Top 15 Best Productivity and Employee Time Tracking In 2023

Best productivity and employee time tracking will be described in this article.  An essential time management tool that may make you and your team more productive and organised is a time tracking software. Simply put, a time tracking tool will help you and your business save money and valuable time.

The problem is that there are numerous time tracking applications available, each with a wide range of capabilities. Monitoring productivity, GPS tracking, billing—the list is endless.

Whether you’re a freelancer, a small business owner, or the boss of a major corporation, we done the research for you and compiled the top time tracking apps in one location so you can pick the one that’s appropriate for you.

This comprehensive list of time tracking applications includes both time trackers with the most basic functionality and extremely sophisticated software. Make sure to locate the productivity tracking software that best meets your requirements. View our head-to-head comparison or read more details about each app below.

Top 15 Best Productivity and Employee Time Tracking In 2023

Top 15 Best productivity and employee time tracking are explained here.

1. DeskTime


DeskTime is an intuitive time tracking programme that integrates the three critical aspects of productivity analysis, project management, and employee monitoring. Additionally, by categorising websites and apps into “Productive” and “Unproductive,” this employee productivity tracking software is intended to assist managers and their teams in identifying their unproductive tendencies.

DeskTime not only keeps track of your time but also analyses your daily efficiency and productivity depending on how you classify URLs, programmes, and apps. This implies that your daily productivity increases as you spend more time using productive software. Also check P2P file sharing software

Of course, the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of URLs depends on the location of each user. DeskTime enables you to form employee groups and control application productivity for each group on an individual basis. By doing this, you can make Facebook work for your marketing staff while being counterproductive for everyone else. This is another employee time tracking software.

For whom?

DeskTime is the ideal time tracking tool for businesses and teams that are more concerned with the overall picture than a thorough examination of the websites and applications their staff uses. Set the productivity goal (for instance, the average monthly productivity must be 85%) and watch your staff members achieve it.

Special attributes

  • A timetable for daily productivity.
  • Downloadable, finely detailed reports.

Automatic screenshots

  • The pomodoro timer.
  • Project management app integrations.
  • Calendar of absences
  • Scheduling shifts
  • Invoicing

User feedback on DeskTime

One of the greatest time tracking applications is DeskTime, which is also a productivity tracker that calculates employee productivity and efficiency in an intelligent time.

DeskTime’s productivity tracker may be a little challenging when there are many different activities going on since it might be tough to keep track of what is and isn’t productive.

Free DeskTime Lite

DeskTime Pro: Annually-paid pricing options start at $7 per user and may go as low as $5.50 per user for bigger companies.

DeskTime Premium: Annually-paid pricing plans start at $9 per user and may go as low as $5 per user for bigger organisations.

DeskTime Enterprise: Annually-paid pricing options start at $14 per user and may be as low as $7,70 per person for bigger companies.

For teams, further savings are available.

2. ProofHub


ProofHub is a robust online project management and time tracking software that has a software-friendly design that makes it simple for teams to get started.

The fantastic thing with ProofHub is that you can enter manual time entries as well. The time data is recorded in lovely timesheets, which you can use for invoicing. You receive an automated timer to start tracking every billable hour as soon as you start working on a job.

ProofHub integrates with third-party apps like FreshBooks to streamline your billing and invoicing process and offers advanced features like online proofing, file sharing, group chat, custom workflows and kanban boards, note taking, and many more. Time reports in ProofHub allow you to track individual productivity.

For whom?

For teams and supervisors aiming to increase productivity and monitor their productive efforts, ProofHub is ideal.

Special attributes

  • Superior project management capabilities
  • Tools for real-time cooperation
  • Special reports

What users of ProofHub say

ProofHub enabled collaboration and allowed us to set our priorities, instead of the software forcing us to work around its limitations. Carrier pigeons are expensive and very unreliable. Thank the stars for ProofHub. ProofHub removed the barriers that prevented our team members from accessing the information they needed.

Both the Gantt chart and the API might benefit from more features and functionalities.

3. Hours


Available as a mobile app, Hours enables you to maintain a running list of timers and rapidly switch between your jobs. Hours is a time clock with simple time tracking tools – best suited for folks who aren’t searching for complex functionality. This is another employee time tracking software.

In Hours, you can color-code your activities and projects so that you can quickly distinguish between them by assigning each one a distinct colour.

