What Is Conversational Email and Why Does Your Business Need It?

Email is the oldest form of electronic communication that’s still in use today, and will likely always have a place in the business world.

But, that doesn’t mean it’s the best way to communicate (there’s a reason team chat apps and video meeting platforms are so popular these days).

However, there’s a revolutionary new form of emailing that can help you get the most out of this outdated form of professional communication, without having to deal with all the problems traditional email presents. It’s called conversational email.

The Problems with Conventional Email

There are all kinds of reasons why traditional email is an inefficient way to communicate.

For starters, your email inbox gets cluttered very quickly, which makes it overwhelming to read and reply to everything, not to mention you can easily miss or lose track of important information.

If you put off dealing with emails because of a full inbox and information overload, it’s easy to let it get out of hand, and you end up going down a rabbit hole and wasting hours of time when you actually do sit down to handle your inbox.

Secondly, emails are often just too long, and are full of repetitive content and stiff formalities. It can be difficult to take note of the key points when reading through these long threads full of back and forth, and can also be a huge time suck.

Finally, if you need a response fast, email is definitely not the way to get it. People are notorious for putting off reading and replying to emails, and even leaving emails unread or forgetting to reply altogether. In fact, the average professional only responds to about 25% of their emails.

If you want to avoid all these pitfalls of traditional email, boost your productivity, and get more done in less time, it’s time for you to switch over to conversational email.

What Is Conversational Email?

Conversational email is a term coined by the world’s first conversational email app, Spike (

Spike is an email app that syncs with an existing email account, such as Gmail, to turn your stuffy old email threads into snappy, instant messenger-style conversations.

In other words, rather than seeing emails in a traditional inbox view and clicking on them to open up threads full of endless replies, you see each new email as a chat-style message bubble.

Each thread in your inbox appears as a chat conversation with the people who are included in the thread, and messaging back and forth with them is as easy as using other popular instant messaging apps (think Facebook Messenger or

Why you need to start using Spike conversational email now

Spike conversational email drastically simplifies your inbox, reducing the clutter and making it easier to sift through all the noise and get the information you need.

Chatting back and forth with someone is so much faster and more natural than emailing and waiting for who knows how long for even the shortest of replies.

Say goodbye to the days of clunky, confusing email threads, and say hello to natural, human communication. Spike lets you have real conversations, rather than robotic email exchanges.

Get your whole team on board with conversational email, and you’re sure to notice better communication, improved collaboration, and increased productivity.

Benefits of Spike conversational email:

  • Quick, clear, and intuitive
  • Eliminates repetition and clutter
  • Feels natural and helps conversations flow
  • Improves workflows and productivity
  • Helps teams communicate and collaborate more efficiently
  • Can be used to talk with clients and customers, too
  • Has tons of other built-in features

Other features of Spike

As if conversational email wasn’t enough of a reason to start using Spike, the world’s first conversational email app has tons of other integrated productivity and collaboration features.

Even when you switch over to conversational email, text-based messages just sometimes aren’t efficient enough. That’s where Spike’s built-in video meetings and voice messages come in handy.

With the voice messages, you can tap and hold a button to record and send a quick voice note right within an email thread, a group chat, or an online note. The voice meetings let you call a meeting whenever you need to, without switching to a different video conferencing app.

Then there’s Spike’s integrated tasks and to-do lists, which let you turn the contents of an email into collaborative tasks and to-dos for you and your team. This essentially turns your email app into an all-in-one workspace and project management tool.

Why does all this matter when there are so many other apps out there dedicated to these features? The answer is simple: it reduces context switching, or the amount of time you spend hopping back and forth between different apps and screens at work.

The more things you can do from one platform, such as Spike conversational email, the less time you and your team waste switching contexts throughout the day.

In the long run, this puts tons of time back in your pockets to boost productivity and, ultimately, contribute to your business’s success.

So, what are you waiting for? There’s never been a better time to implement conversational email at your company than now!

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