Here are Some of the Interesting Facts you Should know About OnePlus Mobile Phones

Indians have always been known to experiment with new and interesting phone brands. They like variety, they enjoy choice and they’re willing to explore. In late 2014, when BBK Electronics launched the first OnePlus model in India, it was not surprising that the phone took the Indian mobile phone market by storm. Almost 7 years later, Indians have been introduced to several upgraded models and variants of the phone. With each version, the OnePlus consumer base grew exponentially. Whether you’re a OnePlus smartphone user or not, there are a few facts about OnePlus models that are interesting to know. Read on to find out what they are.

Invite-only community: When OnePlus One model was first launched in 2014, it came with a never-before-seen invite system. As production was still slow, the company did not promise mass supply to the mobile market. Instead, they put in place an invite-only mechanism wherein customers who receive an invite are the only ones who can purchase the handset. They will have 24 hours to make this purchase, failing which the invite will expire. This system was followed before the tech giant was able to make proper provisions to ramp up production. The exclusive, invite-only access to the new phone generated massive hype amongst consumers. Very soon, it looked like everyone was clamouring for an invite, and it had become a status symbol to own a OnePlus mobile. Although the system was abandoned soon after, it generated massive publicity and boosted the company’s sales.

Charging marvel: Another unique feature of the OnePlus mobiles was the dash charging facility the brand had introduced. Dash charging is basically just another mode of fast and efficient charging that phones claim to have. But the difference here is that OnePlus’ dash charging was so good, and well-implemented that it became one of the most-loved features of the phone’s users. In some of its later models like the OnePlus 6, dash charging grew to offer an entire day’s battery life with just 30 minutes of charging. For the fast-paced modern consumer who’s always on the move, there could be nothing better than the assurance of a long-lasting battery. The OnePlus 5G phone released last year — OnePlus Nord boasts of a massive 4,500mAh battery, which keeps the phone powered for long periods on a single charge.

Gaming Mode: Gamers have always had their own set of preferences when it comes to a gaming phone. OnePlus combined mainstream phones with gaming phones when they introduced the Gaming Mode in their phones. This mode helps gamers enjoy their gaming sessions without getting interrupted by calls and notifications. It’s a boon for players who like to play games on their mobile devices. Additionally, it also prioritizes the internet bandwidth. When the user enters the Gaming Mode, the phone will automatically lower the amount of data assigned to background applications, and allot maximum data to the user’s game. This results in a smooth, uninterrupted and, therefore, more satisfying gaming experience.

Incredible Cameras: OnePlus mobiles have been highly regarded for their stellar camera quality. Both the front and rear cameras have incredible resolutions, making shooting pictures a sheer joy. In last year’s budget-friendly OnePlus 5G phone — OnePlus Nord, the brand introduced a quad-rear camera setup and a dual front camera array for capturing normal and wide-angle selfies. The makers of the phone have also effectively honed AI technology for self-interpretation. What this means is that the phone’s camera tries to interpret what you’re seeing, and automatically adjusts brightness, colour, shadow and light to get you the most perfect picture you can click. It also has a special Nightscape mode that produces sharp and detailed images even in low light conditions.

The phone of firsts: OnePlus has always been known to offer phone of firsts. The brand has successfully integrated never-before-seen features in different versions. This is a favourable point that they hold with their consumers. Even in the latest OnePlus 5G phones, Android v.11 OS has been combined with an OxygenOS experience which introduces users to features and tools that only OnePlus mobiles boast of. They’ve also targeted a subtle, yet significant pain point of mobile owners – one-hand usage. We’ve all struggled with one-hand texting while running a chore, or a quick one-hand bill payment while holding groceries on the other hand. OnePlus has identified this and worked on it as well. Their latest models come with a user interface that makes one-hand usage much easier than it currently is. It is this unique approach tailored to the consumer’s needs that makes OnePlus so popular.

OnePlus is currently one of the leading brands in the country. A quick look at the brand’s plans for the next decade can confirm that they are bullish about their prospects. You can purchase your favourite OnePlus smartphone from a wide range of options at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. You can also pay for the smartphone in easy EMIs, without worrying about making the entire payment upfront.

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