How to Test Web Service ? What Is Web Service Functions?

This article shows web services testing. To proceed with the following topic in the SoapUI tutorial series, we are covering one of the most interesting subjects called “What is Web Service Testing.” An internet solution in straightforward terminology can be defined as a solution used by an application set up on a particular gadget or webserver to another tool or customer application after interacting with each other via WWW (World Wide Web).

Web Services usually uses HTTP or HTTPS procedure over the application layer of computer network where one application transfer information or send demands as XML or JSON and also obtains the reaction which is defined by the customer application as a web service testing irrespective of the underlying software application platform, design, and innovation.

How to Test Web Service ? What Is Web Service Functions?

In this article, you can know about web services testing here are the details below;

As an example, an application created in.NET system wants to access the information in the form of internet service from an application in the JAVA system. This is feasible with the transfer of XML demand and also the response between the applications.

Allow’s comprehend exactly how this is practical in our daily life in a simpler way. Mean we have a broker application and also want to display supply information for indexes. My application needs not to accumulate the information and carve the graph of indexes. Instead, I might utilize the web service testing from any type of third-party application keeping the real-time information concerning indexes and process the info on my site.

Right here, I need to appreciate the host style as well as platform, simply require to send out the XML demand utilizing HTTP/HTTPS/ method over www and process the XML action to present preferred stock indexes on my site. This settles the complexities of creating and keeping complicated programs in one’s application, which is simplified by using internet solutions as plug and also play operation from 3rd party suppliers, which is preserving such programs as a web solution.

Web Service identified as:

  • – Any service which is available on the web or intranet or online private network (VPN).
  • – A service that uses a basic XML message style.
  • – A solution that is platform-independent, along with not limited to a certain operating system or shows language.
  • – A solution that can be discovered by a simple find mechanism over the World Wide Web, which is a URL.
  • – A service that self-describe with common XML grammar.
  • – A solution capable of exchanging information using HTTP or HTTPS method over the World Wide Web.

Web Service Components:

The fundamental web services system is XML message format, as well as HTTP demand and reaction. All the standard internet services work making use of the complying with parts

  • – SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol).
  • – UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration).
  • – WSDL (web service testing Description Language).

Web services Operation:

A web service allows interaction among various applications set up on various tools by using open requirements as gone over listed below:

  • – HTML page to send out the demand and also provide the obtained action via HTTP/HTTPS protocol.
  • – XML to tag the demand and response information.
  • – SOAP to transfer a message over the internet.
  • – WSDL to define the schedule of internet service.

Web services Example:

Take into consideration a financial web service that registers the customer and generates a special individual id and also password to access their account on their website. Furthermore, intend a customer registers himself online for the very first time after opening up an account with the bank. The financial web service also is a JAVA program that stays on the Solaris machine that communicates with the database for refining the information obtained also from the JSP application, which registers the customers online through the World Wide Web.

Belows are the steps which will be carried out by this procedure:

  1. The client program running as JSP application packages the customer details like his name, phone number, email id, address, and checking account number got offline right into a SOAP message.
  2. This SOAP message is sent to the internet service via the HTTP POST demand over the World Wide Web.
  3. The Web service unboxes the SOAP message, parse the XML message, and also produces command-line commands that refine the demand and also engages with the data source.
  4. The server-side program installed in Web service after the data source lookup verifies the data and if the information is proper, then develops the special UID and also Password as well as bundles this information right into an additional SOAP message as a response.
  5. This feedback is returned to the client JSP application as a SOAP message making use of an HTTP POST action.
  6. A SOAP message is unpacked, confirmed, and also analyzed by the client program.
  7. If the recognition of the SOAP message achieves success, the client JSP program processes the SOAP message information. The client program renders the details such as” UID as well as Password successfully produced” online internet browser display and also sent these actual details (UID and Password) through an e.mail or as an SMS on the phones, which is user had signed up with the financial institution.
  8. If validation of the SOAP message stops working after that, the web service will send out the mistake information in the SOAP message, which will be made on the internet browser display like “Input information does not match the details asked for, UID and also Password not developed.”
  9. This is exactly how the web solution procedure of generating UID and also Password for a financial application obtains completed. Below is the photographic depiction:

web services testing

Web Services Request and Response model.

Web Services Testing: In the last tutorial, we talk about the web service testing SoapUI device, which is use to check web solutions and Web APIs. In this tutorial, we are going to discuss what, in fact, the web services testing includes:

  • – WSDL data, meaning understanding.
  • – Operations provided by the Web Service.
  • – XML Request message layout that is sent out as a SOAP demand message.
  • – XML Response message layout receive as SOPA response message.
  • – Also straightforward local tool or test program that might send XML message request and obtain demand as XML message action.

We are most likely to go over the above screening action in information in our next tutorial collection, “Web Service Sample Project as well as its Testing.” Most of the moment in the tutorials, the term Web service and Web API will be utilize therefore allow’s understand the difference between Web Services as well as Web APIs as demonstrate below:

Distinctions between Web Services vs. Web API:

PropertiesWeb ServicesWeb APIs
Also Data Structure for information exchangeAlso Only XML format is use as structure data for information exchange and communication.Structure data could Also be XML format, JSON format, or plain data.
Also Data and Request CompressionHTML requests can be compress but XML data cannot be compress.Here data can be compress.
Defined Standard for dataStandard are define by WSDL (Web Service Definition Language).No define standard.
Example of Protocol usedWeb services used SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) protocolWeb APIs uses REST (Representational State Transfer) protocol


In today’s part of the tutorial, we learn more about Web Services as well as How it is examine. However, there are different elements that are utilize in web service testing, like SOAP, UDDI, WSDL. The internet solution testing is extra concentrating on Web Service Request and Response model.  Also numerous testers do not understand the specific distinction between Web Service and Web API testing; right here, we covered the difference between them.

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