Top 10 Best Credentialing Software Companies in 2024

Best credentialing software companies will be discussed in this article. Organizations use credentialing software to keep, monitor, and update the required credentials and certificates of its members. The task of keeping track of all relevant credentials is frequently laborious and time-consuming.

Companies in a wide range of industries, including law enforcement, financial, manufacturing, construction, and more, are obliged to track credentials, while this need is most frequently associated with medical credentialing for healthcare providers and other medical professionals.

This kind of software platform is made to not only keep track of employee credentials but also to create reminders for when renewals are required and, in some cases, even to recommend further courses to take for ongoing education.

If you presently manage this process with Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, or even just a plain filing cabinet with paper, you are aware of how difficult it may be.

To save your department a tonne of time and more reliably ensure you are adhering to all relevant regulations, we advise looking into credentialing software.

Managers can immediately confirm the amount of training a team member has done thanks to individual profiles for each employee. Individual team members may even log in to their own accounts to see if there are any pending courses to take or certificates to update.

Not just for internal workers, but for any vendor requirements as well, credentialing software can be employed.

With online software, it is simpler for vendors to log in, confirm they have the required credentials, and carry out their duties whether they are on-site or off.

Check out the top 10 credentialing management software options available on the market in 2024 if credentialing software looks like a suitable fit for you.

Top 10 Best Credentialing Software Companies in 2024

Top 10 Best Credentialing Software Companies in 2022 are explained here.

1. CABEM Technologies

CABEM Technologies

At CABEM, we think that every organisation has particular demands that alter with time.

We have developed credentialing and competency management software that can be used straight out of the box or modified with various modules to meet your ever-changing business requirements.

A credentialing management system called the Competency Manager enables you to keep track of credentials, train staff members, and lower risk throughout the entire organisation.

The platform allows you to store employee certifications, credentials, CMEs, and any other information for current and previous years without using spreadsheets or filing cabinets with document libraries. This is another credentialing software companies.

Establishing automatic notifications for any certification renewals or expirations will save you time. Vendors can access their own credentials through the system’s permission-based portals, which prevent them from viewing other crucial data.

We’d be glad to give you a demo of the Competency Manager if you believe it can meet any of your needs.

2. Modio Health

Modio Health

The credentialing software used by Modio Health was created by medical professionals and credentialing specialists.

So that your doctors and other professionals may concentrate on patient care, it is designed to automate the healthcare credentialing process.

Your entire medical staff will have no trouble using the platform because it is so simple to use.

To help you maintain compliance, Modio Health OneView gathers provider information such as education, licence numbers, DEA, NPI, and more using data from primary source verification and public services.

3. OurRecords


Businesses can store, manage, and enable access to verified credentials and records using the cloud-based credentialing and compliance management service known as OurRecords.

In a single, centralised location, the software manages data for all team members, vendors, and partners of a firm.

Through OurRecords, vendor and supplier records including W9s, state registrations, and other compliance paperwork may be automated.

Groups with different needs and credentialing goals can tailor the system.

4. MD-Staff from ASM

MD-Staff from ASM

This is another credentialing software companies. Medical practitioners can log CME (Continuing Medical Education) hours more easily using MD-Staff, the healthcare credentialing software from Applied Statistics & Management.

The software allows for the storage of almost any provider-related data.

For certain providers, batches of data in the form of checklists, alarms, and personalised workflows can be created.

The tool’s reporting system has a large library of pre-built reports available, including details about reappointments, insurance, board certification, and licence expiration dates.

5. Kareo


Kareo specialises in the credentialing procedure for independent medical practises.

The system has better EHR (electronic health records) capabilities and is built to handle a wide range of duties, including composing notes and prescriptions and managing your internal billing process.

The software can help with marketing to advertise your clinic online and make it simpler to locate. It can also enhance your insurance billing system.

6. Newport Credentialing

Newport Credentialing

With the aid of its credentialing management software, Newport Credentialing can facilitate rapid and simple onboarding for the healthcare sector. This is another credentialing software companies.

To acquire a broad overview of the credentialing lifecycle, the platform provides insights via real-time dashboards and KPIs.

The software is made to help credentialing specialists make the most of their time and focus on enrollments that will have the most financial impact.

7. Credential Agent

Credential Agent

Credential Agent lets you maintain employee or vendor credentials current by storing credentialing information for your team in an accessible way.

You can set up a personalised schedule that sends you an automated email 90, 60, 30 or even one day before the expiration to remind you when it’s time to renew a certain credential.

The employee, the manager of human resources, and anybody else involved in the process can receive these alerts directly.

You can also run reports beforehand to discover which certificates will soon expire and take appropriate action.

8. IntelliCred


This is another credentialing software companies. The IntelliSoftGroup’s IntelliCred solution for managing primary source verification and credentialing is committed to being a simple-to-implement software credentialing system.

The software group provides clients transferring from one platform to IntelliCred with access to data specialists that assist in the migration process.

The platform enables you to collect, store, and access the data required for accreditation maintenance.

Even though the laws for credentialing and verification may differ, the system may manage workflow actions and provider data for numerous facilities and units.

9. Silversheet


Medical licences and certifications can be verified in one step using Silversheet.

It enables you to centralise credentialing administration in the cloud, automate processes with reminders, maintain a compliant facility, and make your facilities paperless.

The business provides technical help over the phone, email, and live chat with a professional working one-on-one with you until your problem is solved.

10. symplr


For many different elements of medical credentialing, whether for suppliers or providers, Symplr provides a suite of credentialing software. This is another credentialing software companies.

The complicated procedures involved in payor enrollment, credentialing, and privileging are streamlined by the symplyr software.

In addition to other things, it aids in general credentialing, visitor management, and exclusion screening.

Any needs for medical credentialing software can be greatly aided by the software.

Conclusion on Best Credentialing Software

Credentialing management software can help organisations simplify the process of credentialing and remaining compliant.

Whether it be through automated reminders, dashboards that can be viewed quickly, or document management to keep certificates.

Going paperless and changing to a cloud-based credentialing system can help save organisations time, money, and headache.

There are many solutions out there to meet these needs, and we hope this article will assist you in selecting the one that is best for your business.

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