What Is Volafile ? Is This Anonymous File Sharing Service ?

Volafile An Anonymous Files Sharing Service: Using the Internet, we can share anything with anybody we desire. Special thanks to the lots of file-sharing services around. But the concern with many such tools is that they do not enable you to share files anonymously. Nevertheless, services like SkyDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive are thought about among the leading cloud storage and sharing fixes.

What Is Volafile ? Is This Anonymous File Sharing Service ?

In this article, you can know about volafile here are the details below;

However, they require you to first create accounts with them. So, if personal privacy and security are your significant issue. Likewise, you wish to be able to anonymously share files without producing a user account, then try

What is is an easy to use service. However, it allows you to share files with others in real time. However, Volafile refers to as ‘Rooms.’ They are essentially chatroom that will enable groups of users to publish and download files.

The barebones landing page enables you to either produce a brand-new space or ‘Discover’ one existing one. Generally, it is a joining space that has been developed by some other user. Nevertheless, any users can join and initiate sharing files with others in any room. As Volafile can’t put any restrictions or gain access to consents in place.

What Left and Right Side Contain?

When you tap a room link sfrom the Discover page, the complete control panel is prompt to you, with the right sides having a list of published files by its users. Not merely this, but also you can preview any of the files straight in your web browser. Or you can download and install them to your PC using the ‘Save Links As’ context menu option. But if a room is having great deals on products, you can then tap Documents, Images, Music, Videos, Archives, and Other links to just display those items. Likewise, the search bar can assist you to browse exactly what you’re searching for.

The left sides of the interface is the Chat area. It shows quick messages from the room’s current users. Besides other chat rooms, you do not have to pick a user name to sign up with the chat.

Develop Your Room:

You can also create your chat rooms from scratch and designate a custom name. All the spaces look the same, which indicates that you can’t tailor your components. If you wish to publish a file, just tap the Upload button or just drag and drop your required file over the dashboard. Files that are issued to Volafile are automatically eliminated afters 12 hours. However, the time remaining until a file gets destroyed is shown next to its size.

In general, it’s an incredible confidential file sharing service that can prove essential if you like to share files with numerous users without registering an account with a service.


Here’s a total review on Volafile an Anonymous File Sharing Service. Have you ever experience it? Kindly Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments area listed below. Awaiting your valuable feedback!

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