Top 13 Best Free SEO Tools Alternatives in 2022

Best free seo tools alternatives will be described in this article. One of the top mobile apps created by SEO Ninja Softwares, Free SEO Tools, offers free tools for search engine optimization that are utilised by SEO professionals and experts. The programme has a website SEO analyzer tool that makes it simple to examine your website’s Alexa rank, page authority, Moz rank, page rank, and Google SERP keyword position. This programme allows you to find a variety of information, including broken links, code to text ratio, DMOZ listing, Google cache, HTTP headers, keyword density, keyword suggestions, mobile-friendly test, and much more.

You can verify the screen resolution, website speed, server status, and GZIP compression using the SEO performance tools that are provided. You can use the Free SEO Tools App to check for WordPress Ninja, plagiarism, word strength, and articles spinner. AVG website scanner, MD5 generator, URL rewriting tool, email extractor, browser info, website worth estimator, and many other incredible tools are also available in the software.

Top 13 Best Free SEO Tools Alternatives in 2022

Top 13 Best Free SEO Tools Alternatives in 2022 are explained here.

1. Poetizer


This is another free seo tools. Poetizer is a fantastic smartphone application that makes it simple to post, read, and share your poetry. Through the app, poetry enthusiasts can share their poetry and receive comments and encouragement from readers all around the world. It includes a poem customizer tool that lets you tap on any word in your poem to get the finest replacement words to best shape your poetry. Also check software companies.

Users can browse through hundreds of fresh poems by numerous authors, read them all, and keep up with their favourite writers. With the help of this programme, you can effortlessly compile a list of your favourite poems for later access. To find more poetry, you might join the communities and organisations for poetry enthusiasts. You can store your online activity on Poetizer – Social Network for Poetry. Additionally, users can interact with one another and support one another to improve their poetry learning experience.

2. Square Space

Square Space

You may create a fantastic web presence using Square Space, which is an all-in-one software solution. The platform offers a wide selection of potent, award-winning website, online store, and portfolio templates. Each template on this platform is made specifically by an expert team, and you can quickly alter the design to suit your tastes and necessities. The fact that this platform contains all the top SEO tools to assist you raise your site’s ranking and draw in more visitors is one of its most intriguing features.

It also contains features that let you see where the traffic to your website is coming from, what your visitors are examining for, and how they are interacting with your content or with detailed Analytics tools. Additionally, Squarespace has a thorough style editor that enables you to change the colours and fonts on your website. Additionally, it has essential features like an image manager, analytics, a mobile website that is already built in, blogging, SEO, strong social integration, analytics, a wide variety of layouts, etc.

3. Writco


One of the best social writing platforms for writing in several languages is Writco, which enables you to easily share ideas, write stories and poetry, and publish them as paperbacks. The app brings together readers and writers from all around the world who wish to share their writing skills. It enables you to read and distribute your poetry, stories, and ideas in a variety of languages. With the benefit of this app, you can publish your stories, quotes, poems, and thoughts as books and make good money selling them.

By taking part in various writing challenges, you can enhance your creative writing abilities. You can write on attractive wallpapers provided by the Writco — Publish & Write Stories, Poems, Quotes App to make beautiful posts. Users can find popular short stories, quotes, poetry, letters, blogs, and micro narratives by following their favourite authors. Additionally, you can promote your popular posts on the App to win cash prizes.

4. Build a Website – Website Builder

Build a Website - Website Builder

Build a Website – Website Builder is a smartphone app provided by BrandPier Inc. that enables you to build your website and manage your online marketing. You can easily promote your online business by using the software to construct an e-commerce website or landing page. Your website can be made unique by utilising lovely cover images, logos, fonts, text colours, and theme colours. It has a live chat component that lets you converse with consumers and view a history of their interactions. This is another free seo tools. Also check facility management software 

With the help of this app, you may add more managers or assistants to help you manage live chat for clients and update the website’s content. Create a Website – Website Builder App offers you instructional videos that will assist you understand how to do each of those things. Users can also generate offers and bargains to post on their websites and social media platforms without making any preparations.

5. Jimdo Creator

Jimdo Creator

With the help of the software Jimdo Creator, you can easily change current websites or blogs as well as create new pages, blogs, and websites without any coding knowledge. Websites can be made in a few easy steps, such as selecting a template, entering the website address, adding images, and adding text. You may amend store orders, refine the search engine, and add your personal information using the app.

You can use the app to change the navigation of your website, add new pages, rename existing ones, and delete old ones. Users can monitor website statistics like visitors, page views, and most popular/commented-on posts. You can compose and publish blog entries using the Jimdo Creator App, categorise your pieces, and select where they will appear on your website. You may also manage your store and orders while on the go.



