The Beast Kodi Download & Install (Complete Guide)

There are dozens of add-ons around, firstly you require the beast kodi download and to mount them separately depending upon the kind of material you want to see. As well as, considering that there are many of them to select from, you might wind up perplexed. At first, when I had actually just begun using the beast kodi download, I would certainly install any add-on that came my way. This practice usually left my Kodi interface cluttered as well as I had terrific difficulty reaching out to the flick or show I wished to stream.

Considering that The Monster picks the very best addons for you, there is no demand for you to stress over which ones to go with. It has a cool, clutter-free, and also efficient user interface that allows you access all you desire with simply a touch of the button. The Beast construct is compatible with both the touch and remote-controlled gadgets and also computers/laptops. I have actually never ever had any kind of complaints regarding interaction and navigating are concerned. In this write up we explain the information regarding how to register for the beast build, how to install the beast on firestick 2020 update the beast.

The Beast Kodi Download & Install (Complete Guide)

In this article, you can easily know the beast kodi download & install complete procedure here are the details below;

How to Install The Beast Kodi Build

I will reveal you exactly how to set up The Beast on Kodi.

Prior to we get started, we will certainly have to prepare the beast kodi download for the installment of third-party builds by permitting Unidentified Sources.

  • Go to Kodi home-screen and click the ‘Settings’ option on the top right. Now, click ‘System Settings’ on the next screen if you use Kodi 17.6 or click ‘System’ if you have Kodi 18
  • Select ‘Add-ons’ on the following screen and on the right move the ‘Unknown Sources’ switch to the ON position (image below)

the beast kodi download

  • The following warning message will appear, which you can easily ignore as the beast kodi download build we are going to install is 100% safe.

the beast kodi download

Let us now install the beast Kodi build. I am going to divide the process into three steps as follows:

Step 1: Add the Source to install the Beast repo from

Next step 2: Install the Beast repo from the added source

Step 3: Install the Beast Kodi build from the repo

Make sure that you follow each step carefully.

Step 1: Add the Source to install the Beast repo from

Here is what you need to do to add the source:

#1. When you are on the Kodi home screen, click the Settings icon on the top right

the beast kodi download

#2. Now, click ‘File Manager’ from the list of the available options

the beast kodi download

#3. Click ‘Add source’ on the following screen

the beast kodi download

#4. You should now see this window titled ‘Add file source’. Here, click <None> as shown in the image below

the beast kodi download

#5. Enter the following URL in the field as shown below:

Please mind the typos and type in the URL correctly. Usually, it is the typos that cause trouble during installation.

If you are installing the beast kodi download build on a smartphone or computer, simply copy and paste the URL.  But, if it is the beast kodi download Fire Stick you are installing, you will need to type in the complete address using the remote (unless you are using the Fire TV app available on Android and iOS).

Click OK

#6. Enter a name you would like to identify also this source within the ‘Enter a name for this media source’ field. I am going to choose the name ‘beast’ for it

Click OK to add the source.

The source has now been added. Let us now install the beast Kodi repo.

Step 2: Install the Beast Repo from the Added Source

Follow the steps below to install the repo:

#1. Return to the Kodi home-screen and click ‘Add-ons’

the beast kodi download

#2. Click the ‘Package Installer’ option on the top right of the next window

the beast kodi download

#3. Now click ‘Install from zip file’ on the following window

the beast kodi download

#4. You should now see ‘Beast’ (or the name you gave to the source earlier) on the list. Click it!

#5. Now, you must see a Zip file in the next window. It is named something like Click the file to continue.

#6. Now, wait for the ‘Beast Repository add-on installed’ notification to slide out from the top right (see the image below.) When you see this notification, the Beast repo has been installed.

Now we will learn how to go about with the beast Kodi download.

Step 3: Install the Beast Kodi Build from the Repo

Here are the steps to install the build.

#1. From the Kodi home-screen, click ‘Add-ons’ and then click the ‘Package Installer’ icon like before. Now, click ‘Install from repository’

#2. What you want to do next is click the ‘Beast Repository’

#3. Click ‘Program Add-ons’ next

#4. Now, go ahead and click ‘The beast Wizard U.S.’ version. If you live in the UK or anywhere close to the UK than the US, click the UK version instead.

#5. Click the ‘Install’ button on the bottom-right of the next screen

Click OK when this prompt is displayed

#6. After about a minute, you should see ‘The Beast Wizard U.S. Add-on installed’ notification.

#7. If this popup is displayed, press the back button or click Continue

If you see the following pop-up, click ‘Ignore’

#8. Now, go to the Kodi home-screen one more time and navigate to Add-ons > Program Add-ons. You will find The Beast Wizard here. Click the wizard to open it

#9. Click Continue when this prompt is displayed

#10. Now, go to the following website on your computer or mobile browser:

Enter the code displayed in the prompt on Kodi as you see in the image below (in my case the code is 8399335). You need to enter this code on the webpage that you opened in your browser.

Follow the instructions also on the page to generate the token

Click Enter token

#11. Enter the token you obtained from the webpage in the previous step on this Kodi screen

#12. The Beast Build Wizard is not displayed. Next, click Builds in the top-left

#13. Click The Beast build in the left column

Note: If you do not see. However, the Beast build in the left column, click the Close button in the top-right corner and open the Beast Wizard again

#14. Click Fresh Install on the right side of the same window

#15. Click Yes next

#16. Wait while The Beast build downloads and installs. It will take several minutes.

#17. When the build has installed, click OK to force close Kodi

#18. Now, go ahead and restart Kodi. The start-up screen will change from the default to the following

NOTE: We do not encourage the violation of the copyright regulations. However, what happens if you wind up streaming content from a bogus resource unintentionally? It is not always simple to discriminate between a legit and also illegal resource.

So, prior to you begin streaming on Kodi, here’s how to get VPN protection in 3 easy actions.

Step 1: Obtain the ExpressVPN subscription HERE.

Next step 2: Click HERE to download and also set up the ExpressVPN application on your tool.

Step 3: Click the Power symbol also to connect a VPN server. That’s all. Your link is now safe with the fastest as well as finest VPN for Kodi.


With a library of the most desired addons these days, The the beast kodi download construct spares you the efforts as well as hassles of mounting them separately. Furthermore, the only downside I have found is that it needs you to sign up online portal. Even though it is one added step, it doesn’t take too long. The developers have made sure that the registration and confirmation procedure fasts.

I have also discovered that the beast kodi download is nearly as secure as any other. Moreover, considering that this develop is definitely cost-free, I think there is definitely no damage in giving it a try. You can always recover Kodi to its default. And also who knows! There is a fair chance you might end up loving as well as keeping this construct.

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