Best 17 Handyman Software With The Highest Ratings

Best handyman apps with the highest ratings will be described in this post. Managing a handyman business may be difficult, so everything that will help you operate it more efficiently and successfully should be considered. Thankfully, there are a slew of apps that can help you accomplish just that.

We’ve put together a list of the finest handyman applications on the market to help you run your handyman business more efficiently. Here’s a list of the finest handyman apps for iOS and Android for operating your business, finding new tasks, and building out your digital toolkit, from client administration and accounting to lead generation tools and stud finders.

The greatest handyman apps to help you get things done around the house

Apps to help you run and organise your handyman company

It shouldn’t be too difficult to run and organise your company. You can use a variety of apps to communicate with customers, book jobs, log mileage, and manage administrative and financial responsibilities, among other things.



1. Handyman Job Kit

Handyman Job Kit

Free online desktop utility that is mobile-friendly.

Jobber’s handyman toolbox was created to assist you in growing and running a profitable handyman business. It’s especially beneficial for startups that are still in the early stages of growth. Job Toolkit is used by professional handymen to: • create faster, more accurate estimates • schedule projects and dispatch personnel or contractors • create invoices and receive payments • keep track of job and client information in one spot (CRM)

Get your handyman invoice template for free.



Starting at $29 per month for iOS, Android, and PC

Try Jobber’s handyman software if you’re more established in your business and looking for something a little more complicated.

If you’ve never used field service software, think of it as a one-stop handyman for everything you need to run your business, from receiving new work orders to maintaining client information (CRM), scheduling services, invoicing, and collecting payments. Your business will run more easily with the Jobber mobile app, which allows you to work from anywhere.

Use Jobber’s handyman software to: • Schedule your projects and crew members • Reschedule on the move with the Jobber mobile app • Organize customer information and history (CRM)

  • Automate customer communications and follow-ups • Route jobs using GPS tracking and send your crew to the next job
  • Attach detailed images and notes to jobs and client accounts • Send clients on my way text messages and appointment reminders

Integrate QuickBooks Online invoicing •

Collect payments both online and in person, and keep track of bills that haven’t been paid.



Free trial for 30 days

QuickBooks is an accounting software programme that allows you to keep track of spending, payments, payroll, and a range of other financial activities. It’s great for handymen with established businesses who need to keep track of: • Client payments • Contractor or employee payments • Financial reports • Home repair and handyman service costs, such as gas, materials, or components

Quickbooks may be used on the web as well as on Android and iOS devices, such as your iPhone or iPad. Plus, because QuickBooks and Jobber are integrated, you can use both to handle all of your handyman accounting needs.

4.Google Workspace


Google Workspace

All of the Google resources you’ll need to run your handyman business are included in Google Workspace, including: • Drive • Docs • Sheets • Gmail • Calendar • Meet • Forms

For organisations with the time to track and handle their own administrative and financial chores, Google Workspace is an excellent solution. You can use it to produce your own invoices and spreadsheets by hand, as well as to setup a professional email account to communicate with clients and track service calls. Also check association management software

You can use individual Google apps for free, such as Drive, Gmail, and Docs, or you can pay $6 per month for Workspace as a bundle.



On the desktop, iOS, and Android, it’s completely free.

You spend a-lot of time driving to and from houses as a handyman. And the amount of money you have to spend on gas has a direct impact on the amount of money you make from a certain employment. GasBuddy is an awesome app that tracks gas prices at local stations and notifies you when and when they are at their lowest.

It also has a trip cost estimator, which you can use to budget for jobs before you start them.



For up to 40 drives every month on iOS and Android, it’s free.

MileIQ is a distance tracking programme that can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play, and the PC. It keeps track of your drives for you and allows you to classify them fast and effortlessly.

Swipe right to identify a drive as business-related, such as an appliance repair or plumbing work, or swipe-left to classify drives as personal, such as errands or a family excursion, if you’re using the app.

7. FleetSharp


Apps are readily available for iOS and Android and are free with the purchase of a device.

It’s critical for handymen who hire employees or contractors to maintain track of their employees during the workday so they know where they are and whether they are arriving at job sites on time. FleetSharp is a GPS fleet tracking programme that tells you where your vehicles are and how well they’re driving at any given time.

FleetSharp allows you to manage larger teams with full calendars without having to interrupt them with phone calls or texts while they’re working on gutter cleaning or furniture assembly. If you need to contact a driver, you can use the app to send them a message.

8. Profit Margin Calculator

Profit Margin Calculator

On the desktop, iOS, and Android, it’s completely free.

Both seasoned and rookie handyman business owners will benefit from the Jobber 3-in-1 Profit Margin Calculator. You can use it to get three simple calculations to assist you:

  • Set higher charges for more profitable services • Stick to your budget • Include a markup in your prices

To gain access to the calculator webpage, fill in your information and store it to your favourites so you can use it on the go.

