Top 15 Best iPro Software Alternatives in 2024

Best and most popular iPro software alternatives will be discussed in this article. An online reservation system called iPro Software offers a strong and scalable vacation rental solution that eventually aids in the expansion of your company. The platform is designed for small, medium-sized, and large-scale businesses, including small boutiques, bed and breakfasts, self-catering homes, real estate rentals, vacation parks, etc. You can maintain and manage your properties at any time and from any location thanks to the iPro property management module. This allows you to manage your business remotely without any human interference, giving you total independence and flexibility.

You can simply keep track of all of your costs for bills and real estate in the account management area. This information may be gathered and analysed to give you a general idea of your management costs for each vacation rental. The software gives you the ability to organise and plan for cleaning and regular property maintenance in order to reach the highest level of visitor satisfaction. By doing this, each home is guaranteed to always be in excellent shape. Overall, iPro Software is a fantastic tool for managing all aspects of your rental property business.

Top 15 Best iPro Software Alternatives in 2024

Top 15 Best iPro Software Alternatives are explained here.

1.  YesBookit


A renowned vacation rental management software called YesBookit is accessible in Australia and New Zealand. The platform offers all the features and capabilities you need to increase and optimise your company’s income while also enhancing operational effectiveness. YesBookit has a built-in optional channel manager, a rate management system, trust accounting, automatic payments, performance data, and market comparison. The new YesBook Success Dashboard makes it simple to obtain a complete perspective of your performance by comparing business performance to goals, historical benchmarks, and the markets. This is another ipro software.

The dashboard offers market comparisons, pace reports, filters, and insights into all of your data. With options to see individual properties, groups of properties, geographic areas, and more, this dashboard enables you to proactively detect locations throughout the whole portfolio where performance is soaring or declining. A real-time trend chart and pacing, as well as other market data benchmarks, will be used to depict performance in order to provide you and your owners a more realistic picture of how your firm is doing.

2. CiiRUS


A vacation rental software called CiiRUS offers tools for managing reservations, websites, quotations, marketing, reporting, and accounting. The platform’s innovation and top-notch services enable vacation rental managers all over the world. You may take use of the sophisticated property management tools with the CiiRUS, including field operations, accounting, deep calendar integration, and much more. Improved email tools and responsive mobile websites speed up the lifecycle and increase sales.

Direct links to well-known online travel agencies (OTAs) like Airbnb,, Home To Go, and Vrbo provide more lucrative bookings and cut down on inefficiencies. Real-time data synchronisation, or the absence of a third-party channel manager, is a standout feature. This helps you save time and money. For field employees, you may establish tasks and checklists that are tightly interwoven. Additionally, you may stay in touch with everyone wherever you are thanks to the mobile app.

3. iGMS


Airbnb hosts and property managers may automate their hotel and rental company operations with the rental management software known as iGMS. With its double bookings and potent integration system, the tool enables you to manage rental properties across several channels. Your daily operations, including calendar synchronisation, guest communications, cleaning, and other activities, are simplified by effective property management. Your bookings and listings on, Airbnb, and other channels are managed by the channel manager. Additionally, you may effectively manage your team by automating work allocations and keeping an eye on their completion in real-time. Give your team members access at various levels.

You may connect your Stripe account to take payments and send bills to visitors, which is another noteworthy feature. Additionally, you can quickly produce reports to monitor the operation of your vacation rental business. A unified inbox, pop-up notifications, support for several languages, automated communications, review automation, etc. are additional features. Overall, iGMS is a fantastic platform for managing your rental business.

4. MagaRental


For all property managers, MagaRental is an all-in-one rental management solution. It offers tailored tools for creating dynamic real estate websites where property information, including photographs and videos, rent descriptions, and booking terms and conditions, may be listed. As a property owner, you may control booking requests, bookings, bills, payments, and other associated operations via your own property website. The built-in SEO module aids in enhancing site functionality and boosting a property’s online presence. This is another ipro software.

To effectively communicate with your clients, MagaRental also enables you to manage several marketing campaigns through email and social media channels. For connecting the solution with other online services, the solution additionally offers a custom XML API. The open slots for accepting new bookings are shown alongside the accepted reservations on the interactive calendar. Additionally, you may manage several calendars for each property that are tailored to their needs and sync calendar information with your Google account.

