Top 5 Math Software Used by Every Student

In today’s modern world, the way that we learn has evolved. Traditionally, learning was achieved mainly via textbooks. Now, students have access to computers and the internet. As a result, there is a great variety of software and websites you can use that make learning easier.

One such category is math software. These complex programs allow you to easily learn and complete a variety of math-related subjects without ever using a pen and paper! In this article, we look at five of the best maths software currently available for college and university students.

1. SageMath

SageMath is actually an open-source computer algebra program. We understand that algebra and other maths subjects can be tricky. This is why software like SageMath can really help and make math easier to learn at home.

Programs like the SageMath help service in math accommodate different types of learning. Regardless of what level of education you are studying, you can find math software to help. Students who are finding it difficult to solve algebra questions and problems can seek math help for college students to quickly understand how these subjects work. Topics that SageMath covers include calculus, algebra, advanced number theory, and numerical analysis, for example. It also has a useful notebook feature so that teachers can easily assess your work. This software works with popular web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

2. GeoGebra

Next, we have GeoGebra. This is a dynamic program that caters to all levels of math learning. The software is incredibly user-friendly and you will be able to learn a variety of important subjects quickly. It covers all the main math subjects such as graphics, statistics, algebra, and geometry. This software can also help you prepare for exams and has a range of mathematical calculators including a graphical calculator, and full scientific calculator.

We also like that it is available in over 20 different languages including Chinese, French, and German. This makes it great if you have a multilingual class.

3. Geometry Pad

As you would expect, Geometry Pad is an app specifically designed to understand mathematical geometry. However, it allows you to learn in a way that is fun and interesting.

The main part of the app allows you to create different geometrical shapes and have fun experimenting. However, you can also use a tape measure and angle measure to measure the various sides and angles of your shapes. Geometry Pad is great for iPad / tablet learning and suitable for lower levels of education as opposed to high school or university.

4. Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is possible one of the best-known learning apps currently available. It is suitable for college and high-school students and has a huge range of classes and subjects.

Math is the most widely covered subject on this app and you can easily use it to learn advanced subjects like number differentiation. This software is available for use on smartphones and tablets, and it utilizes a range of video-based courses for realistic learning.

We also like that students can easily track their progress through the courses and see what subjects they have learned.

5. Cadabra

Last, we have Cadabra. This is an advanced piece of math software that deals with a host of advanced subjects. For example, you can learn about string theory, tough algebraic problems, and even quantum theory.

If you are specializing in field theory and similar subjects, this open-source software is easily the best choice available. Due to the nature of the topics covered, this is geared towards higher-level learning at universities or even for scientific research.

It is completely free to use and is available to install on both Windows and Linux devices. Unfortunately, there is no macOS version available.

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