Apps for obtaining jobs and marketing your handyman company

One of the most crucial aspects of starting and growing a handyman service is finding assignments and building a client base. TaskRabbit, Angi, and Handy are just a few of the apps that can help you generate new leads and close more jobs.


TaskRabbitA $25 one-time fee is required.

Clients use TaskRabbit to post tiny, one-time projects like flat-pack furniture assembly, simple repair services, lawn care, basic carpentry tasks, and hanging televisions and mirrors. TaskRabbit, on the other hand, isn’t just for handymen. Taskers include anything from cleaners and landscapers to plumbers and electricians, as well as makeup artists, dog trainers, and massage therapists. This is another handyman software.

You can build a profile for clients to check, which will explain your abilities and expertise, pricing, and reviews, in addition to reviewing projects and bidding on the ones that suit what you offer as a handyman. Depending on your location, TaskRabbit is a reasonably inexpensive way to join and generally has a selection of assignments appropriate to handymen.



Fees are determined by the type of membership chosen.

Another lead generation site that handymen might utilise to discover new clients is Angi (previously Angie’s List). Angi, unlike TaskRabbit, concentrates on household services such as appliance repair, debris removal, and other handyman jobs. Also check fashion design software 

Angi’s platform caters to competent specialists with extensive experience in their field, whether it’s window cleaning or a home repair job. It’s much expensive lead generation platform than TaskRabbit, but the jobs are geared to residential, home service tasks, so you’ll be able to find more assignments that match your handyman talents and experience. This is another handyman software.

3. Handy


This is another handyman software. Handy is a handyman-oriented app. The Handy app is focused on chores that are best suited for domestic handymen, such as small painting projects and light fixture installation. It connects customers with service providers and manages vetting, payments, and reservations.

To utilise Handy, you must first apply to become a pro and meet specific criteria, such as having paid work experience in the services you intend to provide.

Handy is free to use, but cancellations, rescheduling assignments, and a background check can cost you money.

4. Thumbtack

ThumbtackThis is another handyman software. Thumbtack, like other lead generation apps, connects customers with service providers. Handymen, carpenters, movers, HVAC technicians, and other professions such as photographers and caterers will find work here. To use it, you must first build a profile, then be matched with possible clients, discuss job details, and then get employed.

You pay per lead when you use Thumbtack.

The best handyman apps for your smartphone

Applications that help you plan and operate your business are fantastic, but did you know there are also apps that help you with repairs, maintenance, and other handyman tasks?

Apps that assist with measuring, levelling, and other tasks, for example, are available. These are especially useful if you’re on the job and don’t have access to a specific tool.

1. Measure


Free measuring applications for Android and iOS employ augmented reality to precisely record digital measures. If you’ve forgotten your tape measure or don’t have a ruler on hand, these are a good substitute.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, Measure comes preinstalled on your device. If you have an Android device, you may download a number of apps from Google Play, including AR Ruler App and Ruler.

2. Bubble Level

Bubble Level

A level is essential for every handyman, but if you forget yours, a bubble level app will suffice.

A level is included in the free Measure software that comes preinstalled on your iPhone or iPad on Apple devices. Look for the free of cost Bubble Level app on Google Play for Android devices.

3. Stud finder

Stud finderIf you don’t have a stud finder in your toolkit, you can use an app. The App Store and Google Play both include a wide range of free and premium apps. On Android, you can use this stud finder app or this highly-rated stud finder app from Google Play. Stud Finder is the most popular app on iOS. There are a number of free solutions available. This is another handyman software.

Stud finder apps detect metal, wood, and wiring using a sensor in your phone, which is great for mounting TVs and hanging portraits.



As a handyman, you perform a wide range of activities on a regular basis. When you start a new job, it’s safe to say you don’t always know what you’re getting yourself into, which is where YouTube comes in.

How-to videos for a variety of handyman activities may be found on YouTube, including appliance repairs, painting and staining, curtain installation, landscaping, and more.

If you’re stuck and don’t know what to do, YouTube is a fantastic resource for finding ideas, advice, and how-to instructions for practically any task. Also check car rental software

It is completely free to create a YouTube account.

5.DEWALT Mobile Pro

DEWALT Mobile Pro

DEWALT Mobile Pro is an app for handymen. It includes a range of construction calculators for estimating the materials you’ll need for a work, such as paint or wood, as well as ebooks and digital resources for on-the-job assistance. This is another handyman software.

DEWALT mobile pro is available for download and use at no cost.

Which handyman apps are the best?

Apps are one of the finest methods to keep your handyman business profitable while keeping it running smoothly. Apps assist your business and make it easier to manage and organise your duties, whether they’re big or small, with everything from accounting and customer administration to lead generation platforms and digital tools.

However, you don’t have to download all of these apps at once. Begin with the fundamentals to determine what you require and what you may be missing from your digital toolset.

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