Types of Visa that can be Requested Online and Price

There are several types of visa India, the ones that interest us is Indian e-visa for tourist, also (there are others for business, for medical personnel …). Here you can see all the prices, depending on your nationality and types.

These are the Types for India that we can Apply for:

  • 30-day (with two entries). Price of $ 25
  • 1-year (with multiple entry). Price of $ 40
  • 5-year (with multiple entry). Price of $ 80

Different Visa Types and Key Provision


  • Highly qualified individuals intending to seek employment
  • Maximum duration: 5 years or contract period, whichever is less extendable


  • Visiting India for business reasons.
  • Duration: 5 years (extendable)


  • To execute projects in the energy and steel sectors.
  • Duration: 1 year or for the actual duration of the project / contract

“X” / Entry

  • For accompanying families of foreign citizens.
  • Maximum duration: 5 years


  • Visiting India as a tourist
  • Maximum duration: 30 days (not extendable)


  • International seminars / seminars organized by the government / UPM / NGO
  • Maximum duration: duration of the conference


  • For travelers passing through India
  • Maximum duration: 15 days (not extendable)


  • Research search in any field.
  • Maximum duration: 5 years (extendable)


  • To seek medical treatment at recognized and specialized hospitals and treatment centers
  • Maximum duration: 1 year

Steps to Apply for the e-Tourist Visa from India

This is the process you have to go through in order to apply for online:

1. Enter the Official Website

The first thing to do is enter the official website of the country government to apply for it. Keep in mind that the website is in English, but if you follow our steps, there should be no doubt. You can also always use the translator that the browser offers you for Physical visa or e-visa India. Also you should know what the “differences between a physical visa and e-visa for India” before you go on a trip.

2. Fill in the Form with Personal Data

You will have to click on the “APPLY HERE FOR E-VISA” button, at the bottom right, and you will have to fill in 8 screens with your data:

  • Only the sections with an asterisk in red are necessary

3. Pay

When verifying the request you will arrive at the previous one to the payment gateway. In the first place they inform you that the price of this request is $ 25 (US dollars) which is then increased a little by a commission, and on this page they notify you that if there is a problem in the payment, they are not made responsible. Write down the identification number of your application (ID) and hit “PAY NOW”.

Then it will give us 3 options of payment gateways: Sbi e-pay, Paypal and Axis Bank. Disregarding Paypal, you can also chose Axis Bank because apparently it is more likely to work for those of us who apply for it from Europe. Apparently Sbi e-pay is recommended for those who do it from America.

You put the card details and proceed to the payment. If everything goes correctly, you will get a page notifying that the payment has been made correctly and you will be able to download a receipt. You will also receive an e-mail with the confirmation of payment and receipt of the request. From now on, we have to wait a period of 72 hours until they send us the approval.

Important: Updating the payment status in the payment status part of the website may take up to 2 hours. If you have had a problem in the payment and you are not sure if it has been made, it is recommended to wait those 2 hours before paying again.

4. To Keep in Mind

  • The fee for paying the electronic visa once the application is submitted is non-refundable, regardless of whether it is approved or not.
  • Confirm that the status of the ETA appears as “GRANTED” in the email they send you or in the profile with the status of the request on the website itself.
  • It is recommended to carry a copy of the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) on the trip.

India e-Tourist Visa Features:

  • Duration: 30 days from entry to the country
  • Tickets: double, so you can leave the country and re-enter once.
  • Possibility of extension: no
  • Process between 120 days and 4 days before the trip.
  • Price: $ 25 plus a commission.
  • Requirements: passport valid for at least 6 months, scan a photo and passport and pay.


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