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How To Fix When Kodi 17 Not Working With Windows 10

This article will show the fix regarding kodi 17 not working on windows 10. It’s continuously annoying when Kodi runs into an issue, mainly as it can be tough to discover the root cause of a concern on your own. While the most usual advice given is “check Kodi’s logs”, this isn’t always useful because the logs are created with professionals in mind.

How To Fix When Kodi 17 Not Working With Windows 10

In this article, you can know about kodi 17 not working on windows 10 here are the details below;

The good news is that many Kodi’s problems can usually be fixed in merely a few mins. This guide will help you repair and solve several of one of the most frequently experienced Kodi problems. With luck, your trouble will be repaired as well as you can get back to viewing your favorite TV programs as well as motion pictures in peace.

The type of Kodi troubles you may encounter consist of:

  • Kodi collisions when it loads
  • Addons will not erase
  • Problems with hardware acceleration
  • Kodi buffering problems
  • Video stuttering
  • Black screen or blank display
  • Kodi ices up throughout playback
  • Kodi search not working on addons
  • HD and also 4K streams faltering

We’ll supply some guidance, direction, and understanding into typical issues you could face when utilizing Kodi.

It is necessary to have in mind that third-party addons are less secure than official ones. They are notoriously unstable as well as typically come with their issues. Also, third-party addons generally utilize unlicensed sources. For these factors, we suggest that our readers use only main addons and seek appropriately licensed content anywhere feasible.

What are a few of the most common Kodi problems?

Kodi is among one of the most portable media center software packages and can be installed on a massive variety of tools consisting of Roku, Apple TELEVISION, and Nvidia Guard. Nonetheless, while Kodi works in a similar means across platforms, each device has different system resources, customer profile folders, and subroutines. This can make it challenging to fix Kodi.

For instance, you might run concerns while attempting to take care of Kodi on your Firestick that never occur on your Android version of the software program. While the options listed below work in most instances, we can not assure that they’ll deal with the root cause of a trouble throughout all Kodi setups.

Kodi maintains collapsing, cold or pausing

Get rid of lately installed addons, updates, or develops

If Kodi is regularly collapsing or freezing, it’s a sure sign that something has gone wrong. Initially, consider when this issue began and what your activities were just before the trouble started.

If the issue began after you installed a specific addon, try uninstalling it and see if the trouble lingers. If you just mounted an addon update or tailored Kodi develop you could intend to uninstall this to remove it as a prospective reason. Note that specific some older addons might not have been upgraded to collaborate with Kodi 18; if you have not made use of Kodi in a while, it may be far better to start over as opposed to by hand reinstalling every addon you’ve ever before utilized,

Disable hardware acceleration

Equipment velocity is one of the significant root causes of Kodi crashes, particularly on Android. You could attempt turning this choice off to see if the issue goes away. This is basic: from the Kodi home display, click the equipment icon to visit the setups food selection.

kodi 17 not working on windows 10

Next off, click Gamer setups. At the bottom of the side, you’ll find different gear icon with words “Standard” next to it. Click this 3 times and it must count on “Expert”. Currently highlight the Video clip tab, scroll to the bottom of the listing on the right and disable the Enable equipment velocity– DXVA2 choice. Restart Kodi and also see if the collapsing continues.

Clear Kodi’s cache

When Kodi runs streaming videos, it downloads a few secs each time to the cache. This allows for faster accessibility and also smoother streaming. Nevertheless, when the store fills up it can cause Kodi to act unpredictably. Choppy video clip is a tell-tale sign that the cache is obtaining full and although the cache naturally clears itself, occasionally it requires to be flushed by hand.

Kodi doesn’t have any type of integrated tools that permit you to do this, so you’ll need to install the Indigo addon from the TVAddons repo. As soon as set up, click the Upkeep Tools tab, then the Clear Cache switch on the right.

kodi 17 not working on windows 10

If you’re searching for a different upkeep option, TVAddons also offers an addon called Indigo that works similarly. You’ll discover a cache-clearing tool there was well.

Reinstall Kodi

If the steps above have not solved your issue, you could intend to consider a new Kodi setup. You can both do this manually by downloading your favored variation from or using the Indigo device’s Manufacturing facility Bring back option, located under the Maintenance Devices tab.

Kodi streams will not dip into all

There are 3 significant reasons why a stream may not fill. First, ensure you’re linked to the internet. This is easy enough: without net gain access to, you can not watch videos held online.

The addon may no more work. However, growth teams come and go all the time, frequently due to the danger of legal work. In cases like those, you won’t be able to set up brand-new addons from the repo in question, as well as addons you currently have may become unsteady or refuse to work.

This error generally happens when you try to access a region-locked solution from outside of its needed nation. As an example, if you’re attempting to utilize the iPlayer WWW addon from outside of the UK, the streams won’t fill. You can bypass these restrictions by linking to a VPN server in the appropriate region before starting the addon.

