Best 10 Software Companies In Georgia

Best Software companies in Georgia will be described in this article. What Is the Purpose of These Software Development companies?

Our mission is to link individuals with the best professionals in their area. We ranked Atlanta Software Development Companies based on more than 25 factors in five categories, then evaluated the data to come up with a hand-picked list of the finest.

Best 10 Software Companies In Georgia

Best 10 Software Development Companies in Georgia are explained here.

1.3i People

3i People

3i People is a custom software developer based in the Atlanta metro area that conducts global commercial activities. It assists clients in the development of software for web-based solutions and employs consultants who are familiar with Java and VB scripting languages, Oracle, and a variety of web servers and net applications. It has produced accounts receivable management systems for business clients in the past. Other areas of interest include IT staff augmentation, network and offshore services, and mobile app development. Also check car rental software

2.Band of Coders

Band of Coders

Band of Coders collaborates with corporate leaders and industry experts. Atlanta is home to two of its offices. Designing prototypes and launching software applications are among the company’s offerings. It also hires employees to help with internal operations. It has been assisting clients in turning their ideas into tangible goods for the past 20 years. Its staff consists of product managers, software architects, and engineers who work to the customers’ specifications. Yamaha, FX, and ExamMed have all collaborated with Band of Coders. This is another Software companies in Georgia.



Configero is an Atlanta-based software development firm that specialises in custom software solutions for fast-growing businesses. It has specific expertise in software that uses cloud technology to facilitate sales and associated needs, as well as software that improves the speed and efficiency of regular corporate operations. Configero also assists clients with complicated integration projects, such as connecting to external systems and processes. Data transfer and integration, virtual support, and advisory services for sales and business process evaluation are among the company’s main areas of concentration.

4.KMS Technology

KMS Technology

This is another Software companies in Georgia. Software development, testing solutions, and consulting services are all offered by KMS Technology. KMS, based in Atlanta with locations in California and Vietnam, seeks to accelerate the delivery of innovative software solutions through a customer-centric approach that allows businesses to focus on their core business while speeding to market. QASymphony, Katalon, and Kobiton are just a few of the software companies that KMS has incubated and launched. Cloud-based development, mobile application growth, and digital transformation are examples of software development services.

5.M16 Marketing

M16 Marketing

M16 Marketing is an Atlanta-based web design and marketing agency. It focuses on making HTML5 apps that are both practical and visually appealing, as well as upgrading existing online interfaces. It provides web application development, upgrade, and management services for a variety of businesses. The firm’s enterprise web solutions help clients create scalable and enterprise web applications that are tailored to their specific requirements. It also assists businesses in gathering and analysing vast volumes of data, as well as providing customised e-commerce solutions. Also check handyman software

6.My Web Programmer

My Web Programmer

My Web Programmer is a software and website development agency situated in Atlanta that works with businesses of all kinds. The company creates mobile and web-based apps for its clients using technologies like Joomla, Magento, and Python to improve user experiences and increase productivity and income. Its developers have worked on apps for iOS, Android, and WordPress, among other platforms. My Web Programmer has worked for a number of different companies, including a well-known tax preparation firm. This is another Software companies in Georgia.



Softensity is a custom software developer based in the Atlanta metro area that was founded in 1997. It employs a staff of diversified programmers and engineers who are well-versed in all main technologies and is solely focused on software development. Its custom development services allow companies to construct software that meets their company objectives while also obtaining advice on best practises. Softensity also creates software for cloud-based applications and has worked on data science and analytics projects as well as Internet of Things initiatives.



This is another Software companies in Georgia. Soltech is a custom software company based in Atlanta that was founded in 1998. It collaborates with a variety of commercial clients to produce software that meets their operational requirements while also providing business, creative, and technical services to ensure comprehensive support throughout the development process. Soltech provides flexible services that enable clients to personalise software solutions as well as the development process. This developer is familiar with database and cloud technologies and works within practically every standard framework. It also creates apps for mobile devices.



Specbee is a web development firm based in Atlanta with a New York branch. It specialises in creating and designing custom websites that help clients grow their businesses. Building online apps and websites with Drupal, as well as maintaining existing sites, are among the company’s enterprise web development services. Adobe Experience Manager services help clients’ teams to offer personalised digital experiences across numerous channels, while Adobe User Experience Design services improve interactions between customers and their digital presence.

We Got Code is an Atlanta-based software development firm. It develops business software to assist clients in increasing productivity, decreasing errors, and increasing transparency. Its senior development team collaborates with clients to create software for desktop, online, and mobile platforms. It specialises in Azure Cloud hosting services and has worked with.NET core, Microsoft.NET, Web API, and MVC. South Eastern Networking, Messina Group, and Simple Insight are some of the clients We Got Code has worked with. This is another Software companies in Georgia. Also check fashion design software 

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