The 6 Major Benefits Of Cloud Computing

The concept of cloud computing was developed as a way for individuals and organizations to store information and data without the need for a hard drive. A few years ago, people used to use appropriate storage devices, such as memory sticks, or even the hard drive on a PC to save all information. Evidently, this causes certain issues as data becomes susceptible to being lost.

Switching to cloud computing measures to store data is a smart move as it comes with a few benefits for both individuals as well as businesses. This article will provide you with the six major benefits of cloud computing, in case you are wondering whether this would be the most appropriate option for you.

1. Increased Security

One of the main benefits of cloud computing is security. There are so many different issues when it comes to information being stored in a hard drive, as this can easily be stolen by third parties. Cybercrimes are on the rise along with the development of technology, and it is only right that individuals and organizations feel the need to add extra security and find measures to protect themselves and their data. Saving information to the cloud reduces the likelihood of it being accessed by those who do not have permission. People tend to feel more secure knowing they have an in-house system that they know it’s safe, but the main responsibility of a cloud host is to closely monitor security, making this one of the best ways to protect any sensitive data.

2. Cost Savings

Saving costs is a priority for many individuals, and it is also the main concern when it comes to deciding whether to adopt cloud computing measures as a way to store the data. It can be fairly expensive to put this into place, but when you consider the advantages this has, you will see that it is worth the initial costs. In the long run, it will save up money. Most programs are pay-as-you-go deals, so you can pay for it for as long as you need it.

3. More Flexibility and Mobility

With the increase in remote working, having an option to store data in a way where authorized individuals can access is essential. The mavens behind NetSuite by Liberate I.T. suggest that having increased flexibility and mobility means that there is no limit as to how much data you can save, which is great for businesses. This also means that individuals can obtain information via any type of device, including smartphones.

4. Loss Prevention

As you can imagine, if you save all of your data into one device or hard drive, there is a high likelihood of data getting lost. This is another great benefit of cloud computing, as you will be able to prevent this from happening. If you do not invest in a cloud-computing way to store your data, your data heavily relies on the hard drive and this can make it vulnerable. Using conventional data storage measures may seem like the appropriate thing to do but imagine if you lose the computer or the device where the data is stored – all information saved on here will be lost permanently. This happens commonly due to viruses, malfunctions of the device, or a simple human error.

5. Sustainability

The impact our behavior has on the environment can be highly detrimental. It is only fair that we take into consideration how we can minimize the deterioration of our planet, even if through smaller actions. In the last decades, there has been an increase in pollutants and issues around the globe. For this reason, measures to protect the planet have had to increase. Once upon a time, many businesses used the availability of appropriate bins where people could dispose of papers, storage devices, and other confidential waste. This is something that is not required with cloud computing systems. If you care about the environment and reduce your carbon footprint (as you should!) you will be pleased to know that this method is a more green way to store your files. There are no physical files or additional waste from this method, as everything is saved electronically. Expert environmental studies suggest that data energy center consumption should reduce by 31%, solely due to businesses and individuals switching to cloud computing as data storage options.

6. Automatic Software Updates

For those with so many different tasks on their daily to-do list, this will certainly be a major benefit. No matter what you do and how you work, software updates are essential. You will like to know that if you have a cloud computing system, the software updates itself rather than requiring the IT department to complete this manually.

Automatic Software Updates

If you are considering cloud computing, make sure to know more about this. This page should provide you with the four major benefits of cloud computing, but there are many other reasons anyone will benefit from this.

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