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Why Is My Ping So High? Best Ways To Fix High Ping In Online Games

There are a number of factors that impact the internet ping so high. There are not just one or more approaches to lower ping in online games. Possibly your internet link, your COMPUTER, the game settings, or a few various other facets that could be triggering a high ping speed. We speak about below some major elements like, how to fix high ping in online games and ping enhancer, how to fix ping spikes windows 10 in addition to kill ping or ping test.

The High Ping issue is additionally identified as Latency problem, and also it causes countless in-game problems. If you are facing lag interest in your online computer game, then possibly you are dealing with high ping concern. You can experience in-game issues such as Game Cold, different other online players disappearing/appearing, and so on. The effect of high ping in online games might likewise take place also when you have good internet price. So, how to set high ping in online games to play a video game with no delay?

Why Is My Ping So High? Best Ways To Fix High Ping In Online Games

In this article, we extract the solution of why my ping so high here are the details below;

How To Repair Ping Speed In Online Games

In order to overcome/fix ping so high in online games, I have written 13 different techniques. You can attempt these strategies according to your significance, as a strategy may be ideal for one customer, however the other method may not be as ideal. Allow’s take a look:

1. Bring Your COMPUTER As Well As Router Closer to Fix High Ping In Online Games (only for WiFi customers)

Here’s a not-s0-pro, however a common tip to fix high ping in online games. And this uses only to WiFi customers, in case, making use of an Ethernet cable television to access the net is not an alternative. Bringing your PC and also Router closer to every various other will definitely aid you to reduced ping speed.

If you use a laptop, so it would not be a trouble. But when it comes to Desktops, you might need to encounter some obstacles while doing so. Likewise, maintain this in mind that blockages such as walls and also areas in between your PC and also the router could significantly raise the game ping rate. So, maintain all these factors in mind while repositioning your COMPUTER as well as the router.

One of the methods to check if you are getting sufficient signal from WiFi is to search for the WiFi signal strength in the extreme right side of the Taskbar. If the signal toughness is weak, it is noticeable that the ping speed will certainly be high. So, moving your computer system closer to the Wi-fi till you get a solid signal of your WiFi is advised. Nevertheless, if there is a wall in between the router and your COMPUTER, also a solid signal could be losing your attempt to reduce ping speed in online games. So, constantly bear in mind all the points stated above to fix latency of online games.

2. Usage Ethernet Cable As Opposed To WiFi to Improve Ping Rate

It is recommended by almost every online player around to use Ethernet Wire as opposed to WiFi to attach your PC to the Net. So, if you are utilizing WiFi for web, it could be the reason for a ping so high speed. In case you are questioning how this functions, after that let me briefly discuss it to you. Obtain an Ethernet cable enough time to connect your router to your COMPUTER. Currently, connect one end of the Ethernet wire to the result port of your router, and also an additional end to your COMPUTER’s Ethernet port.

Generally, Laptops have built-in Ethernet port, while Desktop computers may or might not have ethernet ports. In case, you make use of Desktop computer, and it doesn’t have an input Ethernet port, you will have to plug in an Ethernet Network Card in the CPU. Likewise, CPU closets have area for Ethernet Network Card, so including one should not be a trouble. In addition, you could have to set up the Ethernet Network Card Chauffeur on your PC; a CD bring the motorist software program generally comes with a new piece. Once you start utilizing the web with Ethernet, there certainly will be some excellent improvement in the ping rate.

3. Limit The Number Of Gadgets Connected to Wi-fi

ping so high

If even more number of devices are connected to your Router, be it PCs, Mobile phone, or various other devices, after that the ping speed is going to be high. This also applies even when you are linked to your router using Ethernet cable. With more variety of gadgets connected, the bandwidth distribution is going to be high, hence providing high ping speeds to your computer.