5. Bookerville


A cloud-based vacation rental management software called Bookerville may assist you with managing bookings, generating leads, managing homes, and much more. By gathering property data from users’ websites and sending it to various listing sites like, Airbnb, and Expedia, its channel management tool assists customers in managing leads and reservations. You may use auto-generated emails as a property owner to notify visitors of warnings, payment reminders, past-due notifications, arrival instructions, and more.

One standout feature of Bookerville is the ability to create emails using email templates that have information like guest information, booking details, and payment schedules pre-populated. It also offers an auto-responder that instantly replies to emails obtained from listing websites. In contrast, users are able to reply to these questions, plan mailings, and collect bookings or payments online. Overall, Bookerville is a fantastic platform for landlords and rental property managers that want to grow their businesses.

6. Fetch My Guest

Fetch My Guest

This is another ipro software. A connection between tourists from all over the world and the experts in holiday rentals is made possible by the web portal Fetch My Guest. In a nutshell, it acts as a link between vacationers and property managers. You get the chance to speak with the owners directly and get the greatest deal on vacation rentals in popular travel destinations thanks to its special member-driven vacation rental marketplaces.

The fact that rental managers may use whatever advertising channel that benefits their vacation rental business, such as listing websites, social media campaigns, or directly from our member network, is a standout advantage. Overall, Fetch My Guest is a fantastic site that you may take into account as one of its substitutes.

7. Escapia


Vacation rental managers may automate their property management activities with the use of the software Escapia. Lead management, front desk operations, and customer feedback are all included in its reservation management system. You may examine comprehensive guest histories that include all correspondence, make changes to existing appointments straight from the calendar, create custom reservation reports, and have the software create reservation confirmations for you to email to visitors. On customisable business dashboards, you can also see how your firm is doing.

The dashboard has widgets for daily activities like check-ins and check-outs, active work orders, unread inquiries, and total rent booked. It can also generate statistics and graphs for comparing inquiries, bookings, and revenue from one year to the next. Escapia collaborates with a variety of websites that list and distribute properties, such as HomeAway, Vrbo, BookingPal, and FlipKey. Between listing websites and individuals’ personal data, the availability calendars are automatically updated in real-time.


With the aid of the seasonal rental software, property owners may streamline their booking procedures and boost earnings. Everything you need for hotel administration, reservations, and hosting is included in this. It contains all the features and tools a manager requires to develop in the vacation rental industry. With, you can handle every aspect of your guests’ stay while also getting automatic updates on the accommodation’s check-in, check-out, cleaning, and maintenance.

Additionally, it enables you to get a regularly updated report on your cash flow, daily sales, and the ad channels from which your top customers originate. To accept and transfer payments, the payment methods can be linked into the system. Overall, is a fantastic tool you can utilise to grow up and automate your rental business.

9. RealTimeRental


A cloud-based vacation rental software programme called RealTimeRental offers reliable, secure, and effective rental management operations. With this tool’s fully integrated True Trusted Accounting function, you can maintain tabs on the financial health of your business. It generates a thorough audit trail from the point of money receipt to payout. There is no need to manually doo books or import data.

RealTimeRental provides website integration capabilities that are right for your rental business, whether you love your current website or are looking for a new one. Integrate your software with your website to seamlessly link your rental inventory. With integrated distribution channels for professionally managed rentals, it aids in boosting the online visibility of your rentals. Additionally, it collaborates with other experts in the sector to improve your rentals’ internet presence. RealTimeRental is an excellent option to other rental management platforms, all things considered.

10. OwnerRez


OwnerRez is a feature-rich cloud-based booking management system created for those who own their own holiday homes. To seamlessly synchronise availability, pricing, guidelines, and listing material while accepting online reservations, handling queries, and corresponding with guests, it interfaces with booking platforms like Vrbo, Airbnb, and The solution also offers contemporary, quick websites, guest check-out with electronic signatures on rental agreements, and the ability to instantly handle payments, including auto-scheduled future payments. You may schedule your own emails to be sent out automatically, and you can customise every email sent to the guest. This is another ipro software.

