The benefits of a landline number in marketing

Speaking about business success, it is extremely necessary to converse with your clients 24/7. If you own an enterprise, you need to support regular intercourse with your purchasers, clients, and providers. Your task is to make your biz as transparent, open, reliable as possible and to attract customers. To reach this aim, think about setting up a landline number. If you possess a landline number, you not only guarantee a constant connection with your purchasers but also demonstrate your presence on the local and international levels. Even if a great majority of your customers are unlikely to call, the simple existence of a landline number presents a level of credibility that customers want.

Why do you need a landline number?

Time flows and most companies are working online, but a landline number seems to be an integral part of almost all everyday operations. Despite your desire to avoid the telephone, it remains an important part of modern business communication. Consumers need it. It’s an essential trust signal to them. As the owner of the business, you need to maintain an ideal line of binding to reach everyone who matters to your outfit – even if that’s just you at the start.

You need a landline number for several reasons:

  1. First impression and trust
  2. Privacy
  3. Separation of business calls from your personal ones
  4. Location
  5. Greetings

More information about the benefits of using a landline number in marketing is here

First impression and trust

Nowadays there aren’t any businesses that exist without having a website and other marketing tools. If yes, can the purchasers deal with them? The answer is self-evident. The same impression is when your company doesn’t possess a landline number. Landline telephone numbers are widely used in marketing. Business is impossible without them. They are fundamental as marketing tools like business websites and flyers. Providing your company with a landline number is a part of your new business’s ‘first impression’. Furthermore, a business landline number establishes your organization in that location or region. It’s rather simple to set up a website, but it’s difficult to fake a landline telephone customer service. A company that makes it easy to phone and speak to a live person seems to be more trustworthy and reliable than one operating only online. All the customers and suppliers search for a landline number to try it when contacting an enterprise. The absence of one can make your organization seem untrustworthy and therefore allow your business to lose out on its profits. Make the contact point simple to recognize with a landline number as it’s more convenient and comfortable to use.


Holding a landline number is extremely vital in the age of anonymity. It can also help with privacy particularly for individual entrepreneurs, self-employed contractors and start-ups. If you used to solve problems and questions, make appointments and run operations only by yourself it can inevitably lead to the fact that you will have to answer the phone calls of your acquirers personally. So, the borders of your private and biz life can’t be clear. It’s always important to be a professional and a digital landline number can do that by having just a separate line to deal with business matters.

Separation of business calls from your personal calls

First of all, you as a manager of a company should always provide a constant everyday connection between your acquirers, clients, purchasers and the staff using a landline number during a working day. If you don’t want to be always disturbed by your clients you need to separate your job from your personal life with the help of a landline number.


There is hardly an outfit that doesn’t demand a landline number. Nevertheless, there is a facet of biz phones which you didn’t pay your attention to. It lies in the fact that your landline number must be connected with the geographical position of your enterprise or trading activity. And do not hesitate in the mental abilities of your customers. It seems suspicious when outfits make use of a landline number in a definite place but the website shows that they are based in another one. There is no doubt that nobody will trust you anymore and it will represent the company in a negative light. So, don’t save funds for your bunch and benefit from your personal phone calls. You should use your mobile phone number only for your private necessities. It is better to invest your funds into getting a landline phone which is territorially joined to your firm.


It is necessary to mention that a landline number is obligatory for this or that corporation as it prevents its proprietors from wasting their money and time. Nowadays it has become popular not to employ full-time receptionists to answer plain calls. In brief, a landline number not only saves your funds and time but also creates a wonderful corporate image. As for answering your calls, most landline numbers use mobile apps so you can contact your acquirers from your mobile device at any time you want. A virtual receptionist can also be used for customer services and set up with custom messaging even if you are busy or have a break. Voicemail to email service will help you to distinguish and sort the information. It is better than listening to audio messages during the whole day.


To sum everything up, possessing a landline number is necessary for keeping in touch with the people who are interested in your business. This can also be used to raise brand awareness and demonstrate the professionalism of your business upfront without being in contact with the customer. The public tends to trust landline telephone numbers more than mobile phones and tends to expect this when getting in contact with a business. Even if you don’t want to set up a landline number, you need to do it because it is a sign for your clients that your business is reliable and trustworthy. In any case you and your commerce will benefit.

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