Additionally, the app’s timeline enables you to rapidly edit any timestamps that you’ve recorded. For time, if you started a job at 10:00 but didn’t set the timer until 10:15, you can change it by simply dragging the start time back to 10:00.

For whom?

If all you need is a straightforward time tracker and rudimentary report-sending capabilities, Hours is for you.

Special attributes

  • Color coding for projects and tasks.
  • Reminders to start timers for time tracking.
  • Compatibility with Apple Watch

What users of Hours say

The capabilities in this software will enable you to precisely track your time and make notes about what you were doing and for whom.

Hours is also only a work time tracker tool without any other productivity tracker, so you could occasionally forget to set the timer and click it to start because there is no Windows or Mac version of the time tracker programme.

4. Timecamp


With the use of timers and the desktop client, Timecamp’s cloud-based time tracking system makes it simple to track work time both manually and automatically.

The app allows project managers to collaborate, track billable work hours, and monitor project status. It also allows for the creation of automatic employee payroll and the sending of invoices to clients. Additionally, it is an employee productivity monitoring software that allows you to determine whether your employees are as productive as you need them to be throughout the course of the workday.

Timecamp has more than 50 connectors with help desk applications and project management software (such as Asana and Basecamp), which sets it apart from other time tracking apps (Zendesk). You can then start tracking time right away by simply syncing and importing your previously generated tasks and tickets into Timecamp.

For whom?

Timecamp is a solution for managers and businesses searching for a time tracking and billing app that does it all, as well as employee productivity monitoring software that connects with project management applications.

Special attributes

  • Obtain an analysis of your everyday production.
  • Produce and maintain client invoices.
  • Receive alerts when a customer views an invoice.
  • An attendance recorder.

What users of Timecamp think:

An attractive UI and simple customisable reports make Timecamp a good choice for time tracking. You can view your daily productivity analysis, making it a useful productivity tracker as well.

Integrations don’t always function correctly. The application for mobile devices has several faults that may result in data loss.

5. Time Doctor

Time Doctor

Time Doctor combines project management, time tracking, and employee monitoring. It is an effective employee monitoring tool since it provides you with a wealth of information on your staff.

The web pages and applications that each employee uses are tracked by the Time Doctor time tracking system. Additionally, it enables managers to capture desktop images of what their staff members are currently working on in order to reduce the likelihood of slacking off.

In addition to time tracking, Time Doctor lets you pay your staff straight from the software using your preferred method, such as PayPal, Payoneer, TransferWise, or any other. The compensation is automatically determined based on the number of hours each employee has put in. This is another employee time tracking software.

For whom?

For both smaller and bigger businesses (20-500 people) searching for an all-in-one thorough employee monitoring and employee payment software, Time Doctor is a potent employee time tracking tool. It’s a time-saving option for CEOs of small businesses and startups. Paying straight from the time tracking app.

Special attributes

Use the software to create payrolls and pay your staff.

Automatic screenshots

  • Make your Time Doctor account accessible to clients.
  • watching chats.

What clients of Time Doctor say

It’s simple to always be transparent with clients while using Time Doctor. The time tracking software TimeDoctor assists in keeping track of project hours and providing clients with official evidence of work.

Because of its archaic UI and occasionally difficult to locate features, Time Doctor is not the finest time tracking software in terms of design and use. Possibly more logical.

6. Toggl


Toggl is a user-friendly time tracking tool that uses timers. After creating a project, add a task to it, then start the timer. Finished working on a certain project? Press the stop button to change tasks.

Create an invoice for your client after the job is complete, then send it without ever leaving the app. You may also provide the customer a copy of your project time report in Excel, CSV, or PDF so they are aware of what they are paying for. Also check travels software 

Toggl makes it simple to establish projects, assign roles, and estimate budgets and schedules for every project involved. This enables you to see which of your projects are behind schedule and over budget right away and to arrange your time and resources accordingly.

Additionally, they have released a brand-new Toggl Android app that you can use in conjunction with your current Toggl account for simpler time tracking and increased productivity.

For whom?

Toggl is a fantastic option for collaborative freelancers, start-ups, and small enterprises working on challenging projects with tight budgets because of its schedules and budget planning function.

