Best Sleep Cycle Tracking Apps for Android and iPhone in 2024

Getting adequate sleep is important for overall health and well-being, but it may also help the way you sleep. Many people of all ages have difficulty sleeping, lose sleep, or do not get enough quality sleep. This may result in a variety of mental and physical health issues. The main causes include sedentary lifestyle, work-related stress, and a variety of personal concerns. Although the length of your sleep is important, you need also consider the quality of your sleep to determine if the time you spent sleeping was valuable. A person’s sleep cycle consists of the many stages of sleep that they experience when sleeping. Let us attempt to understand it better.

What is the Sleep Cycle?

The four stages of sleep are not all the same length, thus sleep happens in cycles that flow easily from one to the next. With each stage, you may relax your mind and body and feel refreshed throughout the day. The four stages of sleep are divided into two major groups: rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and non-REM (NREM) sleep. These four stages demonstrate several brain functions during sleep, which we will explain more below.

Dozing Off

Stage 1 (N1), sometimes known as the “dozing-off” stage, lasts around five to ten minutes. In this instance, the body is not completely relaxed, but work in the body and brain slows down. At this stage, a person is readily roused. Otherwise, they will immediately go to stage 2.

Light Sleep

Stage 2 (N2) is characterized by a reduction in body temperature and muscular relaxation. Breathing and heart rate slowly slow when the body enters a tranquil stage with no eye movements. Stage 2 might last anywhere between 10 and 25 minutes. Brain activity slows during this time, which may extend much longer at night.

Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep (N3) is the third stage, and waking someone up during this stage is significantly more difficult. At this stage, the muscles relax even more, and the heart and respiration rates slow even more. A well-known delta wave pattern may be seen in brain activity. During this stage, the body heals and expands, and the immune system becomes stronger.

REM Sleep

During the REM Sleep app, brain activity increases and atonia occurs, in which all of the body’s muscles are immobilized save for the breathing muscles and eyes. The brain’s cognitive abilities improve at this stage, which helps with things like learning, remembering, and imagining.

Interesting, right? Monitoring sleep is challenging. Fortunately, there are numerous reputable sleep trackers available that may assist you in tracking your sleep habits and help ensure you are receiving enough quality sleep. These statistics help us figure out why these issues occur. If you need any medical help, please let us know. We researched and created a list of the best sleep monitoring apps to help you improve your lifestyle and work. These Sleep Cycle Tracking Apps allow you to gain a detailed picture of the quality of your sleep by listening to the sounds you make while sleeping, seeing your body move, and observing other things you do when sleeping. This time, we’ll look at Sleep Cycle Tracking Apps individually.

Best Sleep Cycle Tracking Apps for Android and iPhone in 2024

1. Sleep Cycle

Use Sleep Cycle, an advanced app with a built-in wake-up clock that helps you track your sleep routine. It will help you relax, sleep better, and stay on track with your sleep pattern. You will also be given a comprehensive sleep cycle analysis to monitor your sleeping habits from the time you go to bed till you wake up. This information may help you improve your sleeping habits in the future. The sleep tracking app is available for iOS and Android devices, and it only wakes you up when you are in the light sleep period, ensuring that you don’t feel horrible all day. For the following reasons, Sleep Cycle might be the best sleep tracker.

  • It slowly wakes you up with a natural sound.
  • Rest peacefully and keep track of your sleep to learn your own habits via in-depth analysis.
  • For sleep tracking, the phone does not need to be placed beneath the pillow; it may be placed on the table or the floor instead.
  • You may get accurate information on light sleep, deep sleep, and overall health using specialized sound technologies or an accelerometer.
  • You may choose your alarm sounds.
  • Compare other people’s sleeping statistics to your own.

2. Sleep Monitor

You may track your sleeping patterns and do in-depth analyses of sleeping trends with the help of the app Sleep Monitor. It is loaded with tremendous features. This handy app, accessible for Android and iOS users, includes pleasant alarms that help you go to bed on time and wake up in the most calm manner possible in the morning. You may learn more about some of its impressive features below.

  • Improve your sleep quality by tracking sleep-related patterns and weekly and monthly statistics.
  • While sleeping, you might hear your snoring and grinding sounds.
  • Examine what you eat, drink, work out, and any other physical or mental issues to see how they impact your sleep.
  • To better understand your sleeping stages, the app records body movements and changes in noise levels using the microphone and acceleration sensors.
  • More than 20 languages may be utilized.
  • Sleep scores, sleep cycle visuals, sleep statistics, and sleep noise sounds all give important information.
  • Music that will help you fall asleep is of excellent quality and will relax your mind.

