8 Best Free Phone Number Apps For Android in 2024

People no longer use phone lines, hence they are no longer useful. With inexpensive cellphones and quick Internet connection, it’s simple to cut the cord permanently. You can make free phone calls using a variety of online applications, but you’ll still need a data connection, such as Wi-Fi or a mobile plan. Free speaking tools enable you to make and receive free calls in and across the globe using your mobile phone’s internet plan or Wi-Fi.

Phone number apps for Android also allow you to transfer numbers, record messages, forward calls, and create custom voicemail notes. With these, you may get a second phone number that allows you to text or call any other American number, and it will always indicate that you are in the United States.

This article provides a comprehensive selection of the 8 best free phone number apps for Android, allowing you to make an informed decision.

8 Best Free Phone Number Apps For Android in 2024

For Android users, here are some of the best free phone number applications for making free calls to anybody in the globe. That stated, let’s get started right now.

1. is a free phone number app for Android. This tool clearly outperforms all other options. Many firms utilize this program to manage company duties such as sales, customer service, and more.

2. Dingtone

Dingtone is one of the most useful Android applications for obtaining free phone numbers. Depending on your area code, the app may provide a phone number. It can also phone folks from over 200 countries. Users may make unlimited calls using their mobile data as long as their compatible friends and relatives use the same free number app. You may even call actual phone numbers using payments made inside the app. Later, you may be able to add additional credits or get free credits via various advertising and promotions.

3. GrooVeIP

GrooVeIP is a free phone number app for Android users that works properly. This program allows you to acquire a genuine American phone number and distribute it to others. This service allows you to text and make calls. The app features in-app payments. When we speak about the free component, it is unclear. You may also get points for free. However, in order to do so, you must first see advertisements and fulfill the offers presented to you. We know that seems terrifying, but it actually works like magic. You may also purchase points. The technology is ideal for short-term free calls, but not for lengthy conversations.

4. Grasshopper

This is a free phone number app that enables small companies and organizations connect more effectively than before. You may use the program to generate a single phone number that is readily accessible from both mobile phones and landlines. Grasshopper allows you to accept many calls at once by routing them to various team members or phones. Its Wi-Fi chatting capability makes it simple to identify potential spam calls. Users may also control how calls are redirected.

5. MightyCall

MightyCall is one of the most reliable virtual phone services designed specifically for small companies. This free fake phone number apps allows you to make and receive calls from any device. You may either hang up, answer, or put the call to voicemail. The app provides you with a talkative and basic map that you may use to create your flow. It saves a complete record of what you say. It’s also simple to route calls to any other phone number or device.

6. Ring4

Calling a second number is simple with Ring4, the best free phone number app. It may be used for both business and pleasure. Ring4 provides more than simply a secondary phone line or eSIM. It also provides high definition (HD) videoconferencing, voicemail, robot call blocking, call recording, and international calling. Ring4 is an excellent alternative for your virtual office since it allows you to make unlimited calls, send unlimited messages, and have video conferences.

7. ConXhub

It is the best free phone number app for Android smartphones. ConXhub is a tiny, user-friendly program that allows you to create several accounts and phone lines. You can even receive calls from many numbers with this clever business phone number apps. Not just for Android devices, but also for iPhones and iPads.

8. Hushed

Hushed is a free phone number app for Android. You may call any number in the globe and send photographs, videos, and text messages. This software allows you to keep your actual phone number secure by providing you with a second number to make calls from. Additionally, you may add and manage multiple phone numbers. Aside from that, it allows you to dial another number. This tool allows users to record and edit their voicemails.

The Bottom Line:

These are some of the best free phone number apps for Android, as seen above. We hope you found the information in this page useful. Please let us know if there’s anything we overlooked in the list below.

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