Top 10 Best Social Media Contest Tools in 2022

Best and most popular social media contest tools will b described in this article. Looking for a really easy but powerful contest solution? Look at Gleam Are you trying to find the greatest social media contest website to expand your internet business? One of the best methods to boost sales, engagement, and expand your social media following is through social media contests and giveaways. For instance, the Dutch cosmetics business Trind held a contest for their manicure kit. They produced more than 900 new leads in just two weeks. Giveaways, raffles, and sweepstakes are examples of social contests, and they typically provide their target audience with a lot of value. The greatest social media contest tools and apps for use in your company are being compared in this post.

Summary of the top social media contest platforms and apps

For the majority of users, SweepWidget is the finest contest app. It supports 30+ social media platforms and more than 90 entry methods.There is also a free plan included. Include your SweepWidget on any blog page. Incorporates a specific WordPress plugin. The finest contest app for teams is ShortStack. It supports a variety of contest formats.

Use it to make landing pages for email campaigns, picture contests, and other types of contests.

For content marketers that want to run contests and make use of additional interactive content kinds like calculators, quizzes, chatbots, and more, Outgrow is the perfect option.

The prevalence of people will be able to use the aforementioned tools, but I advise reading the rest of the post to pick the best tool for you.

To help you decide if one of these tools is perfect for you, keep in mind that each one either provides a free trial or a free plan.

Top 10 Best Social Media Contest Tools in 2022

Top 10 Best Social Media Contest Tools in 2022 are explained here.

1. SweepWidget


The effective online contest tool SweepWidget provides 90+ different entry method kinds on 30+ social media sites.

Growing your likes, follows, shares, and user engagement across essentially all major platforms is made simple by them.

You can hold the following competitions:

  • Competitions for viral sharing; • Giveaways for social media growth
  • Instant coupons/rewards competitions; • Leaderboard competitions
  • Milestone initiatives

Create contests using their simple drag-and-drop builder.

SweepWidget offers a sophisticated design editor and a bespoke CSS builder for those of you who value aesthetics.

Once your contest is prepared, you can integrate it straight into your blog or website or utilise a free hosted landing on Sweepwidget.

With marketing automation and email marketing tools, SweepWidget provides over 20 API connectors.

For example, Mailchimp, Mailerlite, and Aweber are included.

Additionally, they feature native APIs and API connectors for Stripe, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Tracking Pixel, and Zapier.

It’s easy to keep track of and address all of your entries using SweepWidget.

You can manually choose winners or choose them at random. You can also disqualify or delete entries and export all user data to a CSV file.

Aside from that, the advanced analytics portal allows you to view and modify specific user behaviours.

A free plan with unlimited entries is offered by SweepWidget.

The pro plan, which starts at $29 a month, includes more features.

Overall, SweepWidget offers all the features you could possibly require at a very low cost.

2. Shortstack


Consider using Shortstack if you’re looking for a strong all-in-one tool to manage your social media contests. Everything from Facebook giveaways to Instagram and Twitter hashtag contests can be run. With the aid of Shortstack, Great Lakes ran a Facebook contest that attracted over 200,000 entries, enabling them to increase the number of their Facebook fans by 200% in just three weeks.

Additionally, Shortstack can be used with other websites like Pinterest and Instagram. To help you create your giveaway campaign, there are over 90 templates and 30 themes, drag-and-drop functionality that even non-techies can use, and the option to use custom URLs to match your branding.

Shortstack is a solid alternative for your social contests because it also offers in-depth analytics, verified voting, and the ability to limit voting.

Depending on your objective, you can boost participation by giving your participants more opportunities to win when they invite a friend.

Or, if you want to gather leads, you can ask participants to provide details like their email address or the state they reside in.

Additionally, Shortstack offers an action-gate feature that enables you to expand your list by requiring participants to take an action in exchange for a discount or entry, such as providing their email address.

Shortstack is a flexible and simple approach to develop your brand and get to know your audience since it allows you to advertise your campaign across a number of platforms, including social media, your blog, and email – and across any appliance. This is another social media contest tools.

Shortstack is an all-in-one tool because it lets you build landing pages and has a tonne of other capabilities to make sure your campaigns are successful.

Your social media goals inform the plans.

You can use all the features unrestricted in the business plan during a free trial.

Paid plans start at $99 per month and increase in price based on usage.

3. Outgrow


Use Outgrow as a giveaway and social media contest tool if you want something versatile.

It not only makes it simple to organise social media freebies and contests, but it can also create other interactive content like calculators, tests, chatbots, and more.

With the help of Outgrow’s Development Studio, a fully customizable drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editor, you may quickly launch a giveaway or contest.

