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Top 5 Methods To Recover Deleted Telegram Messages, Photos & Videos Complete Guide

This article is about Recover Deleted Telegram Messages. Telegram is an unquestionably powerful messaging app that is known for its enormous group sizes and rapid feature updates, making it comparable to WhatsApp in many ways. Message pile-up and inadvertent deletion are fairly typical in all messaging applications. WhatsApp makes regular backups on-device and in the cloud, making it simple to recover deleted messages. However, recovering deleted Telegram messages is a difficult task.

How to Recover Deleted Telegram Messages, Photos, and Videos? (5 Easy Methods)

In this article, you know about Recover Deleted Telegram Messages here details given below;

Unlike WhatsApp, backups of messages and chats are only kept on the cloud. As a result, the text messages are never saved on the device. It is both safe and inconvenient because you must follow a step-by-step procedure to recover deleted Telegram messages, photographs, and videos.

On Android, how can you recover deleted Telegram messages?

Recovery of text chat:

Follow these procedures to recover deleted Telegram messages or text chats:

• Search for Telegram support in your Android device’s browser. You will be routed to the help website after clicking the first link.

• Three labels will appear, followed by three text input boxes.

Recover Deleted Telegram Messages

•Select the first option and provide a detailed description of your problem to the support team. Be specific about why you wish to recover deleted Telegram messages and the troubles you’re having as a result. Also check Best face swap apps for android

• After that, enter an e-mail address that you use frequently and can access to receive updates on the process.

• Finally, give your phone number associated with the Telegram account from which you wish to recover deleted Telegram messages.

Recover Deleted Telegram Messages

• Do not input any other phone number because it will disrupt the procedure and cause problems with verification.

• Wait for the support team’s e-mail answer and then follow their instructions.

Recover Deleted Telegram Messages

To recover photos from deleted Telegram messages, take these steps:

• Locate the Telegram folder on your File Manager application.

Recover Deleted Telegram Messages

• Navigate to the Telegram pictures folder by clicking on the folder and looking for any files that were part of the deleted messages.

Recover Deleted Telegram Messages

To recover deleted Telegram videos from messages, follow these steps:

• Search for ‘Telegram’ in the file management app on your Android device.

Recover Deleted Telegram Messages

• Go to the Telegram videos folder after opening the folder.

• This is where you’ll find all of the videos that have been shared on the app thus far.
A different approach to data recovery

If you mistakenly deleted the images as well, you can look in the Android cache folder for the Telegram messages data that was recently deleted. Also check Learning Apps For iOS

Recover Deleted Telegram Messages

•Using the file manager software on your Android device, locate the Android folder.

• Look inside the Android file directory for the ‘data’ folder.

• Look for the Telegram app’s data folder. Click on ‘org.telegram.messenger,’ which will be tagged.

• There will be a ‘cache’ folder in the folder that contains all of the recently deleted material.


Recover Deleted Telegram Messages

• Open the files you wish to recover and double-check them before copying them to an external drive or the Telegram folder.

How can I get deleted Telegram messages back from the Windows app?

Telegram on PC is a godsend for those who use the network for more than just texting. Accessing your mistakenly deleted files on your PC is now more difficult than you might imagine, and you’ll need to use Windows’ ‘AppData’ folder.

Follow these steps to recover deleted Telegram messages on your PC:

• Make sure you’re using the Telegram Windows app rather than the online version; otherwise, this solution won’t work.

Recover Deleted Telegram Messages


• On your keyboard, press the ‘Windows key + R’ combination to open the run window.

• Press the ‘Enter key’ and type ‘percent appdata percent’.

•The command opens the ‘Roaming folder,’ which is a subdirectory of the App Data folder by default.

•To open the ‘Telegram Desktop’ folder, look for it and double-click it.

• A folder named ‘tdata’ holds the majority of the data generated by the programme as well as the talks that occur within it.

Recover Deleted Telegram Messages


• To find your files, go to the ‘user data’ folder and click on the ‘cache’ or’media cache’ folder.

• The above-mentioned folders, like the Android cache, also include the recently deleted chats and media connected with them.

• You may effortlessly copy data to an external storage device or your Windows PC’s drive partitions.

Note that searching for the App Data folder directly in the Windows search box is extremely difficult. It’s hidden because it includes sensitive application data. You can immediately access the App Data and its subfolders using the run window.

Recover Deleted Telegram Messages

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to regain deleted Telegram messages using third-party software?

In most cases, third-party software produces little to no results and silently instals adware on your computer. To recover deleted Telegram messages from developers like Wonder Share, you can utilise a trustworthy programme. The methods we’ve mentioned are the most effective ways to recover deleted Telegram messages, and they don’t involve any advanced knowledge or the installation of third-party software. Also check Encrypted Messaging Android Apps

Furthermore, these techniques are free and do not require you to make any additional purchases in order to recover your sensitive information.

Does the system save a backup of all deleted Telegram messages?

If you routinely clean the cache folder on your computer or Android smartphone, your chances of regaining photographs and data are limited to none. Keep in mind that cache is only transitory and that system cleaning software deletes it on a regular basis to free-up storage space.

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