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Telegram New Feature Introduce Like Video Chat And More In 2021

Telegram New Feature has recently rolled out a fresh update where the organization has chosen the loopholes which users wanted. The latest update of the Telegram has Video mission points which it new lacked. Now the users can simply Video chat with a group of people from their mobile and tablet, and other cooperative devices.

Using the modern update user can easily pin a form on the center of the screen while calling & can also make it full screen. The update is available for iOS or Android, & desktop as the user can add up to 30 characters in a video call.

Telegram New Feature Introduce Like Video Chat And More In 2021

In this article, you can know about Telegram New Feature here are the details below;

Apart from the video calling feature and Telegram has added new animated backgrounds & message animations for a better beautiful look. The new update additionally has a moving interface that passes when you collect or send a message. Telegram also requires that the user will witness less battery consumption as compared to other app.

The organization also declared that the user will have the freedom to change and customize the interface as per specifications. The user likewise gets a great story like noise delay in voice chats. This feature will help in offering better & clear sound irrespective of the place the user is. The user has the liberty to use this feature, as they can simply turn it on or off from the backgrounds tab. Also check best zoom alternatives.

After the tweet of Tesla & SpaceX CEO, the workers have switched to Telegram and other WhatsApp options which offer chat security. Telegram is one of the most favored app after WhatsApp that can be proved by looking at the number of users.

Telegram was launched in 2013 by two colleagues from Russia named Nikolai & Pavel Durov. Both the relatives owned the biggest social network business in Russia that is ‘VK’. Since its ship in 2013, the company has added numerous features to fight upon its opponent. The only feature which was wanting for a long time was the video call characteristic which also has been combined in this update. Also check best WeChat alternatives.

The desktop application also got some new stories, the list of articles includes:

  • The new update allows users with the freedom to screen share selective app only like a video player and a web browser.
  • In the new update, Voice chat will open in a distinct window
  • The person receiving the screen will be closed on the screen so that users don’t get confused about the speaker.

The new update is possible for Android and iOS, Windows, and macOS devices. Also check best facebook messenger alternatives.

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