3. Sleepzy

Do not forget. Sleepzy, a sleep tracking app for Android and iOS, has a new look that will let you track your sleeping habits and improve their quality over time. The built-in alarm clock detects snoring, wakes you up at the right time, and offers you statistics on your sleep every day. Sleepzy analyzes your sleep cycle or pattern and tells you if you’re sleeping too little so you may adopt excellent habits that will help you remain healthy. Whether you are a morning person or want to stay up late, Sleepzy is an important app for everyone.

  • Ensure that you wake up at the optimal time to remain fresh all day.
  • To ensure you get adequate sleep, set sleep objectives and monitor your sleeping expenses.
  • Make modifications to your everyday schedule to improve your sleeping quality.
  • Get individualized sleep suggestions based on your weekly statistics and compare them to global statistics.
  • Use the Apple Health app to sync your sleep information.
  • Advanced statistics give you additional information and allow you to track your daily development.

4. Shut Eye

ShutEye is an app designed for people who have difficulty going asleep, don’t get enough sleep, or suffer sleep apnea. The app will precisely track your sleep cycle and give you honest suggestions on improving your sleeping habits and obtaining the greatest sleep possible. The app features a number of functions that will assist you in falling asleep fast and effectively. It is available for download on Android and iPhone. It also analyzes your sleep patterns and provides helpful information. ShutEye features a sleep recording function in addition that unintentionally captures your sleep, talking, snoring, and other actions while sleeping. To improve your sleep quality, ShutEye’s sleep tracker includes the following features.

  • A sleep tracker may help you better understand how your sleep cycles work from a scientific standpoint.
  • A smart alarm may help you wake up feeling refreshed.
  • A snore monitor may help you determine your snoring volume at night.
  • A lot of relaxing music and sleep sounds can help you go asleep after a long day of tension.
  • Get a general sleep grade from CBTI Sleep Coaching to learn more about your sleep quality.

5. SleepScore

SleepScore, as reviewed in the New York Times, is unquestionably the best sleep tracking app for your sleep cycles. Get expert advice on improving your sleep quality. SleepScore provides you specific information about your sleep cycles that you may use to adjust your lifestyle if you want to improve your sleeping habits. To give precise information on iPhones and Android phones, Sleep Score employs sonar technology. SleepScore’s main important features are given below.

  • Get a daily sleep rating that informs you valuable things.
  • There are four stages of sleep: light, deep, REM, and abrupt awakenings.
  • A smart alarm clock that will slowly wake you up at the optimal time for your sleep pattern.
  • With these easy methods, you can improve all four sleeping stages.
  • Learn about your sleeping habits from the world’s leading sleep specialists, using scientific evidence.
  • Comparison of sleeping habits among people of the same age and gender.

6. Sleep As Android

Sleep be Android is sometimes referred to be a Swiss Army knife for organizing and tracking your sleeping pattern. It is one of the greatest sleep cycle tracking apps, and if you have an Android phone, you should not miss it. Supports the most recent Android phones and wearable technology, including Wear OS, Galaxy/Gear (Tizen), Garmin (ConnectIQ), Mi Band + Amazfit (with partner app features), FitBit (Ionic, Sense, Versa), Polar (H10, OH10, Senes), PineTime, Pebble, and Sleep As app provides you these features.

  • Smart monitoring of your wake-up and sleep cycles, complete with an alarm with several features and weekly and shift work schedules.
  • Sonar, a new contactless sound sleep monitoring technology that works even when the phone is not placed on the bed, is utilized.
  • It contains features such as Sleep Score, which is a comprehensive evaluation of your sleep quality based on things such as snoring, heart rate variability (HRV), regularity, efficiency, sleep phases, and oxygenation (SPO2).
  • An advanced and trustworthy AI-powered sound categorization system for snoring, illness, and sleep talk recording.
  • Sleep breathing studies are performed to investigate the low breath rate warning.
  • With built-in bed time cues and unusual sleep tracking features, you can achieve a regular sleeping schedule.


Getting adequate restful sleep is important for optimal health, therefore waking up weary or drowsy is a problem. The listed Sleep Cycle Tracking Apps can keep track of your sleep cycle and give you precise information about your sleeping habits, allowing you to figure out how well you sleep. Sleep monitoring reports are useful for medical reasons, in addition to helping people track their sleep quality by aiming to achieve their sleeping objectives.

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