VLC Cast to Roku How to Watch Downloaded Video Files in Roku

Your vlc cast to roku can do more than simply stream from the web. Utilize it to see video clip files you’ve downloaded and install or ripped yourself, or even play the personal music collection. You can do with this a USB drive or over the regional network.

Certain, you might just plug a computer into your TV and also play back video clips with VLC or a comparable media player, however using your vlc cast to roku provides you a practical remote as well as interface designed for the controlling from the your couch.

VLC Cast to Roku How to Watch Downloaded Video Files in Roku

In this article, you can know about vlc cast to roku here are the details below;

Use the USB Drive with Roku Media Player

Some models of Roku supply a built-in USB port. The Roku 3 has actually always offered this function, as well as the more recent Roku 2 (though not the older version of Roku 2) includes a USB port. This is an easy method to get videos, songs, and photos from your computer onto your TV.

Place the media documents onto a USB drive on your computer system, connect it right into the USB port on your vlc cast to roku, and also release the Roku Media Player channel. You can locate this channel in the store on your Roku, or include it from your internet browser below. Select the conncted the USB device, select a media file, and also play it.

Media files need to remain in a sustained format or they won’t play on the Roku. Seek advice from the official list of supported formats to ensure the channel sustains your media data. If you have an unsupported data type, you can constantly transcode it with an utility like Handbrake prior to placing it on the USB drive.

Use the Plex Media Server and Roku Channel

You will find a variety of channels (which are basically just “apps” for your Roku) for accessing your very own personal media data on the Roku network shop. Among these is a network for the prominent Plex media web server. Mount Plex on a computer and you can make use of that computer system as a media web server from all your gadgets, quickly streaming web content to your Roku over the network. Plex can likewise stream to smart devices, tablet computers, laptops, as well as whever other tools you have.

Plex is a really fully grown media-library service, and also it can also instantly transcode media files on the fly, ensuring they will play back on your Roku even if they’re in an in need of support format.

Feel free to check out the all list of apps for accessing your own personal media documents on Roku’s network store. There are various other options you may prefer if you’re trying to find something completely cost-free.

Access Files Over the Network with Roku Media Player

The vlc cast to roku Media Player network can likewise connect to DLNA server on your neighborhood network as well as wirelessly stream videos and songs from them. If you’re using Windows, you can utilize the “Media streaming alternatives” control board to set up Windows to function as a DLNA server. You ought to after that have the ability to search the shared media files on your Roku as well as play them over the network– as long as your COMPUTER continues to be powered on.

Presuming the Roku and also your computer system are on the exact same local network, you’ll see DLNA servers show up along with USB devices when you open up the Roku Media Player network.

Play on Roku From Your Smartphone

The vlc cast to roku applications for smartphones like the apple iphone as well as Android phones provides a “Play on Roku” function. This allows you to play video clip and also music files saved on your phone over the network. Your Roku will certainly stream the documents from the phone onto your TV.

Play on Roku From Your Smartphone

To utilize this, mount the Roku app on your phone and also launch it. It will instantly situate the Roku on your Wi-Fi network. Select the “Play On” feature and also begin playing material on your Roku. Remember, these documents need to be offered on your phone.


So, which is the best technique? Well, if you simply want to get a data on your Roku with little fuss, the good, old-fashioned USB drive approach works well. You will not have to bother with network issues hindering your playback, either.

if you’re wanting to do this on a continuous basis, you may intend to take into consideration setting up Plex on your COMPUTER and attaching to it from your Roku. It is a slicker experience than using DLNA or the vlc cast to roku mobile phone application, and it won’t require hauling media files to and fro in between your computer and Roku using a USB drive.

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