All you Need to Know About Data Center Proxies

Nowadays, the security of Internet connection has become one of the most pressing issues for both individuals and businesses. One of the solutions to help protect your Internet connection is data center proxy servers. Such solutions provide not only security dolls, but also enough power for web scraping, bypassing geo-limitations of web resources and maintaining privacy on the Internet.

Whether you are pursuing business goals or your own, you can use best datacenter proxies to create complete online anonymity. Let’s consider this type of proxy from one of the best providers – PrivateProxy.

What is a data center proxy?

First of all, it is necessary to outline what exactly this type of proxy is. A data center proxy server is a separate IP address that is owned by a specific data center. As a customer, you can buy this proxy for yourself to create protection for your real IP address.

It is worth noting that the data center proxy servers are not connected to ISPs. This is a separate service provided by a company that specializes in this and has a data center. And it is not surprising that this service is used by more and more people, because it offers many benefits, such as:

  • protection of your identity;
  • the possibility of uninterrupted scraping on the Internet;
  • access to blocked content in your area, etc.

Types of data center proxy servers

As with most proxies, machining center proxies are divided into types. In this case, there are three:

Private proxies

You may know this type of proxy called “remote proxy”. By purchasing such a proxy, you get IP addresses that you can use for a specific domain or for a specific period of time.  This type has excellent speed. Therefore, the main audience is organizations that have Internet business and individuals.

Public proxies

This type can be attributed to free proxies. Services are provided on the basis of public data centers. Such proxies can be useful if you want privacy and access to Internet resources that do not work in your area. But we have to warn you, because public data center proxies are not recommended for use in your organization. This is due to the possible block of IP address of certain resources and not high connection speed. Also, the security of this type of proxy is not as high as the previous one.

Shared proxy data centers

As the name implies, data center proxy servers are shared by several people who can use them at the same time. This service offers customers a fairly high connection speed. This is a good option for a newly created company or startup with a limited budget, or a freelancer engaged in web scraping, SEO, etc. Compared to previous types, here customers get better speed than proxies of public data centers, but less than when using private ones.

However, due to their general nature, some sites block shared data center proxies due to security issues or signs of some malicious activity.

How do data center proxies work?

As you well know, a proxy is a mediator between you and an Internet page. The moment you request a page or data from a website, the content will first go through a proxy server.  There is traffic processing. That is, the request is processed by servers on your behalf with a different IP address. And your real address remains hidden.

When we verify the request, the site sends the requested data through a proxy server, which finally reaches you. This way, you remain anonymous and your information is not displayed on the site.

How is a data center proxy different from a residential proxy server?

Residential proxies are proxies that you can purchase or obtain from your ISP.  From this we can deduce the first difference from proxy data centers – this is the original IP address, which belongs to the physical location of the user.

Let’s look at other differences between the two proxies:


Providers offer home proxies, so they are directly related to the user’s location, so they are completely legal. Although data center proxies are also legal, some sites may find them suspicious and block you. This is due to the fact that they are provided by cloud service providers and are created en masse. Therefore, you should be careful when buying a proxy server for the data center. To avoid these problems, always choose a reliable provider, such as Private Proxy.


Residential proxies are legal, offer more protection, and are less likely to be blocked. That is why they are more expensive than proxy data centers.


In terms of speed, data center proxies have an advantage.  They are faster to help you complete tasks quickly, making it an important tool for businesses that need a proxy. Also in terms of stability, data center proxy servers have an advantage because it is provided by data center capacity.

What can you use data center proxies for?

For both individuals and businesses, data center proxy servers can come in handy.  Let’s consider the main scenarios of their use.

Web scraping

Web scraping is quite an exhausting and sometimes costly process. It is also dangerous because the site can block you from collecting data. This is why data center proxy servers are used. These servers allow you to use multiple IP addresses to avoid suspicion. At the same time you will get a fairly high download speed.

Anonymity on the Internet

You can use the Data Center Proxy server to access any content anonymously on the Internet, as mentioned above, the proxy server substitutes information about you for web resources and maintains your anonymity.

Visiting blocked resources

Some web resources or services set restrictions for all users except their region. With a proxy server, these restrictions become invalid for you. By changing the IP address, you can visit any website. You can also change your “location” at will.

SEO and social media marketing

Using proxies, you can optimize your site for SEO, understanding your competitors, analyzing their strategies and using the knowledge gained to improve SEO effectiveness. In addition, it will be easier for marketers to spread brand awareness and better promote their products and services around the world using information from social networks.

So, are you ready to take advantage of these and use a proxy for your personal or business purposes? If so, you only need the best server from the best provider – PrivateProxy.

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