Tomtom Can’t Find GPS Signal Easy Steps to Fix Issue

This post will explain tomtom won’t find gps signal. GPS is one of the important systems used by tourists regularly to keep themselves upgraded with their present geographical area. Lots of business have supplied a great deal of Navigator devices to use for GPS functions. Amongst all these, Tomtom is among the well-known business that provide a great deal of GPS Navigator devices to pick from.

Tomtom GPS device can be utilized to assist you to an area with appropriate instructions. So, to direct you in the ideal instructions, Tomtom GPS devices depend upon a satellite signal. And if the signal is lost, then you will be shown with “Tomtom can’t find GPS signal” concern.

Tomtom Can’t Find GPS Signal Easy Steps to Fix Issue

In this article, you can know about tomtom won’t find gps signal here are the details below;

If you are dealing with the exact same issue and wish to repair it immediately, then this article will show helpful to you. Here we will be offering you the factors responsible for the concern to take place in addition to the solutions to fix this problem.

 Possible Cause for Tomtom Can’t Find GPS Signal Issue:

As you are aware of the event that the Tomtom GPS devices lock onto a single satellite continuously simply to receive GPS signals and therefore guiding you to the best destination. Therefore, you need to maintain to date with the GPS signals every now and then. Nevertheless, if you don’t upgrade, then the satellite that is supplying you signal might go out of reach, resulting in “Tomtom can’t find GPS signal”. Many users likewise reported that the issue is because of the option “Minutes (dm.m)” and altering it to “Degree” has actually solved the issue. Although these are not the best option to fix the concern. Also check Advantages of a sole proprietorship

 Here is How can you Fix the Tomtom can’t find GPS Signal Issue:

There are different Tomtom troubleshooter techniques that you can use to repair this issue. Besides, you can likewise inspect the few fundamental things such as the outdated software or any signal clog to solve the Tomtom can’t find GPS signal problem.

 – Signal Delay

This takes place when the Tomtom GPS device takes a while to lock on to the satellite. So, if you are not receiving any signals, then you need to wait till the device locks into the satellite and develops a connection to direct you to an offered location with the ideal instructions. How will you understand when such is taking place? Well, the driving view, as well as the location icon, will turn grey. Although, if you are a first time user or you have actually traveled to a destination without turning on the GPS device, then when you will turn on the device, you need to wait up until the connection is developed. Also check crm in telecom

 – Signal Blockage

You need to know that the Tomtom GPS device consists of a high-sensitive GPS antenna and can detect the satellite signals even under various conditions. Though, a strong blockage can still block the antenna to lock onto the satellite. And thus you face this problem. Therefore, in this case, you are recommended to look for the signal under a clear sky. The best means to do that is to move away from high buildings.

Numerous users have likewise reported the concern due to heat-reflecting or “athermic” windshields that continue obstructing the signal of the antenna to lock onto the satellite. Though you can check this by moving out of the car with the device, and move onto the car. After that, if the gadget loses the signal, then you may need to do something about the windshield of the automobile.

 – Software Updates

According to the maker, Tomtom, they said that this issue might take place due to out-of-date software or due to bugs or mistakes in the software of the device. To predict your location, the GPS device requires to be upgraded from time to time. Nevertheless, to upgrade the gadget’s software, you can use the TomTom’s MyDrive application or the TomTom Home application. And by utilizing that examine the status of the software and also update the software of the Tomtom GPS device. If you are thinking of how to get the applications, well the applications can be found in the CD that is supplied in package of the Tomtom GPS device. Besides, you can also download it from the official website of the Tomtom. Also check ecommerce data entry services 

 – Factory Reset

If none of the above options fixes the concern, then finally all you can do is to factory reset the Tomtom GPS gadget. Depending on the device you are using, you can merely go to the Settings. Then navigate to the “Reset” or “Reset Factory Settings” and click it. After that, follow the on-screen instructions to successfully reset the Tomtom GPS gadget.

Once done, now you can re-configure the settings of the device and check if the problem is repaired or not. Nevertheless, you require to understand that it may take up to 45minutes to acquire the signal of the satellite after the reset is done. For that goal, you have to secure that the gadget is having complete charge or connect it to a source of power.


That is all with the solution to fix the Tomtom can’t find GPS signal concern. Just you have to go through the instructions mentioned above. However, if the above options do not fix the issue, then you can connect with the experts. You can ask them for the easiest service to eliminate this mistake.

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