Top 15 Best Parsec Alternatives In 2022

Best Parsec alternatives will be described in this article. One of the greatest options for enabling players to connect to their gaming PC, invite friends to join, and play online local multiplayer games is Parsec. One of the greatest alternatives to remote controls, it gives all the same capabilities and services while also having some more sophisticated features.

You can use this application to play games from your couch, place of employment, or a friend’s basement. The best streaming performance is what this solution aims to deliver in the end. This application allows for amazing 60 FPS play on any device. Additionally, it makes cloud gaming safe and universally accessible.

To improve the performance of any cloud gaming system, Parsec must be installed. You have the option to play games with your pals whenever you want, wherever you are, thanks to the application’s inclusion of gaming PCs in its Cloud Gaming Marketplace. It also offers a number of key characteristics that set it apart from other products.

Top 15 Best Parsec Alternatives In 2022

Top 15 Best Parsec Alternatives are explained here.

1. Windows Remote Desktop

Windows Remote Desktop

Windows users can quickly connect their computers to other Windows-running machines using Windows Remote Desktop, a remote desktop accessing and connecting capability of the Windows operating system. This is another parsec alternative.

Once this is finished, the user can use the local computer to view and control the full computer, including all of its software and data, just as if they were physically sitting in front of the remote computer. To connect to both systems, the users must first have network access and permission. Also check IrfanView Alternatives

One of the best parts it offers is the ability to communicate with your home computer from your office and vice versa. The primary benefits of connecting two systems are being able to instantaneously access programmes, files, and network resources as if you were sitting in front of your local computer.

2. ShowMyPC


For system and IT managers to remotely manage any system, there is a tool called ShowMyPC. By using ShowMyPC, customers can manage even larger company networks from anywhere and gain immediate remote access to remote PCs.

It is a quick and dependable platform for remote access and control that provides the connection system in a secure setting. The link between two systems can be established with just an ID connection. The four primary functions of ShowMyPC include meeting planning, a private hosted unlimited PCs system, and assistance for an organization’s remote system.

In ShowMyPC, there is a mechanism for setting up meetings and creating presentations, which means users may manage meetings and set up presentations in addition to providing remote support for other PCs. ShowMyPC is a highly adjustable platform that enables users to personalise ShowMyPC as desired.

3. Logmein Ignition

Logmein Ignition

This is another parsec alternative. Commercial remote desktop software called Logmein Ignition enables you to access and control machines from a distance. The programme includes all the essential tools and services and is specifically created for individuals, small enterprises, and IT experts.

This solution enables you to quickly access your computer from any device, keep your work close to hand, store, share, and collaborate on files, print documents from a distance, and do much more. You can monitor, manage, and secure your endpoint infrastructure using the robust endpoint management system that is introduced.

Because Logmein Ignition makes it easier for individuals to interact with one another and the world around them, it has enabled this solution develop to become one of the top 10 SaaS firms in the world with a dominant position in each of its markets. Core functionality including remote access, remote control, endpoint management, remote development, patch management, etc. are all included in Logmein Ignition.

4. KinoConsole


A free remote desktop programme called KinoConsole is made specifically for streaming games to your tablet or smartphone. You can play the most recent PC games, including Diablo III, Skyrim, and Civilization, anywhere on your mobile device thanks to this all-in-one solution. Also check reimage alternatives

The programme now allows you to use your smartphone with precise and lag-free head tracking and supports VR (virtual reality) headsets like cardboard. It features a customization option that will let you simply design a unique interface and modify controls for each game, just like all the other comparable streaming alternatives.

You can use the Kinoconsole programme for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone and access it from anywhere in the world. A powerful multi-core computer and a quick wireless network are required for the optimal gaming experience. You must download and install KinoConsole remote server on your PC before you can begin.

5. Kainy


Kainy is an all-in-one, performance-focused freemium remote desktop. You may stream games from your computer to your tablet and smartphone with this. The alternative to Remote, the solution offers a tonne of unique features and services that set it apart from the competition. You may play PC games anywhere, personalise the interface, participate in local multiplayer games, and do a lot more with the aid of this remote desktop. This is another parsec alternative.