Kodi crashes and reboots continuously

There are a couple of reasons that Kodi might obtain embeded a crash/reboot loophole. If you’ve installed any personalized constructs recently, they could be the perpetrator as well as must be gotten rid of using the Indigo tool. If this does not solve your trouble, attempt separating your computer system from the internet.

We recommend this because the URLResolver dependency often triggers troubles and if Kodi does not have web accessibility, it can’t do its job. If this quits your collapsing issue, try updating it by clicking the gear icon on Kodi’s primary display, then System setups. Next off, scroll to the Attachments tab as well as click Manage dependencies. Click URLResolver, then click Update. If this does not function, you can either uninstall addons until you discover the one responsible for the accidents or simply reinstall Kodi to begin again with a clean slate.

Kodi is unable to connect to a source

Kodi databases are generally mounted by giving a course to the source. Sometimes you could locate that as soon as the original has been added, you’ll see a popup telling you that it could not be accessed.

This is typically since the source address is incorrect. Inspect it and also make sure you’ve entered it appropriately. Common blunders include misspellings, not utilizing the appropriate letter situation (e.g., inserting upper or lowercase letters where they do not belong), forgetting to include “http://” at the start, and in many cases, missing out on the repo’s file extension.

If the address has been entered correctly, generally, the database has gone offline or been moved to a brand-new address. You can evaluate this by opening up the source address in your web browser; if the folder is vacant or otherwise located, that’s the origin of your problem. Try looking into the repo to see if it has been relocated but bear in mind that alternative hosts are not always trustworthy.

Kodi can’t set up an addon

If you’ve managed to mount a repo, however an addon fails to install, there are several possible reasons. The addon might be outdated or no more supported by its developers. In this situation there’s little you can do. Older versions might still be hosted somewhere else, but these aren’t guaranteed to work as well as the more senior an addon obtains, the even more danger it positions to your system when installed.

Additionally, older addons may not collaborate with more recent versions of Kodi. New Kodi versions have transformed the method the software application reads and process addon code, making some older addons out-of-date with newer variations of Kodi (for example, several addons stopped working after Kodi 18 was released).

It’s additionally possible that the addon has uninstalled dependences. These are added addons that are needed for the initial addon to work. That said, addons with these reliances are not official and position a substantial danger to your system’s safety and security. For this reason, we ‘d advise against mounting them in the first place.

Ultimately, it’s feasible that this particular addon does not work with your version of Kodi. For instance, up until recently, LibreELEC users couldn’t set up the Netflix addon due to its reliance on data that weren’t present in just-enough-OS platforms.

Can’t uninstall or erase Kodi addons

Sometimes, you might discover a build or a particular Kodi addon triggers a conflict with your Kodi setup. If this happens, you may try to load up Kodi, just to have it collapse whenever. The good news is, Kodi addons can be erased from outside of your Kodi user interface.

If you require to delete a Kodi addon, you can do any from your %APPDATA% \ Kodi \ addons \ folder.

To find it on your regularity, do the following:

  • – Most likely to your C: drive
  • – Click on Customers
  • – Locate the name of the user account you use for your computer and pick it
  • – Click AppData

  • – Click Roaming
  • – Select the Kodi folder

  • – Currently discover the details plugin causing your concerns, and erase it directly from this folder

If you’re unsure which plugin is causing the problem, try removing your most just recently mounted addons or databases and also filling Kodi to see if it functions. If worst comes to worst, you can erase as many addons or databases as necessary without causing any type of damage to your base Kodi installment. You may, nonetheless, require to reinstall your addons once again later.

Videos frequently stutter or load for a long time

The majority of the moment, a weak network signal or slow-moving web speeds are the root cause of streaming problems. This has been covered in more information in our Kodi buffering post, so it may be a good idea to begin there.

If you can’t discover any type of issues with your network, there may be an additional cause. Certain web content providers limit access to their videos making use of a process called geo-locking or region-locking. This checks the IP address of anybody trying to watch the web content and turns down the link if the IP address isn’t from a specific location.

Fortunately is that this is quickly bypassed. Customers can link their online exclusive network (VPN) to a web server in the right location and will have the ability to access the previously restricted media. The appropriate web server to connect to usually is fairly noticeable: the BBC obstructs anybody that isn’t inside the UK, NBC obstructs those outside the US, and so on.

Videos look strange or the colors are off kodi 17 not working on windows 10

Shade problems are far less common as well as are not necessarily one-of-a-kind to Kodi. If the shades are somewhat off, the problem is most likely because of wrong display setups. This issue isn’t constantly immediately noticeable and also might just be apparent with pick video clips.

This is since every monitor’s shade profile is various. Many will certainly have a switch on the front that provides access to an image options food selection. Nevertheless, if your monitor is properly configured, there are other feasible remedies.

If your video clip is as well large or too little, you’ve likely zoomed in or out mistakenly. While playing a video, click the equipment symbol. Next, click Video setups. Try to find the Zoom amount alternative– if it’s anything apart from 1.0, that’s the issue. Make certain that the Sight Mode is readied to “Regular” too.

