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Top Mistakes in 3d Interior Design

3d visualization interior is a rather complicated process in which many people make mistakes.

The customer needs to make sure that the designer has grasped his ideological message – colorful verbal descriptions and freehand drawing will not be enough in this matter.  Volumetric modeling reveals all the failures hidden from our eyes in the drawings – moreover, it allows us to make any amendment to the project without unnecessary suffering for the artist.  We have compiled a list of possible errors when preparing 3D visualization.

Mistakes happen in all areas of activity, but what sets them apart is the price that has to be paid to eliminate the consequences.  For example, a driver’s mistake can lead to an accident, but a cashier’s defect, on the contrary, will not be so critical.  In this article, we will tell you about the most common errors in the 3D renderer and provide a short guide on how to avoid them.

Pose at the computer

The visualizer spends almost 80% of its working time in a sitting position.  Therefore, the posture in which a person sits is very important.  And this is the first mistake – the wrong posture.  Given the physiological characteristics of each person, there is simply no universal correct posture, however, there are a number of simple rules, adhering to which, a person will maintain healthy vision and a flexible spine:

  • The head should be at the level of the monitor;
  • The shoulders are lowered down and relaxed, that is, they should not feel tension after 5-10 minutes of work;
  • The back should rest entirely on the back of the chair, while the fulcrum starts just above the lumbar spine;
  • Hands should be bent at the elbows at an angle of approximately 90 degrees, while it is desirable that the elbows lie on the table or have other support;
  •  It is advisable to avoid any tension in the knee joints;
  • Feet should lie on the floor most of the time, but if you are short, you can put a footrest

It is very important to take breaks during prolonged sitting: get up, knead joints and ligaments.  Often, when immersed in the work on creating an impressive render, the renderer forgets about the importance of charging, so it will not be superfluous to have hourly reminders to get up and stretch.

Stretching or yoga classes have a positive effect – on any site dedicated to this topic, you can find many exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back and stretch the ligaments.  It is important to know that yoga is best done with a professional instructor – without this, there is a risk of getting stretched.


The word “disorder” and such a definition as “artistic” have long become an inseparable couple – in the same way, people in creative professions are categorically accused of addiction to chaos.  There is no smoke without fire, but (if you have already taken up 3D visualization), please do everything according to the algorithm.  For example, you don’t need to tweak the light at the geometry stage – after adding all the furniture, you will have to change the lighting anyway.

Senseless fascination with details

3d max is addictive – when you start to master this program, you want to test the boundaries of its capabilities.  Believe me, this approach only kills productivity.  You need to show the client the idea of   the interior, not the skill of using the tool.  It will be enough for the designer to know the operations of simple modeling based on splines and the extrusion and shape modifier.

By the way, excessive enthusiasm for details will also lead to the loss of invaluable (i.e. unpaid) time.


You don’t need to model every piece of furniture yourself – don’t do the ridiculous business.  Firstly, most manufacturers publish 3D models of their furniture for open access, and secondly, if you need exclusive items, you can always order the necessary 3D models from a 3d interior design company.  They will do it quickly and inexpensively.

Now you know what mistakes should not be made and you can easily avoid them.

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