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How to Reduce MP4 File Size without Visual Quality Loss

MP4 is the most common used video format all around the world at present. However, as MP4 videos are used in a large scale, users also find problems about video size. MP4 videos will take up the most storage space of devices. Moreover, it consumes too much time to upload them to trendy social media sites. Also, emailing MP4 video is not accessible if its size is bigger than the maximum required. Then how to reduce MP4 file size? After reviewing some video compressing software, we figure out two ways to shrink MP4.

Why we have to make MP4 video smaller?

Before we introduce the way to compress MP4, first let’s explore the reasons to do that in details.

  • For storage.

Nowadays people use different types of camera to shoot MP4 video, and its quality is getting increasingly better. As a result, the size of MP4 file is bigger and bigger as well. For example, a one-minute MP4 video (1080P, 60fps) shot by iPhone 12 can be 175MB. HD MP4 can be such size, let alone 4K MP4. But, commonly people will shoot videos that are far more than one minute. Therefore, to save storage space of your devices, compressing MP4 file is a better choice.

  • For uploading.

Uploading videos to social media sites is what most of the users will do, but these platforms all have required the max video size. First, if your MP4 file is oversized, it cannot be uploaded. Second, even when the video size is within the limitation, uploading large MP4 file to them can be time-consuming. What’s worse, the process may be interrupted by error. In this way, for smooth uploading and sharing your video, you would better get the MP4 file downsizes.

  • For email.

In daily life we also have the need to sending videos via email now and then, and many them are not from websites, so it’s not possible to just simply provide the link of the video in email. Video size is not unlimited as well for email. It’s better to reduce video size for sending email.

Method one: the best to reduce MP4 file size without quality loss

Here is the first tool we’d like to introduce: WinX Video Converter. It is a popular MP4 video reducer. Let’s check out its features briefly.

  • Reduce MP4 file up to 90%.
  • No quality loss visually.
  • 47X faster—level 3 hardware acceleration.
  • A big amount of input and output formats.
  • Editing—trim, crop and subtitle, etc.

Next, how to downsize MP4 file using WinX Video Converter:

Step 1: Launch the software. If your file is on the desktop, just drag it onto the interface. Or, you can click on “+Video” to load MP4 file.

Step 2: When the “Output Profile” appears: choose “General Profiles”-> “HEVC Video” (h.265+aac) -> click “OK” to save your setting. Noted: The reason we choose HEVC (h.265) is that it has higher video compression rate compared with MP4 (h.264).

Step 3: Click on the blue “RUN” icon to start reducing your MP4 video file.

How to Reduce MP4 File Size without Visual Quality Loss

In addition, if you want make MP4 file even smaller, you can also trigger the settings (the gear icon) and adjust parameters to lower video bit rate and resolution, etc. Plus, editing helps, too. Click on the scissors-shaped icon and start—trim video and crop its image.

Method two: shrink MP4 file size using HandBrake

HandBrake is a free video converter that has multiple input formats. Here are the steps to make MP4 smaller with it:

Step 1: Launch HandBrake. Click “Folder” or “File” to input MP4. Or, you can drag and drop it on the interface.

Step 2: There are several settings for you to compress the file:

“Video”->choose a more advanced video codec like h.265 with higher compression rate->lower quality, bit rate and frame rate.

“Dimensions”-> “Resolution and Scaling”-> set “Scaled Size”.

“Preset”-> choose a specific type or size you need.

Step 3: Choose a destination folder on the bottom of the interface.

Step 4: Tap on “Start Encode” to compress the file.


For easy storing, uploading and sharing video, we need to get it downsized. And if you have to do these frequently, a professional video compressor is what you need. WinX Video Converter balances video size quality and speed at a nice level. It has intuitive interface and easy to use. Both inputs and outputs are in large amount. HandBrake has relatively lower compression ratio, and maybe it’s not so user-friendly for the inexperienced. Although it has multiple inputs, the outputs is quite limited.

For that, WinX Video Converter is more ideal video reducer. Using it, video can be 90% smaller with intact quality. You can save a lot of storage space of your devices. Also, uploading video to social media sites and emailing it to your friend can be done with ease.

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