of a company. It support the underlying IT infrastructure and business processes. It is an effective tool for SAP Basis administrators.

What is SAP Solution Manager? What You Can Learn

In this article, you can know about SAP Solution Manager  here are the details below;

SAP Solution Manager Overview

SAP solution manager supplies you the tool, material, and entrance to produce, manage, operate, and monitor your options gradually.

SAP Solution Manager

Tools: SAP solution manager provides you central access to the tools which you need to execute your service solution—for instance, Roadmap, Job administration, Company Plan, etc.

 Content: You produce a solution with the SAP solution manager, which functions as a template for your execution job. The solution contains a bundle of recyclable preconfigured material (documents, pre-configuration, and test cases). Material is a collection of details of the organization process and is kept in different formats. And a content supervisor structures and handles this info.

Entrance to SAP: You handle and keep an eye on systems and organization processes in your option landscape in operational processing. You established and ran your own solution supports.

SAP solutions manager accelerates the preparation and execution of tests. It will provides you with a central point of access to your total system landscape.

Process Flow

  1. The Roadmaps contain all the information about job phases and implementation of the project
  2. You begin to use the completion of the assessment stage. Specify your task in the SAP solution manager.
  3. Set the job scope in the job meaning
  4. Define the system landscape needed for the execution of company process
  5. It specifies a Business Blueprint by documenting the organizational system, master information, and business situations, etc., needed for the execution of a service procedure.
  6. Configure business circumstances in the advancement system
  7. Examine the test cases provided and assign more test cases to processes and procedure actions
  8. Check the consistency of the customizing of your company procedures
  9. Arrange test and can recycle the test cases selected during setup

Benefits of SAP Solution Manager

  1. Lowering Cost:  Assists you in maximizing SAP’s assistance services-significantly, decreasing your overall expense of ownership.
  2. Automated Alerts: There is no requirement to search out system error manually; the group will be quickly alerted of any concerns or mistakes instantly.
  3. Enhanced patch and upgrade management: Just one system will manage cross-system patch updates and synchronization.
  4. Automated setup tracking: A totally preserved knowledge repository allows users to track all setup modifications.
  5. Centralized Management: It functions as a central point of control for the entire service landscape and centralized management for the multi-component projects.
  6. Minimizes Administration Effort: It does real-time monitoring of systems, interfaces, and service procedures, which decreases administration effort.
  7. Easy Integration: Integrates with IT landscapes that consist of both SAP and non-SAP applications.
  8. Faster ROI: It accelerates execution and constant improvement. Availability of application roadmaps, best practice files, and SAP solution management services speed learning and speed up the job.

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