Special attributes

  • Establish projected project costs and schedules.
  • Practical browser add-ons (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox).
  • A unique Toggl Android application.

Users’ comments about Toggl

Interface that is appealing and simple to use, with rapid access to reports and time adjustment. Toggl is a fantastic programme for tracking employee time and managing projects.

It costs a bit to subscribe in order to access all features.

7. Hubstaff


Similar time tracking, employee monitoring, and project management functions are provided by Hubstaff and Time Doctor. The primary distinction is that Hubstaff allows you to track time and your employees from any location. You can keep track of your employees even when they are tracking or away from the office thanks to this time tracking programme, which is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux as well as mobile devices.

This is another employee time tracking software. Hubstaff uses a GPS tracker to track position in addition to time. Businesses with mobile staff, such as those in sales and delivery, are more likely to utilise the GPS tracking option. The location of each employee at any given time, how much time they spend travelling, and how much time they spend working on the job site are all visible to management using an on-the-go productivity tracker.

For whom?

For businesses that employ remote workers who are frequently on the go, Hubstaff is an employee time tracking software. It allows managers to know not only what their staff members are doing, but also where they are and whether they are in the right area.

Special attributes

  • GPS employee tracking.

Automatic screenshots

Use the software to create payrolls and pay your staff.

Templates for timesheets.

What clients of Hubstaff say

Simple: You know what employees are working on and when using time tracking systems! Your activities become tremendously effective as a result.

Hubstaff won’t work for you if you’re seeking for a platform that goes above and beyond to permit customisation, unusual data entry, or a more complex reporting structure.

8. Tick


Tick is the software to utilise if you have an abnormally huge project coming up. It is time tracking software that is project-based and records time against your projected project timetable and budget. This is another employee time tracking software.

For instance, the app will automatically update how much time is left for you to finish a certain job or project with each new time entry to Tick’s timesheet. If time is running short and you’re going to go over your budget or timeline, the software will also let you know. Additionally, Tick lets you reuse the same budget and timetable for any recurring activities you may have.

To produce invoices, process payroll, and more, you may combine Tick with the accounting software QuickBooks if you’re also seeking for billing alternatives.

For whom?

Tick is a solution for independent contractors, small enterprises, and start-ups that handle repeatable jobs and projects. With Tick, users may keep track of the amount of time required for certain projects and develop offers for new clients using their historical timelines.

Special attributes

  • Tick monitors time usage compared to your projected project budget and timeframe.
  • Include team members who can extend the time of projects.
  • Set recurring tasks to automatically reset each month.
  • Compatibility with Apple Watch

What users of Tick say

Tick is a robust project management tool and app for tracking employee time. It enables you to distribute work precisely according to time and gives you a precise idea of how long future projects with a comparable scope could take.

You never have to follow up on this; there are no notifications to remind you that the project needs to be tracked.

9. RescueTime


RescueTime is a time-tracking tool that not only keeps track of the time you spend using particular websites, programmes, and applications, but also displays your daily productivity.

RescueTime uses pre-grouped categories with built-in productivity ratings to automatically calculate your productivity. For instance, Facebook will be automatically classified as a distracting URL, but Microsoft Word would be considered useful. People who disagree with the way URLs, programmes, and apps are categorised by RescueTime can manually alter the categories to suit their unique requirements.

RescueTime also allows you to create objectives for your tasks and monitor your progress. For instance, making a list of activities and a timeframe for them might help you stay on track and be more productive.

For whom?

For independent contractors and employees searching for a personal time management application and productivity tracker, there is RescueTime. RescueTime assists you in time management with its goal-setting and daily scheduling features. However, since the app doesn’t automatically transmit updates to managers, it won’t be the greatest time tracking tool for employers trying to keep an eye on their employees.

Special attributes

  • Create daily task objectives.
  • Receive daily analyses on productivity and efficiency.
  • Disable access to obtrusive websites.
  • A weekly email roundup.

users of RescueTime comment:

For me, RescueTime is a true productivity tracking software as well as a time tracking tool. Knowing how productive I am during the day and where my most wasted time is spent is helpful.

If you don’t categorise all the programmes as productive or disruptive, the productivity tracker data becomes inaccurate.


Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, and the Web

10. Harvest


You may track the time spent on each project or individual activity with the Harvest time tracking software and expenditure monitoring tool. The data is then gathered, and logical, visually appealing reports are produced that make it simple to evaluate what your team has been working on and to decide wisely about your company. This is another employee time tracking software.

Harvest enables you to send bills to your clients directly from the app using Stripe or PayPal whenever the task or project is complete. You won’t need to pay money on additional billing and payment software this way. Furthermore, Harvest will kindly give you an automated reminder if your client forgets to pay on time.

For whom?

In addition to monitoring how you spend your time, Harvest also stores all of your invoices and income streams in one location. As a result, for startups and independent contractors, this app will integrate work time tracker applications with expenditure tracking software.

Special attributes

  • Automatically generate invoices and collect customer payments.
  • Clients are automatically notified of unpaid invoices.
  • Add notes and comments to the team’s tasks.
  • Graphical reports.

What consumers of Harvest think

An really straightforward tool that handles all client payments, invoicing, and reminders for our clients and links with Stripe for a smooth payment process.

Scaling and delving into the details of the projects can be challenging with a growing workforce. The range of built-in features is fairly constrained.

11. Qbserve


People who like to procrastinate will find Qbserve, an automated time tracking Mac tool and productivity tracking software, extremely beneficial. The app only keeps track of time when specific keywords are found in a document, URL, or app title. When using the programme for the first time, you define these terms, and you may always add more.

For instance, if you included the term “time tracking” to your list, Qbserve will measure the amount of time users spend using websites and applications with that term in the title. It will be added to your billable hours if you use YouTube to watch videos regarding time tracking in this way. However, time spent watching cat videos won’t be added to your billable hours.

For whom?

Qbserve is a software for freelancers and individual users who frequently get sidetracked. For example, you could be researching something for work one minute, and the next you’re watching funny cat videos on YouTube. You are ultimately left with no time of how long a certain task has taken. Qbserver can be useful in these situations.

Special attributes

  • Time tracking using keywords.
  • A one-time fee.

User comments on Qbserve

The ideal and straightforward time tracking programme and productivity monitoring software to assist monitor everyday surfing patterns and identify productivity killers.

The programme solely measures the time spent working online; aside from the tongue-twisting name, there is no way to track the time spent offline on calls or meetings.

12. Clockify


This is another employee time tracking software. With features like a timer and a preset project, Clockify is the work time tracking software that may help you accomplish this incredibly successfully if you’re on a team and want to track the time you and they spend on projects. The default project interacts with the timer by being the default start of the timer, which will automatically assign the time to the project of your choice. The timer itself is a stopwatch that helps your team start and finish work. Even a reminder is provided in case someone fails to set the timer. Last but not least, Clockify offers aesthetically appealing reports for you to view in order to determine which tasks take up the majority of your team’s time, enabling you to better manage your team’s work.

Regardless of the supported device or browser you choose to use it on, Clockify provides a clean, slick, and straightforward UI and various integrations. This is especially true for its user-friendly, simple-to-navigate online interface, which is accessible from anywhere and allows you to check the progress of your current team.

For whom?

The features of Clockify, one of the more economical choices available, are entirely devoted to managing projects and working in teams. Because of this, it’s perfect for either huge, dispersed teams trying to complete their tasks as efficiently as possible or freelancers that want a basic tracker and work on projects for several customers.

Special attributes

  • Time rounding in client-facing reporting
  • Project progress and time review notifications
  • Locking timesheets to prevent retroactive changes
  • If someone on your team forgets themselves, make time for them.

users of Clockify comment:

It’s simple to use, you can create multiple jobs, and I love that you can get rid of paper timesheets.

The Clockify option frequently pops up in places I don’t want it, and you can’t turn it off. Google Keep is a good example. when you create a list with bullets. There is a Clockify option next to each item on the list.

13. Timely


Timely distinguishes out from the other solutions on our list as an automatic tracking software that is as smooth as one could possibly dream because it continuously records GPS whereabouts, emails, meetings, papers, and webpages. As a result, Timely eliminates the need for timers altogether, enabling you to continue working in peace and quiet without being distracted or disturbed. Furthermore, Timely often takes very little intervention unless it’s necessary to pull reports for any work that is chargeable. Also check asset tracking software

In terms of reporting, Timely visualises everything in a highly structured, simple-to-read manner, from what you accomplished that day to where your team’s time resources are going. Timely is an artificial intelligence (AI) that gradually learns how you use your computer, making it even more appealing and simple. After then, the AI will begin creating time entries for you, saving you time. This is another employee time tracking software.