Additionally, you can be confident that you’ll start driving traffic and leads to your website right away thanks to the over 1000 pre-optimized templates at your disposal.

The build, configure, and analyse tabs of their editor are the three main sections.

Build gives you the option of starting from scratch or using a pre-made template, but it also offers you the possibility to incorporate your brand identity into your giveaways and social media contests by adding your logo, brand colours, assets, and fonts to your content.

With a variety of SEO settings, email information to users or yourself, the configuration of connectors with other applications like Active Campaign, Hubspot, and Drip, embed settings, and more, Configure focuses on maximising your giveaway or competition.

Last but not least, the analyse tabs allow you to view the analytics for your social media contest or giveaway.

Currently, 4 plans are offered, each with varying levels of access.

They have a free plan with fewer features, which is excellent for independent small businesses.

You’ll need the $25–$85/month Freelancer or Startup plan for more features and leads per year.

A 7-day free trial is offered for each plan.

4. Wishpond


Wishpond is a terrific option if you want to raise your company’s lead generation game and need a platform that can handle social contests as well as email marketing and more.

It’s a cost-effective all-in-one marketing platform that may aid in lead generation, lead nurturing, and—most importantly—the conversion of leads into sales.

Wishpond offers a lot to offer in terms of social contests, prizes, and promotions.

It offers a variety of different contest categories and allows users to create an endless number of social promotions.

There are 12 different sorts of contests in all, some of them are well-known social media contest forms including photo and Instagram hashtag contests. This is another social media contest tools.

Sweepstakes, coupon giveaways, and other more inventive contests can all be made with Wishpond.

Additionally, Wishpond offers a large number of templates that are optimised, making it simple to develop and produce social media promos that appear professional.

You can use Wishpond to follow the performance of your contests after they go live and to produce detailed reports.

In addition to social media marketing, Wishpond can assist you with lead management, email marketing campaign creation, and automation.

Both a helpful funnel builder and an easy-to-use landing page builder are included with Wishpond.

Utilize the payment, popup, and form tools to enhance your customer experience and boost conversions.

Prices for Wishpond start at at $49 per month for up to 1000 leads. For annual plans, Wishpond further provides a 14-day free trial.

5. Gleam


Gleam provides a more feature-rich contest and sweepstakes app than services like Rafflecopter.

You may be confident that any contest you run using Gleam will lead to development of some type.

Launching a contest with Gleam will assist you in achieving your objectives, whether they be to advance your email list or social media following.

With its drag and drop feature, adding entry methods is quick and easy.

They offer a variety of entry techniques, so choose the type of entries you want and arrange them however you like.

The fact that each activity a user does on Gleam is verified, in contrast to many other sites, is one of its distinguishing features.

Users’ completion of the required activities for your contest is tracked by Gleam.

By eliminating the need to search through entries that don’t meet all the standards, this assists you in getting qualified data and saves you time.

Since certain entries simply only one click, completing a Gleam form is faster for the participant than completing other forms.

For instance, if tweeting about the giveaway is one of the requirements, all it takes is one click to finish. Other forms need you to wait for a pop-up or to copy and paste a URL.

You can choose to make certain of your entry actions repeated every day if you like. Allowing your members to tweet or share on Facebook each day will earn them more points, which you may use to reward them.

You can also upload a YouTube video using Gleam to make your website more engaging by letting visitors see what they could win or how to enter your competition.

Here is an illustration of the giveaway form:

This is another social media contest tools. Gleam has a WordPress plugin that can assist you if you want to host the giveaway on your WordPress website. This makes including the form on your website simple. Four apps are offered by Gleam: Competitions, Rewards, Galleries, and Captures. These can be purchased separately for between $10 and $29 every month. The total price of the package is $97 per month (discounts available for yearly subscription).

6. Vyper


You may organise a variety of social media contests using the referral marketing platform Vyper, including: • Viral Contests/Giveaways • User Generated Range • Milestone Contests • Leaderboard Contests

The really simple contest builder by Vyper.

You may rapidly create a campaign, alter the aesthetic, and decide how you want your contest to appear (landing page, widget or embed).

The entire platform has been created to increase your traffic, customer base, email leads, and referrals.

Additionally, it is distinctive in how it interacts with contestants.

You may set “bonus actions” to reward users for sharing, loving, following, and referring, as well as generate a variety of awards (such as first place, a random winner, milestones, etc.).

Additionally, Vyper is useful for running pre-launch campaigns, loyalty campaigns, ambassador programmes, and more in addition to contests.

You may combine the platform with your online store (like Shopify) to track both leads and sales made there.

Vyper offers up to 30,000 leads per month for a starting price of $149.