So, how to set high ping in online games? You can ever drain out unnecessary devices linked to your COMPUTER. While online gaming, you will not be wanting your mobile phone, to ensure that can be detached. Also, separate all the gadgets that are not being used at the moment. This is just one of the very best methods to lower ping rate in online games, thus getting rid of the latency.

4. Close Internet Site & Programs Running in History

Closing down all the sites open in your internet browser and the programs running in the history can actually assist to reduce ping speed in online games. Running web sites and programs do not only make use of the processor sources, however some likewise make use of internet transmission capacity while they are running.

High RAM as well as Processor usage by various other programs besides the game will, of course, leave less cpu memory for the video game, therefore will raise latency. Likewise, net bandwidth usage by other programs will likewise enhance ping time while online pc gaming.

You can shut all the running programs and also browsers that you do not require while online gaming. Some unimportant programs also run in the background, so you require to care for them as well. For this, you can go to the Job Supervisor as well as close them off. For this, comply with these steps:

Step 1: Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys together. This will open the Task Manager.

Step 2: Here, go to the Processes tab, and look for program names in the list of processes that are not necessary. Select one unnecessary process at a time and click the End Process option to close it down.

ping so high

Note: Only close down the process of generic software that you are aware of, like Chrome, BitTorrent, etc.

After closing down the program, go to the Performance tab of the Task Manager and see if the CPU Usage and the Memory consumption are low.

5. Connect To Neighborhood Server in Online Games

While playing online games, it is constantly a good idea to play the game on the neighborhood server. Say, you are in the United States, and wish to use a Europe based web server, the lag will come normally, as the ping speed from Europe will certainly be high as compared to the United States.

So, attempt to play the online video game on the neighborhood web server or the nearby web server to your place to be able to obtain minimal ping speed. If playing the online video game on a server much by is a necessity, after that there’s a service for that as well. You can use VPN for such scenarios.

6. Check Your Net Speed

Your internet speed is among the leading aspects that control the ping speed of online games. It do without claiming that an online video game will run on ping so high speed if the internet rate is sluggish, therefore your game will certainly run laggy.

In case you have not examined your internet rate, do check it. There are several online devices that will do that for you, such as this net speed test tool. If your web speed is slower than typical, you can contact your Internet Service Provider and also complain to them about the exact same. Meanwhile, you can attempt these tips to raise net rate in Windows 10.

If you have a standard net plan, you can additionally upgrade your plan to get a higher web rate. Higher internet rate will certainly for certain fix ping so high speed in online games.

7. Quit Downloads on COMPUTER to Improve Ping Speed in Online Games

It do without claiming that if you are downloading something on your PC, it will certainly eat your web transmission capacity, if not the optimum, yet a lot of it. In such situation, it is obvious that video game ping speed will certainly be high. So, you have to keep a look at downloads while playing an online video game.

If you are downloading something crucial, let the download total. Or, if it can wait, simply stop the download. Watch out for downloader software program or gush customers on your PC if you use either of them. While checking any active download in the Gush customer, likewise look if something is being published or otherwise. If that holds true, stop the upload as well.

Also, check on other linked devices if something is being downloaded or uploaded. If so, you will certainly require to stop that too in order to boost ping speed in online video game.

8. Restart Your Router to Fix High Ping In Online Games

As basic this procedure may sound, in some cases reactivating your router does function. If your Router has been switched on for a long period of time, after that restarting it is constantly a good idea to revitalize the download speed, hence minimizing ping rate in online games.

This will certainly not be simply a basic reboot. Carry out the plugs of the router, keep it unplugged for around half a min, as well as connect back in. Currently, see if the reactivate did fix ping so high rate in online game or not.

9. Use VPN to Fix High Ping In Online Games

Utilizing a VPN or Digital Private Network can be a practical service for lots of to fix high ping rate in online games. This is a remedy details to those who stay in a location where the online video game server is not situated. It can additionally be valuable if you do not intend to access game server of your area, but a web server situated at a different region altogether.

