YouTube Video Ideas for SMBs, Creators In 2022

Best youtube video ideas will be described in this article. Providing specialist services like copywriting and logo design, are you a service provider? Make instructional films to showcase your talents!

One thing you demonstrate to clients is that you are the ideal candidate for the job when you break down a solution into steps and give an inside peek at your approach.

YouTube Video Ideas for SMBs, Creators In 2022

In this article, you can know about YouTube Video Ideas here are the details below;

1. How-to Videos

On the other hand, are plenty (unless you’re in a certain niche, in which case it’s a different issue).

You may see what we mean by performing a simple search on YouTube for “how to write a blog article.”

Here are two strategies to make your how-to films stand out:

I Teach using a practical example

When we see guidance in action, we learn more effectively. Also check  Recover Deleted Telegram Messages

So that viewers may understand how a solution functions in a real-world setting, support your claims with outcomes that feature an actual organisation.

In this 13-minute video, Joel Klettke shows off his conversion copywriting skills.

On a web page that serves as an example and features a supply chain company, he demonstrates to users how to write for two audiences.

 (i) Educate via a ral-world example

The use of professionals in your how-to films has two key advantages.

One, you offer a variety of original insights from various backgrounds.

Here is Chi Thukral and Amanda Natividad discussing creativity on Chi Thukral’s YouTube Live discussion show, The Menu. Amanda Natividad is the vice president of commerce for SparkToro.

This is another youtube video ideas. The Menu is not a how-to video; rather, it is more of an interview.

However, having guests on your programme is a good idea in this situation (especially if they educate your audience something new).

  1. you automatically incorporate distribution into your videos.

Invite the subject matter experts to share the how-to video with their followers after you post it on YouTube.

2. Product Reviews

It’s challenging to review a product and its rivals without coming out as prejudiced.

Naturally, as business owners, we believe that our product is the greatest.

It is the result of our work.

Fortunately, the problem has an easy fix.

Select a brand that (a) shares your target market and (b) has a tenuous connection to your own company.

Assume for a juncture that you are the platform’s founder for lead scoring.

Instead of comparing your tool to those of competitors, look at related tools like:

Platforms that analyse products (e.g., Pendo, Appcues)

Suites for marketing automation (e.g., HubSpot, Marketo)

Platform for automating the customer experience (e.g., ActiveCampaign, Zoho)

Videos of product reviews are a no-brainer, particularly if you work in the SaaS sector and your software interfaces with these applications.

It enables you to seamlessly incorporate your product as a supplementary option without coming across as pushy.

3. Reaction Videos

Reaction Videos

Videos of your reactions to videos are essentially what reaction videos are.

Although these informal movies are not quite as instructional as your typical tutorial videos, they can give your marketing a fun twist.

Choose a show that is pertinent to your business to make this work (e.g., If you run a martial art school, talk about shows like Cobra Kai or superhero movies like Shang Chi). This is another youtube video ideas.

A social media manager named Joanna Yung made a video of her response to the programme Emily in Paris, which follows a young American woman working in social media in Paris.

The Netflix sequel has drawn criticism for its unrealistic portrayal of social media marketing since it debuted.

In one moment, Joanna remarks that it’s ridiculous for Emily, the main character, to upload a photo to a client’s account without first modifying it and requesting clearance.

If she had revealed it in a Cobra Kai reaction video, it would have been strange, but in this instance, it makes sense.

Many times, reaction videos are absurd. But when done well, they provide a distinctive touch, showcase your individuality, and set your company apart from the dullly predictable crowd of rivals.

4. Opinions Videos

Opinions Videos

This is another youtube video ideas. Did a recent trending tweet irritate you?

Unhappy with a prominent company’s purported best practise?

Need to air a grievance regarding your field, but for some stupid reason, nobody is talking about it?

Produce a video opinion piece. These thought leadership video formats are ideal since they draw in a larger audience and present an opposing viewpoint that offers potential clients a fresh angle. Also check sites like rabbit 

Ross Simmonds, CEO of Foundation Marketing, argues for and provides evidence for niching down in the SaaS sector in this video.

One piece of advice: You don’t have to make each YouTube video from scratch. This one-minute video was produced from a real-world incident. Ross shortened it and turned it into a video, that’s correct!

5. A day in the life videos

You can’t go wrong with a day-in-the-life or week-in-the-life video if you work in a niche industry—for example, as an organiser consultant like Marie Kondo—or if you’re a thought leader with a sizable social media following.

These movies frequently serve as sources of inspiration because they offer viewers an unvarnished glimpse of what it means to be tenacious in business.

Take Noah Kagan, our Chief Sumo.

Sumo-lings may get a glimpse into his workday as an eight-figure entrepreneur in this video.

6. Comparison Videos

Comparison Videos

Users may choose the best product without having to try it out by watching comparison films.

Similar to product films, comparative videos focus on goods or services that are only loosely associated with your company.

Compare Asana and Monday if you’re a project management mentor for independent contractors.

Compare HelloFresh with Sunbasket if you operate as a dietitian for working parents who are busy.

Compare SEO tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush if you’re a marketing for a firm that sells metrics reporting dashboards.

Here is a video in which Scott Friesen contrasts Notion and Trello, two well-known productivity apps.

Take note of the way the productivity expert contrasts the two programmes in terms of usability, cost, integrations, and other factors. This is another youtube video ideas.

He gives the next two videos, a Notion instructional and a Trello setup lesson, around the eight-minute mark.

These in-depth movies bolster Scott’s standing as a productivity trainer.

Undoubtedly, people who are interested in learning more about project and time management would subscribe to his channel.

7. Round-up videos

Round-up videos are compilations of the best and worst content on a particular subject.

Make a list of the top video editing programmes if you’re a freelance videographer.

If you are the owner of a marketing agency, compile a list of the top SEO tools.

The finest and worst tech announcements from CES 2022 are highlighted here by technology content producer Stuart Thomas.

Your affiliate links can also be promoted with round-up videos.

In Stuart’s case, he advertises it in the description of the video.

Consider using round-up videos if you want to use affiliate marketing to generate passive revenue.

8. Testimonials Video

Video testimonials capture the feelings and body language of your clients.

They’re a lot more compelling than the typical written testimonials, that much is certain. This is another youtube video ideas.

Your testimonial videos might be as well-produced as a Hollywood movie or as basic as a 27-second video, depending on your resources and the nature of your business.

Ashley Carter is shown below praising the Case Study Buddy team for their productive cooperation.

Videos of customer testimonials are effective sales tools.

They must be produced in order to move prospects farther down the sales funnel.

9. Explainer Videos

Product demonstrations made for explainer videos are typically under three minutes long.

These movies explain how a product works and frequently focus on its features, advantages, and USP.

In this little video, The Scribesmith CEO Eman Zabi demonstrates how her launch calendar app functions.

You are enticed to download the app immediately by the video’s direct approach. Also check download videos via online utilities

What YouTube video concepts will you execute?

Videos shouldn’t be made just to get views.

They should also direct your viewers away from YouTube and toward actual commercial outcomes.

More than 12,000 tools are available on AppSumo to transform your mediocre video into one of the best ever.

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