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Strategies for Enhancing Email Deliverability in Marketing Campaigns-v2

Nowadays it is challenging to make sure that your emails are received as most people have busy inboxes and new messages are pushed to the bottom quickly or they have a spam filter that sometimes may put your target email in it. Applying these techniques that we are going to go over may help maximise the deliverability of your Emails to prevent the said challenges.

Email Deliverability

We must get to understand what email deliverability is and what it entails before we get to know the different methods. What is Email deliverability? In summary, it is when an Email is able to get delivered to a recipient’s inbox without it getting flagged down as a spam Email and having it bounced back. The deliverability of an Email is usually dependent on factors, and these factors are: The quality of the sent email(s), the reputation that the sender has and how compliant the sender is with the regulations.

How to build a solid sender reputation

The sender reputation as already mentioned is among the aspects that affect email deliverability. ISPs and email clients usually watch out for the sender’s reputation to validate whether the email is legitimate or not and mark spam. What can you do to enhance your reputation so that you will not be flagged down as illegitimate?

  • Authentication: Some authentication protocols include: 1.SPF (Sender Policy Framework) This usually verifies emails making sure they come from a genuine server 2.DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) Using digital signatures, this helps in verifying the genuineness of emails and ensuring their security 3.DMARC, which means Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance is basically an email security protocol that authenticates email senders through the help of Domain Name System (DNS). It checks both SPF and DKIM to know whether the email is genuine or not.
  • Posting practices: Avoid sudden increases or decreases in the number of emails sent as this may trigger spam filters, send them consistently.
  • Engagement data reviewing: Keep an eye on figures such as click rates, open rates and spam complaints to determine how interested your subscribers are and adjust accordingly.

Creating Useful and Engaging Content

An interesting email not only keeps readers captivated but also decreases the probability that it will be moved into a spam folder by mail providers. If you want to create engaging marketing emails, here are some things to consider:

  • Personalisation: Drafting an individualized email considering a person’s past interactions with your company fosters a feeling of relevance and connection.
  • Concise and clear messaging: To have readers’ attention, make use of catchy language & visuals so that you communicate your message in brief without leaving behind any meaning behind the words used.
  • Spam alerts: You should avoid using excessive capital letters, deceptive subject lines and too much promotional language which could possibly send signals to these spam filters.

Improving Technical Aspects

Apart from content email deliverability can be affected by technical aspect optimization. Here are some key things to think about:

  • Responsive Design: To make sure that your emails look good on a mobile device and naturally spread within various email clients. This will help users have a better experience and increase audience participation. It is referred to as responsive design.
  • Optimizing Sender Information: Use a sender name and email address which can be easily recognized to build trust and authenticity while also reducing the probability of being marked as spam.
  • Regular List Cleaning: Periodically remove disengaged or inactive subscribers from your email list in order to keep the list updated and intact, deliverability rates are high when this is taken care of.

Using Email Validation API

Enhancing email deliverability may be significantly enhanced by employing an Email Validation API. You can quickly affirm the validity of email addresses by doing this; thus you reduce chances for bounce-back emails and raise the campaigns’ efficiency. By incorporating such technology into your email marketing process, you are likely to improve the sender’s reputation and speed up operations.


Becoming an expert on “email deliverability” is not just something that is for long-term success, it is now required for professionals involved in digital marketing because this field is dynamically changing rather than staying still like it used to do before. As we wind up our discussion of strategies designed to improve email deliverability during marketing campaigns, it’s important to emphasize their enduring worth. Furthermore, including cutting-edge technologies like  Email Validation API is a proactive strategy to tackle deliverability issues head-on, highlighting the need to utilise technology to optimise processes and provide measurable outcomes.

Remember that the secret to being competitive in the ever-changing world of email marketing is to continuously review and improve your plans based on statistics and industry best practices.

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