For example, a person from a nation in Africa wishes to play an online game, but the video game server is not located in his region. For this, he will need to play from a game server located elsewhere, claim Europe. If he/she directly attaches to the web server with his internet, there are opportunities that he/she will be obtaining a really high ping in online games, even the net speed is fairly good. For this, what the individual can do is use a VPN to access the net from Europe area, or in fact, from any kind of area of the globe.

This also puts on an individual who lies in a nation that has its own web server yet wants to use a web server of a various nation. VPN is utilized commonly by players all throughout the world to play on different servers without the risk of ping so high rate. So, you can additionally try VPN to reduce ping rate in online games if the above problems relate to you.

10. Upgrade Your Router to Boost Ping Rate in Online Games

Have you been utilizing the same old router for a long time? Routers have their very own data transfer capacity, as well as just like any other digital gadgets, they additionally get outdated as technology is updated. So, make sure that your router is update with your web connection.

It is very typical among customers that their router was not up to day with their router, therefore the internet bandwidth was reduced, therefore the online video game ping rate was extremely high.

You can call your Access provider and also they will certainly help you out by showing information if your router needs an upgrade. It’s a simple process and also will boost the overall quality of the net, additionally lower ping speed in online games.

11. Use Reduce Ping Software Application

If whatever on your COMPUTER looks fine and there’s nothing much that you can do to fix high ping in online games, after that here’s an additional remedy for you. Utilize a software program to minimize ping speed.

There are software available that will certainly assist you reduced the ping price, hence offer a good overall pc gaming experience. There both are not free as well as paid lower ping software program readily available out there. The totally free ones might not function comparable to the paid ones. The paid ones, certainly, come with complimentary test versions, so if you wish to buy a paid ping software application, see to it you try it out initially. Kill Ping and also Haste are some of the reputed names in this field.

12. Whitelist Game In Antivirus/Firewall

If you utilize an Antivirus software application or usage Firewall program, proceed and right now whitelist the online game to minimize ping speed. In case you are questioning how this would fix high ping speed in online games, let me explain it to you.

If you do not whitelist the online video game, then the data interaction between your COMPUTER and video game web server will be kept an eye on by the Antivirus you are utilizing and likewise by the Firewall software. This, in turn, raises the ping speed in games. Whitelisting online games means that the details transfer will avoid the Antivirus and also Firewall, and also will certainly minimize ping rate in games in turn.

The procedure to whitelist programs and games is various in various antivirus software program. So, it won’t be reasonable for me to inform you how precisely to do that. Nonetheless, doing so is easier than you would certainly anticipate it to be. You can search on Google or seek out a tutorial on Youtube for your anti-viruses to whitelist your game.

13. Optimize Video Game Graphics

That doesn’t like to play games in full graphics with near genuine experience while gaming? But what’s the use of the original graphics if the game is staggering and would not allow you play effectively?

Video game graphics setups play an essential function in identifying the ping speed of it. It is always suggest to keep your video game graphics setups enhance according to your PC’s arrangements. If you are playing the game on high graphics contexts than what is your fit for your COMPUTER, this may raise the ping rate.

Using greater video game graphics settings suggests utilizing even more of your COMPUTER’s sources. If the majority of the resources of your COMPUTER is used by the game, after that the resource readily available to process the information interaction in between your COMPUTER and also the video game web server would be less. Hence, it will result in a higher ping speed.

Always bear in mind to maintain your video game’s graphics setups optimized in such a form, that you do not use all your PC’s sources. This will aid you lower ping rate in online games to maintain points smooth.


Ping so high issue in online games is an extremely discouraging problem for numerous online players. While a lot of encounter this concern as a result of their net link, there are aspects that you can care for from your end through your COMPUTER to reduce ping rate in online gaming. One or the other techniques pointed out above will for sure fix ping so high rate for you. Nonetheless in case you are not happy with the ping speed, you should contact the customer treatment of your Internet Service Provider and increase a problem regarding this issue.

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