The fact that this application provides up to 60 FPS for everyone and more than 100 preset control and UI layouts is its strongest feature. You can connect a Bluetooth gamepad using this method to have a realistic gaming experience. Additionally, Kainy offers essential features like full-screen support, customizable interfaces, simple setup, and much more.

6. Rainway


You may play your favourite games on any device with Rainway, a free video game streaming service. With just a few clicks, you can start playing. You may stream all of your PC video games anytime you want, from any location, for as long as you want, and there will never be any additional costs associated with using it.

You don’t need to add any IP addresses or forward ports; the solution takes care of everything so you can start playing your games instantly on completely secure channels. Rainway is a straightforward yet comprehensive solution that runs on all contemporary hardware and was especially created with speed in mind. Enjoy 60FPS streaming with ultra-low latency gameplay since the software has been optimised to prevent affecting the performance of your game.

It also lets you alter the stream settings to suit your preferences, unlike other other streaming services. Control your stream’s frame rate, resolution, and bit rate. You can even upscale and downscale any game using this. Among its many other essential characteristics are 100% free play anywhere no additional hardware needed slick interface.

7. Remotr


This is another parsec alternative. One of the finest ways to play any PC game on your phone at any time, anyplace is with Remoter. You may take advantage of the same performance and graphic quality as if you were playing the games directly on your PC with these totally free software. Even the most visually demanding games benefit from its smooth streaming and quick reaction times because it was specifically created for gamers.

Popular computer games include control settings in Remoter. The multiple compelling element is that it gives players the freedom to change and personalise their controls for every game. It has a user-friendly layout and a few extra features that set it apart from competing products. Remotr provides standard features like OTG gamepad support, local co-op gameplay, customizable controls, being lightweight and free to use, etc.

8. SysAid IT

SysAid IT

Large enterprises are the target market for SysAid IT, a feature-rich, highly scalable help desk solution. It is a fantastic platform with all the necessary tools and services to meet business needs. For those that require them, the solution offers a great blend of asset management and help desk features. You can begin with the single module and progress to the others as you need to or feel more comfortable with asset management. The platform is accessible to users wherever they are and at any time because it supports both iOS and Android devices.

A comprehensive incident and service request management module, chat, mobile device management, and industry benchmarking features are all included in SysAid IT, an all-in-one IT service management solution. Everything you require for a successful help desk and IT support is provided by the solution, which is also ITIL compliant. It is superior to others since it has a strong incident and service request management module. The system also includes capabilities like ticket administration, a self-service portal, monitoring, automation, broadcast messaging, remote control, and password reset.

9. SysAid Help Desk

SysAid Help Desk

A feature-rich, scalable help-desk solution geared toward large businesses is called SysAid Help Desk. Since the platforms are available in many modules, they make the ideal complement to help desk and asset management systems. This application makes the platform available for usage anytime, anywhere, and on both iOS- and Android-based mobile devices. The strong incident and service request management module, Chat, mobile device management, industry benchmark functions, etc. are all included in this all-in-one IT service management system. This is another parsec alternative. Also check backlink tools

It is a complete solution that provides all the components necessary for efficient help desk and IT service management. Additionally, this system adds incident management features that let service desk staff track, handle, and handle any IT-related issues in accordance with ITII best practises. Ticket management, a self-service portal, broadcast messages, chat, remote control, patch management, help desk integration, automation, CMDB and knowledge base are just a few of the notable features offered by SysAid Help Desk. It is a business help desk system with various pricing tiers, each with its own price and primary advantages.

10. TeamViewer


TeamViewer is a platform for remote PC access that allows users to access the distant PC from their local system. Additionally, it offers users a screen-sharing system. Users of TeamViewer can benefit from sharing numerous files, drag-and-drop file transfer options, installing the programme from a local PC, opening multiple remote sessions in a single or many tabs, and a host of other features.

The nicest thing about TeamViewer is that it can be used as meeting software so that team members may collaborate on projects that are already in progress. The major benefits of using TeamViewer are that users can focus on their work in a safe and effective environment where their communication and data exchange will remain secret while also saving time and money. Without even utilising a VPN, TeamViewer is the greatest tool for immediately connecting to practically any devices.