It’s also worth examining the Illumination and also Comparison worths. These should go to 50%, and also if they aren’t, they’re most likely what’s creating your video clip to look weird.

Kodi addon searches and streams not working

A little-known error can cause your Kodi addons to not do searches, updates, or streams properly. As an example, you might locate that some addons can not pull any kind of newer or older content, even if it generally should be offered. If this is the case, try examining your tool day and time.

Especially if you’re using set-top box bought via or, there’s a possibility the day and time are incorrect. Kodi as well as its addons utilize the system day as well as time to appropriately draw information. If that details is wrong, you might in-addon searches might pull in bad results or restricted outcomes, as well as it might also impact your streaming or addon updates.

Kodi black screen or blank display issues kodi 17 not working on windows 10

A few issues could be creating a black display on start-up or developing a blank display throughout normal Kodi procedure.

One such problem develops when trying to upgrade from Kodi 16 to variation 17+. The adjustment from the Confluence skin to the new Estuary skin might create you to experience some errors related to the Addons.db data.

Subsequently, the repair for this problem is to remove your Addons.db documents, which simply caches info on your addons. Don’t stress, erasing the file will not erase any one of your addons.

You can find this file in the following places, based upon your operating system:

  • – Android: Android/data/orgkodi/ data/. kodi/userdata/Database.
  • – Windows: Click beginning and also type %APPDATA% \ kodi \ userdata \ Data source.
  • – Mac:/ Individuals/ [YOURUSERNAME]/ Library/Application Support/Kodi/userdata/ Database.
  • – Linux: ~/. kodi/userdata/Database.
  • – iphone:/ private/var/mobile/ Library/Preferences/Kodi/ userdata/Database.
  • – OpenElec/LibreElec:/ storage/kodi/userdata/ Data source.

Alternatively, if you’re making use of an Android box or an Firestick, you might intend to Force Quit Kodi, and afterwards Clear Cache in the app setups. This should likewise assist clean up the problem.

Kodi search not dealing with addons kodi 17 not working on windows 10.

If you have been making use of Kodi v. 18 Leia, you may locate that the search function in your addons is not functioning. This is because you may be working addons that have not been appropriately updated for Kodi 18.

When you utilize an addon search feature, that addon caches information to quickly obtain a result from the search. Kodi 18 modifications several of the Python code demands for the search function, making sure that any addon not properly updated to match will stop working to have its integrated search feature working.

There is absolutely nothing customers can do to repair this issue. You need to wait till the addon developers upgrade their code.

To date, most addons have not formally upgraded to deal with Kodi variation 18, so you may need to wait a bit much longer, or keep making use of Kodi variation 17.6 Krypton till a lot more addons have been correctly upgraded.

HD and 4K streams studdering.

There are a variety of concerns related to streams faltering. For example, your internet activity may not be quick sufficient to take care of the 4K or HD stream, which might lead to more buffering. Nonetheless, specifically with 4K, there’s a good chance your tool might not be able to deal with the better video clip.

Do a quick Google search of your particular gadget. Particularly if you’re using Kodi on a Firestick, if you’re attempting to process 4K streams you will obtain stuttering. This is also real if you have an older Firestick and you’re trying to get 1080p streams.

There is a brand-new Fire TELEVISION stick appearing in October that will have the ability to deal with 4K streams. The Fire TV Stick 4K will certainly be readily available on October 31.

My YouTube addon does not work any longer kodi 17 not working on windows 10.

Just recently, YouTube transformed the means its API works, which subsequently, damaged the YouTube Kodi addon and any addons that relied on it. Nonetheless, there is a relatively basic way to repair this armed with absolutely nothing greater than a Google account.

Essentially, you have to produce an individual API trick. This seems challenging however there’s a thorough, detailed overview to this on the Kodi forums that will get you back up and running in a matter of minutes.

I can not get a specific Kodi develop to work.

We frequently obtain inquiries from people who have a fresh Kodi installment yet have problems enjoying anything. After a little excavating, they disclose that all they have set up is a construct. There are several issues with this:.

  1. Develops often tend to consist of informal addons, which we can not provide support for.
  2. In our experience, builds are seldom kept up to day, which indicates they typically consist of numerous addons that have actually since been taken down.
  3. These builds tend to cause even more troubles than they fix.

Our guidance is to uninstall your construct and manually install each addon you want. By doing this, you won’t have dozens of addons you’ll never utilize, plus you’ll be able to determine the exact addon that’s causing any problems must anything go wrong.


Considering Kodi can be installed across a vast array of various gadgets, it’s simpler than you might expect to troubleshoot. One of the most generally seen Kodi troubles can be addressed reasonably quickly. Incidentally, if you’re facing issues with Kodi on a Fire TELEVISION Stick, we’ve got a troubleshooting short article just for you. With any luck, this overview has helped you settle your problem and if there’s a quick fix you have located that we haven’t pointed out.

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