This Is How to Break the Ice When Meeting New Neighbors

Meeting new neighbors when you move to a new place can be tricky. It is important to create a first good impression to stay respected in the new community. A simple “How are you doing Ms/Mr? How is your day?” will suffice for most people. Others will expect a better introduction like “I am such and such. I moved to an apartment/flat this week. I don’t know about you. Would you like to come for a tea/coffee?”

Common IceBreakers

Psychologists often insist on keeping the first introduction as simple as possible. People get impressed by your cheerful smile and tidy appearance. “How are you doing today sir? My name is…. I moved here a couple of days ago,” does the trick enormously well.

If you know the name of the person through their home name board or the association or community, address the neighbors by their name. Another great way is to get introduced to the immediate neighbors through the previous homeowner.

Throwing a home party or a get-together, attending the church or making friends in the mall or gas station is the most common way people get introduced to new neighbors. Handing out your card when you do so will increase your authenticity. Here are some best phrases to use when you meet new people in such places.

  • Greet the neighbor with a smile, maintain eye contact and throw in a “Hello,” “how do you do?”
  • Continue with “Is the shop always crowded?”
  • “Do you come to church every week?”
  • “Is this your kid?”
  • “I am your new neighbor. Let me buy you a coffee.”

These phrases are a good alternative to the common, “how is the weather?” line. If you feel the person is friendly, focus on their interests like sports, crafts or the items in the cart to continue the conversation.

Uniting Against A Common Issue

Another easy way to break the ice is to complain about a service, a wobbly bathroom door or anything else that is out of place. By doing so, the opposite party feels someone is comprehending their feelings and you unite together against a common enemy making friends on one side. You can simply comment about bad traffic or the ever-increasing gas price to keep it simple and continue the conversation.

Using Appreciation

If you see a costly car in front of your neighbors’ yard, a well-maintained garden or a neatly dressed person, take time to show appreciation. Complements can be a great icebreaker. Some common phrases to use are listed below.

  • “I moved into that block… You have a really nice garden. I am so and so…”
  • “That’s a very pretty dress. Are you going to a party? I am new here. My name is…”
  • “You have a lovely name. Are you named after someone in your family?”
  • “I saw you have a -sports team- sticker on your bumper. They killed it last week, didn’t they?”

Elevator Pitches

Elevators are the most common places people living in an apartment meet on a daily basis. Here are some easy elevator icebreakers which will introduce you to people in a memorable way.

You can try this when you meet a group of people in an elevator. “Hi, I am XX. I moved to 3D yesterday. Nice to meet you all.”

Another common icebreaker is to ask for help in the elevator or a common area. People are obliged to help someone if they ask them directly. You can simply ask

  • “I am new here. My name is. Can anybody tell me which restaurant is good?”
  • “Is there a good cleaning service here?”
  • “Can you guide me towards the apartment association meeting hall?”

These simple icebreakers do the trick most of the time and at least two to three people will get introduced to you in the elevator.

If you know someone or the place they work, continue the conversation stating, “Oh that company! It is great to work there. My friend works there.” You can simply state, “are you a lawyer? Great job. I have plenty of friends in law.”

Worker-friendly Conversations

The best way to know about neighbors is to get friendly with the workers. If it is an apartment, get close with the apartment security, cleaners and other maintenance staff. Ask them their name, tell them about your flat and talk in general.

Ask “How is the job here? How long have you been working here?” Get to know about the neighbors through them. If it is a new street or a community, talk with the local shopkeepers or service providers in the area to know more about the neighbors in detail.

Make Safe Friends

Give high importance to security when you befriend a new person. Once you know their full name, check their authenticity through Nuwber. If you find out the neighbor is lying for some reason, be alert while mingling with them and inviting them to your place. Using Nuwber will actually help to find more information about your new neighbors to find common interests and topics to discuss.

Heed the warnings regarding the people to avoid in the area. If there is a specific WhatsApp group, a forum or a platform for street mates and apartment residents to connect, become a member of it.

Introduce yourself to everyone by sending a funny message or a quote and be active in the group until you familiarize with everyone. It is important to stay in touch to know what is happening in the community and stay connected.


Icebreaking with new neighbors can be hard initially. But it will be very beneficial if you take the first step. Starting with a “Good morning,” and escalating to “Nice watch. Where did you buy it?” will fetch you lots of friends in the neighborhood in no time. It is fun to make friends and a good icebreaker is a great way to introduce you as a cool person in the community.

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