12 Solutions to Fix WhatsApp Not Working on Android

This post will explain whatsapp problems on android. WhatsApp is 1 of the numerous populous Instant Messaging apps used across both Android and iOS.With that on the ground, it is rather humiliating and agonizing when your WhatsApp quits working on Android. Whether WhatsApp is not joining at all, not receiving and sending out data in the background, or perhaps the app is shutting down regularly, there are a number of fixes to attempt. In the article, we’ll be showing you on 12 methods to fix WhatsApp not working on Android. Let’s begin.

12 Solutions to Fix WhatsApp Not Working on Android

In this article, you can know about whatsapp problems on android here are the details below;

 Restart the phone

First things first: it is recommendable to renew your mobile if WhatsApp is not working on Android. Most likely, the issue is triggered by a bug hanging around somewhere in the system. If that’s it, then you’re fortunate. Simply restart your phone by any means and continue enjoying your chats.

To force reboot your phone, press and hold the Power button for about 10 seconds. You can likewise do so from the power menu: long-press the Power button to show the power menu, then tap/swipe on Restart.

 Examine the network

If restarting your phone didn’t do technique, we still have lots of fixes for you, among which is to inspect your network. As you currently know that WhatsApp relies on the web to do its task, you wouldn’t be capable to send and receive messages if your phone runs out protection or your web data has actually expired. To identify that, merely open an app, like Chrome, to check if your network is in fact working. If it’s not working, that implies there’s a problem with your network. You can try combining to a Wi-Fi network, toggle off and on your mobile information, and simply check your data balance. Also check digital billboard advertising

If your web is working faultlessly but your WhatsApp is not getting, attempt other options listed below.

 Clear Whatsapp Cache and Data

Similar to every other Android app, WhatsApp generally keeps some data briefly to make it work effectively and use fewer resources. But these information, called cache, can end up being corrupted or unneeded at some time, which may cause the concern of whatsapp stops working on android. To solve this you need to clear the cache data for your WhatsApp. Simply follow the actions listed below to do so.

  1. Open the Scenes application on your phone, then click on Apps & alerts.
  2. Click App info or other choices to see all apps. Now find and open WhatsApp from there.
  3. Select Storage & cache. You’ll discover the alternatives to clear the cache and information for the WhatsApp app Tap on Clear cache to remove the cached information for WhatsApp.
  4. Now tap the back button, then click Force stop to shutdown WhatsApp.

On the exact same page, you might also attempt clearing the storage data for WhatsApp. But note that you will lose your chat history. You need to avoid that for now till you’ve tried all the fixes in this short article.

 Update WhatsApp app.

WhatsApp is accustomed to rolling out updates by means of the Google Play Store to fix bugs and present new features. It also has a function that stops your WhatsApp from working if you’re running a very old version. To fix that, you need to upgrade your WhatsApp from the Play Store.

 Is Whatsapp limited in your nation?

Yes, WhatsApp, and some of its components, were banned in some countries. So, if you’re in among those nations, you can not use WhatsApp. If WhatsApp is restricted in your motherland, you should instantly see the notification when you relaxed or try to register WhatsApp. We acknowledge there are other more applicable Instant Messaging apps – like Telegram and Signal, allowed in your country, you can attempt them out instead of WhatsApp.

 Disable Data Saver

While ‘Data Saver’, by itself, does its task by wisely lowering data usage on apps you’re not currently utilizing on your screen, it can affect your WhatsApp functionality. The impact is that you could only receive/send messages while WhatsApp is on your screen – you stop getting WhatsApp alerts as soon as you leave the app for another.

 Guarantee background data is not restricted for WhatsApp

Along with switching off Data Saver, you should likewise guarantee your WhatsApp is enabled to utilize data in the background. While this works writing in hand with Data Saver, there’s still an option on Android to restrict background information usage. Also check tally accounting software

– Open Settings on your phone and then tap Network & Internet.

– Click on Data Usage to see the amount of information utilized by your apps, and other network-related settings. From there, click on Data Saver.

– Tap unrestricted data to view a list of apps allowed/disallowed to send out or get information in the background.

– Scroll down to find It’s either you see a switch beside it, or you see “Background data is shut off” beneathit. If it’s a switch, make sure the switch is triggered or trigger it yourself.

– If it’s the other way round, click WhatsApp and allow Background information from there. Also, allow unrestricted data usage to guarantee you continue to receive WhatsApp notices when Data Saver is triggered.

 Switch off and on Wi-Fi again

This appears like a basic technique. But it performs when whatsapp is not functioning on Android phone. If you have been on a network for hours, there are chances it has ended up being idle. To make sure that’s not the issue, merely pull down the quick settings panel and shut off Wi-Fi. Wait for a couple of seconds before you turn it on once again. You must also do the exact same if you’re on a transportable network.

 Check your mobile storage

Your WhatsApp can also be involved if you’re working on low storage. To ensure the general performance of your phone is not halted, always keep a tab on your storage use. Usually, you must guarantee you have up to 500MB or 1GB of totally free storage space on your phone. Just go to Settings > Storage > Internal Storage to consider your storage use. If it’s getting low, consider deleting unneeded things on your phone and move them to an SD card.

 Reset app picks

If the whatsapp is still not functioning on APK phone, you can attempt resetting app preferences. It’s an awesome function on Android that helps you bring back default apps settings without eliminating your data. Follow the steps listed below to reset app choices.

– Launch Settings on your phone, then scroll to the bottom and click

– From the system settings, click on Reset options.

– Now, securely tap on Reset app preferences. Confirm the choice, then tap Reset Apps.

 Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp

Reinstalling your WhatsApp is the last, not-so-favorable, option to repair the WhatsApp not dealing with your phone. It’s kind of reason bugling in the sense that you will lose your chat history while doing so. But do not stress, you can always keep a local/cloud backup of your chats prior to uninstalling WhatsApp.

Additionally, some APK phone lets you maintain the WhatsApp app data after connecting the uninstall button. So that’s more unassailable if you get the prompt on your mobile. However before that, simply go to WhatsApp > Settings > Chats > Chat backup, then click Back up.

After successfully supporting your chats, now boss over to your app drawer. Long press the WhatsApp icon, then press the Uninstall button. If you obtain a prompt to “keep app data”, tick the box & continue. You can now safely reinstall your WhatsApp from the Play Store.

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