For whom?

For people and small-to-large businesses that are project-focused and only require precise, billable hours, Timely is excellent. It can also be useful if you or your team members tend to forget what you accomplished on any given day and need a quick way to locate records so you can charge your customer.

Special attributes

  • Project and team planning for easy scheduling, resource balance, and plan visualisation
  • Privacy-conscious automatic time tracking that keeps tabs on everything you do

Users’ opinions on Timely:

The memory feature is fantastic. You may neglect time tracking on certain days because you are too busy (and thus missing income). However, I can readily recall what I’ve done, when I’ve done it, and how much time I spent on it thanks to my memory. Clear picture of project budget spent.

The application lacked sufficient features for a gym/physical therapy studio.

14. QuickBooks Time

QuickBooks Time

Maintaining timesheets may be costly, incorrect, and difficult to read. This issue is resolved by QuickBooks Time’s innovative approach to online time and attendance tracking, which allows workers a variety of clock-in options, including texting, tweeting, using the app on a computer or phone, using a web browser, and ringing in. They can also provide pictures to demonstrate their efforts. The ability to precisely measure work time from any location gives employees freedom, especially since QuickBooks Time includes geofencing and reminder capabilities.

The main benefit of QuickBooks Time is that it makes clocking-in as simple as possible for accurate employee work time tracking. However, it also has one of the most cost-effective methods of processing payroll because it can synchronise with many of the well-known accounting programmes, including Quickbooks, Sage, Xero, and others. This indicates that everything will go smoothly from then on out after the government has authorised the hours.

For whom?

The majority of small- to enterprise-sized businesses benefit from QuickBooks Time. Such a business gains more from having more employees because payroll processing, timesheet management, and worked hours per employee all rise proportionately with the number of employees. Therefore, it works best for companies where efficiency and accuracy are crucial.

Special attributes

  • Online time and attendance tracking for mobile devices using GPS
  • Integrations for payroll and invoicing to speed up the procedures and lower their costs
  • Project overviews and timesheet planning

What users of QuickBooks Time say:

Time tracking is simple to use, and QuickBooks Online is automatically synced. The time reason I continue using QuickBooks Time is because of their excellent customer service.

For some of my clients, the scheduling module could use some improvement. Because of this, a few of my clients have chosen an alternative approach. When the schedule meets their requirements, I will return them to QuickBooks Time.


Because it is a cloud-based solution, it can be used with almost any platform.

15. Workpuls


Workpuls is a collection of online time and attendance software that focuses on employee time tracking and productivity analysis to identify underachievers and high performers. For starters, because it is done automatically depending on when people start working, the programme makes it quite simple to check when they arrive at work. Two, it monitors their activities whether they are related to their jobs or not without invading their privacy (for example, with optional, blurred out screenshots). This is another employee time tracking software.

The ability of Workpuls to do automatic time allocation and budget forecasting is a crucial component. For time, it is common knowledge that productivity tracking is both challenging and crucial. Fortunately, Workpuls is able to do this by automatically allocating work to projects so as not to annoy staff while still keeping track of every second spent on them and providing you with a reliable estimate of the project’s expenditures. As a consequence, you can bill your customers correctly with the confidence that any human error associated with manual time reporting has been removed.

For whom?

For small to large corporations as well as organisations where work productivity analysis and reporting are a top concern, Workpuls is fantastic. Additionally, Workpuls’ features are likely to be useful for any company that requires sophisticated employee tracking capabilities, particularly if it uses remote teams to do their job.

Special attributes

  • Employee monitoring to better comprehend their real-time productivity patterns
  • Time and attendance tracking that is automatic for companies that use remote teams
  • Project reports, budget tracking, and work proof in the form of screenshots
  • Timesheets that are created automatically depending on employee computer usage.

User feedback on Workpuls:

All calculations are made for me automatically, so I don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to recall what I did over the month. Workplus, which is practically the finest software for time-tracking solutions, also enables unlimited users for every subscription.

We need to find a better time-tracking programme so we can manage our projects more effectively. The potential of this tool has so far been realised, but it is only effective for time tracking and schedule breakdowns.

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