One of the best mobile apps is FLATLAY, which enables you to find amazing things and submit the selection of items you recommend to your online store. The programme assists you in creating great product posts that you can then distribute on social media websites and channels to drive attention to your online store. This programme automatically creates the link for your flat lay post so that others may read all of the collections and posts that you publish with the public by going back to your profile page.

In flat lay communities of brands, categories, curators, and stores, you may search for a range of clothes, style inspiration, coats, home products, makeup, and much more with no prior effort. On social media webs like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumbler, and individual websites, users can publish posts featuring their preferred items and share them. You may sign up for notifications from brands using the FLATLAY app to learn about sales, promotions, and bargains on their products.

7. Dribbble


This is another free seo tools. With the help of the website Dribbble, creators, engineers, and other creatives can share their ideas, information, and works with the world. The way Dribbble gives tiny screenshots of the plans and applications that are being worked on by designers and engineers sets it apart from other websites that provide the same type of management.

Designers may effortlessly speak with people and share their creativity with them using this application. You can take various engineers and observe their actions. The fact that this web gateway doesn’t require signup is another remarkable feature. Users can view your content without registering.

8. Instant website builder with store:

Instant website builder with store: is a fantastic mobile application that enables you to simply construct and manage your company website from your smartphone. Instant Website Builder with Store. You may use the app to publish blog entries, share your favourite movies and photos, and check your website’s statistics. Users who want to advertise their businesses online can post new content to their websites. To sell your product online, you can continually update your website with promotions, deals, offers, and discounts.

To increase the number of guests to your website, you can promote your products on other social media networks. Instant Website Builder with Store: The in App may be used to create a variety of websites, including blogs, small businesses, e-commerce stores, websites for leisure and education, and business websites. Also included in the app’s outstanding features are free hosting, a free domain name, cash on delivery, the ability to receive business alerts, effective auto SEO, geo-tagging, and many more.

9. Clubhouse


For development teams of all sizes, Clubhouse is a comprehensive, dependable, and secure project management tool. This software has no trial period and is completely free to use with all of its features and capabilities. The users of this platform can quickly and easily track the development of projects thanks to the performance monitoring or performance tracking system. It helps development teams anticipate the amount of work that will be completed by when because it is familiar with how those teams operate. This is another free seo tools. Also check asset tracking software

It is easy to view what the entire team is working on and evaluate each team member’s overall performance, just like monitoring the progress of ongoing projects. The administrator can also monitor how it is being ignored, stalled, or blocked at any level. Clubhouse enables its users to effortlessly design, construct, and launch their products from conception to realisation.

10. Elevator Powered by Envato API

Elevator Powered by Envato API

Elevator The AFisher app, which is powered by the Envato API, allows you to check your account balance and keep track of the most recent sales on the website or page. The app allows you to quickly update data and get information about sold items. To advertise your online business, you can add more items to your website’s main page. This software also includes great features including sales, statements, widgets, notifications, total balance, badges, and a variety of colour schemes.

It enables you to interact with customers to haggle over costs or go through product details. Elevator You can view the details of more than ten users at once using the Envato API App. Additionally, the programme makes it simple for you to customise your account’s text colour, photo, name, and country. The premium features, such as page navigation and backdrop colours, are also offered as in-app purchases.

11. CampaignHero


With the help of the software CampaignHero, you may market your online company and get advice on how to strengthen your marketing efforts. For managing your online marketing, the app offers campaign tactics, campaign adjustments, and suggestions. It includes individualised suggestions and video training to help you improve the effectiveness of your Facebook marketing and Google advertising.

This is another free seo tools. The award-winning account managers are available for chat if you need assistance or guidance with SEO, Facebook ads, or internet marketing. The staff of digital marketers is there to assist you in successfully optimising your online business, and this app offers you more than 80 recommendations for PPC experts and your online business.

12. Leia


Leia is one of the newest mobile applications from Vybe Software Inc. that enables you to build websites for businesses quickly. The programme lets you describe the website you desire or enter keywords, and Leia then creates a stunning, personalised website for you. You may easily alter the text, select the colour, and upload your photographs.

It enables simple online product sales, sales statistics tracking, and page view tracking. By offering their clients the greatest services possible on their website, users can advertise their online businesses. You can discuss product prices with your consumers with this app.

13. Quantic Business Courses

Quantic Business Courses

One of the top mobile apps is Quantic Business Courses, which is partnered with the first business school to provide a free online MBA programme. You can access the app’s introductory classes and join the thousands of MBA students pursuing business credentials and degrees worldwide. This is another free seo tools.

It gives you access to online learning programmes, quantitative lesson concepts, feedback, professional assistance, resources, and fresh viewpoints to aid in the development of your company management abilities. Using this software, you can improve your understanding in a variety of business programmes, such as entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, and management.

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