Along with QuickBooks connection, property owner statements, and other insurance-related services, OwnerRez now offers travel insurance and damage protection insurance. Without having to pay people, you may manage several properties, automate communication, and obtain comprehensive data and reports with this platform. Overall, OwnerRez is a fantastic remote business automation software for managing your rental properties.

11. LiveRez


LiveRez is a vacation rental software and service that combines a website, a system for managing properties, and an online advertising platform. You may use the tool’s numerous functions to manage orders, manage properties and tasks, and make bookings. LiveRez is a cutting-edge, automated reservation and property management solution that streamlines operations. The central reservation system, which links with your own website and makes it simple for consumers to make, alter, or cancel appointments, is a standout feature.

This software allows you to send automatic email alerts and aids in finding properties that are challenging to discover in other ways. Additionally, LiveRez connects with outside programmes like QuickBooks and Airbnb. By generating reports by facility type, vendor type, or data range, and creating, assigning, and monitoring work orders, it makes it simple for owners to manage maintenance and cleaning operations.

12. Vacation Rental Tracker Plus

Vacation Rental Tracker Plus

For small, medium, or big enterprises, Vacation Rental Tracker Plus is a vacation rental management software. The software offers an all-in-one solution for housekeeping management, commission management, reservation management, payments processing, and property database administration. Property management bills for any time period may be generated, and you can manage a number of units and owners. The method works well for rental houses, vacation rentals, hotels, lodges, and other lodging establishments. With this motel or hotel room booking software system, you can also coordinate all of your rental operations, including tasks, contacts, work orders, and even appointments.

The ability of this tool’s payment system to interact with your existing system and take payments without the need for additional software is one of its standout features. Another noteworthy feature is its Contact Tracker tool, which enables you to send form letters to any or all contacts, visitors, or owners. All things considered, Vacation Rental Tracker Plus is a fantastic piece of software you can use to automate your hotel and real estate business.

13. Hosty


Hosty is a straightforward but user-friendly property management software that specialises on managing Airbnb properties. The software supports effective management of your holiday rental business. You can easily manage several channels for your properties and company with the channel management tool. For your convenience, the channel manager synchronises with all of the most well-known websites for short-term rentals. Whenever you need information, you may use the search option to quickly discover it by viewing all of the listings at once on one page.

This is another ipro software. The reservation management tool may be used to check all pertinent booking information, approve or reject request for reservations, and alter confirmed bookings. Additionally, you can connect every Airbnb Calendar into a single page so you can keep track of every rental. Plan maintenance or cleaning personnel without disrupting visitors’ vacations. Hosty is an excellent management and streamlining tool for your hotel business overall.

14. BookingWithEase


With the use of automated processes, BookingWithEase’s software enables property management firms or individual property owners to boost productivity and income. The platform offers seamless, ongoing, and real-time communication across the top listing websites in the globe, including TripAdvisor, Air BNB, Booking, Expedia, HomeAway, and Escapia. One standout feature is the integration of safe, PCI-compliant payments that enables visitors to book a property directly on your website as well as other third-party listing sites.

BookingWithEase offers free options like email marketing, the possibility to contribute to the processing charge, and the application of your business logo on all photographs, emails, etc., delivered to the visitor. The technique is designed to expand the owner’s business while minimising the expense to their customers. Overall, you should think about BookingWithEase as one of your options for rental and property management software.


For owners, vacation rental managers, and boutique hotels, Lodgix is a cloud-based vacation rental system that offers capabilities for online booking, guest management, and accounting. Customers may use its inquiry system to get answers to a variety of questions, including price, quotations, and availability, utilising pre-written responses., Airbnb, Expedia, Flipkey, and Tripadvisor are just a few of the external websites it enables connection with for listing advertisements. Additionally, all properties and other websites may import and export data from iCal via Lodgix. This is another ipro software.

You get access to a WordPress plugin for your websites, which is another noteworthy feature. The cost of Lodgix is determined by the number of properties and is based on a subscription model. Users may set up automated scheduled SMS and emails to serve as reminders for visitors, property owners, workers, and personnel. Overall, Lodgix is a fantastic tool that you should take into account as one of your options.

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