Top 15 Best IrfanView Alternatives In 2022

Best and demanding IrfanView Alternatives will be discussed in this article. IrfanView is a portable image viewer, editor, converter, and manager that offers users all fundamental and advanced capabilities and functions for manipulating photos of all types in their own ways. IrfanView’s key selling points are direct-from-program viewing, editing, optimising, scanning, and printing, as well as slideshow creation, batch processing, and playing digital media files.

The main benefits of utilising IrfanView are the extra features and functionalities it offers users in addition to the fundamental job of handling photos. When dealing with images that want the same outcome, you can process the photos in bulk and in batches as well.

IrfanView’s mechanism for seeing the history of image modification you do is another special feature. By just going to the history page, you can immediately resume editing at any point. IrfanView is among the best photo management software because of all these capabilities.

Top 15 Best IrfanView Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best IrfanView Alternatives are explained here.

1. JPEGView


A well-known image editor and organiser for working with images of all formats is JPEGView. No matter what idea is implied by the tool’s name, it can effortlessly edit and manage photos and images in any format. The best feature of this tool is how highly flexible it is, enabling users to use it whichever best suits their editing needs. Also check facility management software

To do easy and fundamental editing, it also supports rotation, contrast & brightness modification, colour balance, sharpness, and other features. The standout JPEGView features and capabilities include user-friendliness, configuration, integration of fundamental image processing tools, real-time processing, movie mode to play only JPEG images, advanced degree of resampling filter, preservation of image sharpness, and much more.

2. PhotoScape


PhotoScape is a straightforward but effective tool for viewing, altering, and organising images. It enables users to modify and improve their photos by utilising complex PhotoScape features and capabilities. One of the more sophisticated image editors and processors is PhotoScape, which offers users a batch processing system for handling images of the same type and producing the same outcome.

This is another irfanview alternative. Instead of doing editing on each individual photo, PhotoScape’s technology helps users save time by executing editing in bulk. The best feature of PhotoScape is that it lets users manage animated and GIF files in the same way that they manage regular photos. Additionally, it has the capability of mixing images in the two various formats. Users have the option of printing their photos directly from PhotoScape after editing and processing them.

3. Picasa


Picasa is an image editor and organiser that has the ability to share an image with other users. Although Picasa has been reduced in price, it still offers the same fundamental editing and image management capabilities as other image management programmes. Users may now simply go through all of their computer photographs and organise them into albums thanks to this tool.

Picasa is an image management solution with capabilities beyond simple image processing and editing. For instance, you don’t need to use any other picture-sharing programmes; you may share your photograph with your friend right now from this page. The management of images on a computer, applying photo editing effects to give them a new look, and sharing photos are the combined characteristics of Picasa. It is among the greatest apps for managing and altering images.

4. FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer is a small, effective, and extremely sophisticated photo viewer and manager coupled with the fundamental features of editing, resizing, and screen recording. One of the greatest photo management programmes, it goes above and beyond the basic needs of photo editing. The best features of this image viewer are its screen capture capabilities and ability to convert images between different file formats. This is another irfanview alternative.

In summary, this Image Viewer can be thought of as a type of programme that satisfies all of the users’ fundamental and extra needs for photographs and photos. The technological features of FastStone Picture Viewer include a full-screen viewing system, potent image editing tools, a customisable image manager, endless undo and redo capabilities, tagging capacity, a drag and drop system, a highly adjustable system, and thousands more.

5. XnView


The photographs are read and edited using the multi-platform, multi-functional image processing programme XnView. Additionally, it converts images and gives users the option of batch conversion or conversion of a single image. The greatest software for reading, displaying, and manipulating photographs and photos of all formats is XnView. Also check travels software alternatives

It is a multiplatform image editing tool that can be used with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Batch conversion, unequalled compatibility with all image formats, enhanced performance, and a host of additional attributes are among XnView’s key technical characteristics.

6. Veneta Viewer

Veneta Viewer

Veneta Viewer is an image manager and player that enables users to interact with photos however they see fit. Essentially, it is an advanced level image editing and viewing tool linked with a hardware image sequence player. It will provide you the option to play your image like a movie in full-screen mode if you wish to play your images continuously.

This is another irfanview alternative. The fact that this programme supports practically all picture formats and kinds is one of its strongest features. Even dealing with camera RAW photos is something it is skilled at. Therefore, you must choose the Veneta Viewer if you’re looking for an image processing application that gives you the answer to all of the aforementioned requirements.

7. ACDSee


ACDSee is a platform for basic and RAW picture processing that allows for digital image evaluation and manipulation. There are two choices, manage and edit modes. Users can manage their photographs using the system provided by the management mode. Users can either post their own photographs or directly download images from this site and arrange them whatever they like. Additionally, it offers customers a way to manage the privacy of their image data.

Even sharing their image with family and friends is an option for individuals. It further enables users to specify the image according to their own type using ACDSee’s categories system. The editing mode offers users a variety of capabilities, including automatic exposure correction, selection tools, basic drawing tools, lighting and colour adjustments, and more.