11. UltraVNC


UltraVNC is a user-friendly remote access platform that shows the screen of another computer on the desktop of the connected local PC. It is a free and open source platform for remote desktop access and Windows OS administration. Users can utilise their local PC’s mouse and keyboard to operate the other PC thanks to this straightforward programme.

Users of UltraVNC’s secure demonstration system can watch and operate their desktop remotely with simply an internet connection.

This is another parsec alternative. To leverage the productivity advantages of the shared desktop, users must first install the VNC server on both workstations. In addition to enhancing the security of client and server connections, encryption plugin, medium- to large-size file transfers, a checking system, an authentication system, and numerous more capabilities are included in UltraVNC in addition to remote management.

12. RemotePC


Using RemotePC, you may access your PC from anywhere in the world. It allows you to experience many remote PCs simultaneously. It enables Mac and PC users to remotely access these operating systems from other devices, including smartphones, due to its capabilities of delivering higher performance.

Users may access their PCs from Macs with ease thanks to RemotePC. Users can even access their Mac and PC from other Macs and PCs, respectively. Users of RemotePC can also access their PCs and Macs from iPads and iPhones. Small enterprises and regular customers can both use RemotePC’s remote PC access service. One computer is available for general users to use without charge.

They will need to purchase the commercial plans if they need to access several computers, much like business customers. The RemotePC’s overall technical benefits include better productivity, teamwork, and a secure data transfer system. Secure access is provided utilising the encryption technique of 128-bit RC4/RSSL.

13. LiteManager


For remote control, remote support, remote administration, and remote management of a home or office PC, use the LiteManager remote access platform. The platform for desktop management and remote access is free to use. The ability to access and view a distant PC’s whole structure is one of the key benefits of using LiteManager.

It offers a file manager, which is a system for managing files and folders. The majority of remote desktop access platforms lack an appropriate remote task manager. The LiteManager’s proper chat, audio, and video systems are the best feature overall. The LiteManager also offers a mechanism for managing devices and inventories. The fact that LiteManager has a reliable screen recording mechanism is one of its strongest features. This is another parsec alternative.

You have found the greatest platform if you’re looking for a remote desktop access tool that enables you to update or install any software on a remote PC. With the help of LiteManager, you may enjoy controlling a remote PC as if you were physically seated in front of it. In essence, LiteManager is the whole desktop management platform in addition to being a remote access platform.

14. Cisco Tetration

Cisco Tetration

This is another parsec alternative. The most effective method for gathering information from hardware and software and swiftly analysing it using big data analytics is Cisco Tetration or Cisco Tetration Analytics. It is a feature-rich solution that guarantees to improve data centre understanding for IT managers, streamline application migration and operational reliability, and monitor cloud security.

Get an automatic whitelist policy for segmentation using real-time telemetry data from application component and a high level behaviour analysis algorithm. Cisco Tetration has robust security features that set it apart from other products in order to create an all-encompassing experience. Other notable features of the software include the ability to implement a zero-trust model, discover process behaviour deviations, find software vulnerabilities, limit user access to apps, and provide a straightforward and understandable security dashboard.

15. ISL Online

ISL Online

ISL Online is desktop software that maintains devices and offers effective remote access for IT help. It is the most dependable programme for supporting clients, allowing access to unattended PCs, and operating efficiently. ISL Online is now gaining customers, and there are hundreds of machines available at any time.

The customer can now be reached by agents via ISL lite, the client’s page, live chat, and mobile. ISL is growing in popularity because to its branding services, which provide your company’s portfolio a unique style that attracts plenty of customers. You may now start a full session from a live chat and fully control your client’s desktop by connecting RDP with ISL online. This is another parsec alternative.

Your data is protected by two-factor authentication, which also helps you with end-to-end encryption and offers full integration with authentication services. ISL Online is establishing itself by enabling you to receive real-time desktop monitoring and feature reports. Join a session, screen sharing, under the hood, and other features are some of its key features.

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