7. Woorise


Woorise is an additional all-inclusive application that enables users to design social competitions and a variety of other lead generation initiatives. This is another social media contest tools.

You may build a variety of social contests using Woorise, including Instagram contests and giveaways, Facebook contests, and Twitter contests.

It can also be used to organise competitions on unofficial social media sites like Twitch and Youtube.

Woorise offers users the ability to build surveys and quizzes in addition to contest creation tools for lead generation. You may do this to increase conversion rates, learn more about your audience, and nurture leads. Additionally, Woorise includes a potent landing page builder that can support the hosting of your giveaways.

The landing page builder employs a straightforward drag-and-drop editor that makes it incredibly simple to quickly construct landing pages that are professional and highly effective.

Additionally, it has a helpful bio-link feature that is ideal for Instagram promotion. Woorise is an excellent choice for agencies because it enables you to set up distinct workspaces to manage various accounts for brands and clients.

This app is much more than a straightforward competition app, as you can see. Woorise offers a free plan with contests and up to 5000 monthly submissions.Paid plans begin at at $23 per site per month.

8. Rafflecopter


One of the simplest and fastest modes to launch your contest is with Rafflecopter. Both huge brands and solopreneurs use it because of its reliability and ease of use. A giveaway may be started in less than three minutes, and it’s simple to integrate into your website.

Simply copy the code, paste it, and choose where to display the widget. For instance, this is how it appears on your blog: With one-click interaction with all the well-liked social media networks, rewarding your contest is simple.

You can give participants several ways to enter your contest and you can give these options different weights.

For instance, if one of your ideals is to increase your Twitter following, you may give contestants who follow you on Twitter extra credit by giving them three entries rather than one.

Rafflecopter makes it simple to test out their service and see whether it works for your business by providing a free trial of their Basic, Grow, or Premium plans.

For Facebook contests targeted at your Facebook audience, you can also use Rafflecopter on your Facebook page. This is another social media contest tools.

The Basic plan is only $13/month and includes all the features of the free plan while allowing prize photos on your form.

You must choose the Grow plan ($43/month) or Premium ($84/month), which both include analytics and remove the Rafflecopter logo, if you want one-click email list integration.

9. Agorapulse


Although Agorapulse functions as a social media contest platform, it is best recognised as a social media management tool.

Including a CRM, Facebook apps, and an analytics package to support the expansion of your firm. This product stands out for having a thorough reporting system.

Agorapulse is much more user-friendly and designed to concentrate on your key metrics if you are familiar with Facebook analytics and their administration tools.

Along with insights into the ideal posting days and hours and the media types that generate the highest levels of engagement, there is a ROI calculation.

You can choose from a quiz, photo contest, or sweepstakes for your Facebook page if you’re interested in directing a social contest with Agorapulse. You can test out their Timeline contest for free.

Try the Pro plan, which has a 10,000 participant cap and costs €79/month when paid annually, if you want more features and Facebook apps.

You must choose the Premium plan, which costs €159 per month, if you want an unlimited number of participants.

10. Woobox  


Woobox is excellent if your marketing plan includes Facebook contests, along with Shortstack. But, Woobox is also excellent for other popular social platforms including Vine, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. This is another social media contest tools.

You can get started with pre-made campaigns like personality tests, polls, coupons, sweepstakes, and more. Setting up your social contest is simple. Drag-and-drop functionality in Woobox makes it easy to modify your campaign and incorporate branding components like your marketing image. You may customise the message that is published on Twitter or Facebook when people enter your giveaway or contest in the dashboard. Here is how it appears on your Facebook page after it has been created: Similar to Wishpond, you’ll have access to your data while your contest is active to assist you optimise your campaign’s promotion. Woobox provides four paid plans in addition to a free, limited plan. You must subscribe to the Standard plan, which costs $32 per month, in order to obtain unlimited participants and campaigns (billed annually). The two most expensive options include access to all features and five team members with no limit.

Choosing the best social media contest tools

Running a social media contest is a wonderful method to increase brand recognition and generate buzz for your company. They are also excellent for generating leads. Your demands and objectives will determine which social contest tool is best for creating and managing your material. SweepWidget will be the best choice for the majority of users. The platform is quite feature-rich and makes it simple to add giveaways to blogs. Due to their free plan, it is also perfect for individuals who require a free giveaway app. Consider using Shortstack if you require a contest software that enables you to design specific landing pages for your contests. Although it is somewhat expensive, it is a great platform that makes running contests, raffles, and other contest kinds simple. It allows for contests with videos, hashtags, and more. A versatile platform called Outgrow offers a wide range of interactive content formats, such as contests and tests.

For content teams and marketers trying to create a broad content strategy, this makes it the perfect option.

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