8. Zoner Photo Studio

Zoner Photo Studio

A free picture editor and processor for artistic outcomes is Zoner Photo Studio. Although it is the greatest programme and was primarily created for pros, beginners can also use it to their advantage. The sharing system is supported in addition to editing. Zoner Photo Studio Free Edition & Zoner Photo Studio PRO Edition are the two versions that are offered. This is another irfanview alternative.

In comparison to the free version, which offers relatively few user options, the PRO Edition has more sophisticated editing and improvement features. In terms of overall features, this list combines screen capture, batch processing, 3D creator, video slideshow, resizing & cropping, rapid editing, colour management, gradient filters, selects & masking system, and much more to provide a professional-looking outcome.

9. Phototheca


Users may easily organise and manage their photos with Phototheca, a photo manager for Windows operating systems. It does not have a lot of editing features. To provide users with a method for quickly viewing, sorting, and organising photographs of various kinds, however, requires expertise in image management and organisation.

It can effortlessly manage any number of images, whether you only want to manage one or thousands. The users can import their photographs from their hard drives and external drives using the same programme. They can add keyword tags to the images. It helps users organise their albums using a calendar and timeline and minimises the possibility of duplication. The best options are provided to users by Phototheca, from organisation to fine control.

10. Corel AfterShot Pro

Corel AfterShot Pro

A extremely sophisticated image editor, viewer, manager, and converter is Corel AfterShot Pro. It offers non-destructive photo management and editing features and functions to users. The fact that it can be used on multiple platforms, including Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows, is its strongest feature. It is a quicker image management and editing system that offers the functions of basic RAW photo processing operations. This is another irfanview alternative. Also check credentialing software companies

Based on the requirements of its customers, it is among the greatest photo managers and editors. One of the best tools for managing and altering photographs is this one. The Corel AfterShot Pro organising system is so strong that it enables users to search images by date, tag, rating, and name. Its extremely sophisticated applications for non-destructive editing are another fantastic feature.

11. LightZone


A digital photo editor with powerful editing capabilities is LightZone. This photo editing and processing programme is primarily used to manage several RAW photographs. In a single dashboard, it offers the fundamental features of editing, browsing, regions, styles, views, and printing.

As it is compatible with practically all types of printers and scanners, employing another image-processing tool is no longer necessary to print the photographs. The sharing mechanism of LightZone, which enables users to share their photographs with others, is another feature. Users can quickly convert their photographs from one format to another using the conversion system’s other option. It is a comprehensive programme that offers the answer for all kinds of photo editing, to put it briefly.

12. Polarr


A very sophisticated photo editor and processor is called Polarr. One of the best tools for editing and processing photographs, it enables users to handle images in a way that suits them. The most excellent thing about this tool is that it is a really personalised image editing programme that enables users with editing functions to enjoy the capabilities of the professional level.

It is an image editor and organiser that is straightforward yet effective and incorporates all users’ demands for all forms of photo editing. Polarr Free and Polarr Pro are the two versions of the robust and extremely sophisticated picture editor that are offered. Polarr’s fundamental functions include photo editing, batch processing, batch export, personalised filters, local adjusting, and many others. However, since these features are not included in the free version of Polarr, users must purchase the Polarr Pro version in order to use all of these features and functions. This is another irfanview alternative.

13. Corel PaintShop Pro

Corel PaintShop Pro

The method of complete photo editing from a basic level to a very professional and advanced level is the foundation of Corel PaintShop Pro, a professional-level photo editor. The greatest method to turn your ordinary images into gorgeous ones is to use this technique. The processing of the RAW editing, a one click picture correction system, and extremely sophisticated filters are the tool’s key highlighted features and capabilities.

Preset choices, personalised creative effects, quick picture processing, one-click photo fixes, text wrapping, magical moving, batch mode processing, lens correction, support for 4K files, smart edge system, quicker brushes, camera RAW lab availability, and much more are included. One of the greatest image editing programmes that provides and procedures working in a single pack is Corel PaintShop Pro.

14. Windows Live Photo Gallery

Windows Live Photo Gallery

This is another irfanview alternative. The Windows operating system’s photo editing and management programme, Windows Live Photo Gallery, also doubles as a photo gallery and an image editor. Windows Live Photo Gallery offers numerous options for altering photos, importing photos and videos, sharing photos with others, and much more all in one convenient package.

When it comes to Windows Live Photo Gallery’s main editing capabilities, both batch processing and direct editing of a single image are supported. When it comes to editing tools, Windows Live Photo Gallery is a specialist in this field as well. It offers a wide range of options for better control over the look and feel of the photographs, including those for capturing, creating collages, resizing, brightness management, cropping, and hundreds more. The Windows Live Photo Gallery also has an image-sharing feature that lets users post their photos directly on their websites or via email.

15. Microsoft Photos

Microsoft Photos

The Microsoft Windows programme known as Microsoft Photos gives users access to a system for organising and manipulating their digital photos. It is the easiest approach to arrange all of their photographs in one location and take use of the fundamental editing and managing tools and functionalities. It is the ideal method for taking photo management and organisation on your Windows PC to a new level. This is another irfanview alternative.

The best thing about Microsoft Photos is that users may share their digital memories with others in addition to using the image editing and organisation functions. They can even use its incredibly sophisticated basic editing and retouching features to improve their digital photographs. It provides users with a system for classifying their photos into albums and folders so they can locate them quickly in the future.

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