The Main Reasons Why You Should Compare Shipping Prices

If you’re reading this, higher chances are that you have encountered the need to send a package or parcel to someone miles away from your location. It could be your customer, a friend you’re gifting, or a business associate who needs the contents of the package for whatever reason. You could also be shopping online and have to choose the most convenient shipping method to get the goods delivered to you or your chosen destination. In such cases, shipping service providers chip in to help you deliver goods to a chosen destination so you don’t have to do so yourself.

Let’s take a look at a few major reasons why comparing shipping prices is valuable.

1. Not All Shipping Services Are the Same

Now, you might also know that not all shipping services are the same, especially when it comes to pricing. The shipping method you choose will often determine how long the goods or package takes to be delivered, how much you pay, and what happens in case your goods get damaged, lost, or delivered to the wrong address in the process.

If you’re shipping items in bulk as a business, you would benefit from a courier service that offers discounts or amazing deals for you and your customers. This explains why many compare shipping rates with Coolparcel before sending packages, pallets, containers, or documents. What’s more, some shipping services specialize in certain kinds of shipping, like moving goods and general cargo.

2. It Helps Reduce the Overall Cost of Purchase/Business

Plainly said shipping is an expense, whether you’re in business or just sending a document or parcel to someone. In case you are buying something from an online store, the costs of shipping may add up to the overall cost of your purchase. If you’re an eCommerce business offering free shipping, on the other hand, your profit could be lower per item. Shipping cost comparison can help you choose the most affordable option so you can reduce the overall purchase costs or maximize profit.

3. It Can Help Attract Customers

If you incorporate the best shipping deals in your sales funnel, it is easier to attract and retain customers for your business. These days, online shoppers prefer diversity and flexibility, especially when it comes to product shipping. While some would prefer to pay top-dollar for goods as far as the delivery is quick, others won’t mind waiting a few days more if shipping is discounted or free. As a business, comparing shipping costs can let you determine which shipping options to provide and which ones to avoid, with your customers’ interests in mind.

4. Speed and Convenience

It is not unusual to encounter a situation whereby you need a package delivered to a recipient as soon as the same day or the day after. In most cases, same-day deliveries are pricier, especially for longer distances. But some shipping companies are willing to negotiate a lower price depending on what you’re sending, how much of it, and to where. The only best way to find the best deals, in this case, is by comparing shipping prices, terms, and conditions from different companies.

Speed and Convenience

5. The Aspect of Package Insurance

Before we go any further, what exactly is shipping insurance and how can it help you? How does it affect shipping costs? Well, as the name suggests, shipping or package insurance basically protects valuable shipping contents from theft, damage, or loss. Some types of package insurance coverage also provide cushioning against returned goods.

Now, when comparing shipping prices, it is essential to consider whether you need this kind of insurance and if it is included as part of the costs. If you’re running an eCommerce or drop shipping business that deals with a large volume of valuable and frequently returned items, package insurance can be a worthwhile investment. This means that your shipping costs could be a little bit higher, all the more reason to consider comparing shipping prices from different providers.

6. The Aspect of Weight

Weight is a big name in the shipping industry. In most cases, shipping costs depend on the weight of the item being shipped, perhaps even more than its size and type. This is why it is essential to determine the exact weight of your package before shipping it to a specific company or service. This way, you can know what to expect in terms of the shipping price. Different shipping companies may have different rates for different weights of items, but it’s easier to pick the best deal or tariff if you have an estimated measure in mind.

It might have been a huge necessity since time immemorial, but shipping is virtually important now more than ever. The rates you pay for each item vary from one shipping service to the other. From saving money to attracting customers and ensuring your goods’ safety, the above few pointers should explain why comparing shipping rates is essential.

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