TOP 13 Best Snagit Alternatives In 2022

Best free snagit alternative will be explained in this article. So, you’re sitting at your computer and need to take a fast screenshot. So, what exactly do you do? Do you merely buy Snagit because you’ve been forced to by the internet for years? Or are you accommodating to roll up your sleeves and hunt for a free Snagit alternative?

Snagit is a screen recorder that includes an image screen capture tool, a snipping tool, and video/audio recording features. But here’s the thing: there are a slew of other free (and, dare we say, even better) alternatives to Snagit.

Is Snagit available for free?

Let’s get this out of the course right away: SNAGIT DOES NOT HAVE A FREE VERSION.

We’re not sure why you’d have to pay for a tool as basic as screen capture, but Snagit is only available as part of a premium package.


Best free 13 snagit alternative are explained here.



Screenrec is a capable alternative to Snagit for Windows (the most recent versions of Windows 10, 8, and 7) as well as Linux & Mac. It works as a screenshot capture tool as well as a screen recording programme. Screenrec, which is powered by StreamingVideoProvider, uses a complex algorithm to upload your recording to the cloud in real time. As a result, as momentarily as you finish recording, you’ll receive an instantly shareable link.

The user interface is quite simple. Opening the programme, selecting your capture area, and tapping a button is all it takes to capture screencasts or screenshots. It has a simple but effective screenshot annotation tool that allows you to add comments, draw rectangles and arrows, and type text.

You can choose to record audio from a microphone, your system, or both. Yes, both of them! Screenrec is the finest free alternative to Snagit because of this, as well as the option to record endless videos for free.

Screenrec is the finest snagit alternative since it does so much more than Snagit (and for free).

Pros: • Sharing a private connection is instantaneous.

  • Webcam can record HD video.


  • There is no Mac version (Coming Soon)

2. TuneFab Screen Recorder

TuneFab Screen Recorder

TuneFab Screen Recorder is another excellent Snagit replacement that works on both Windows and Mac computers. The video recorder, audio recorder, webcam recorder, & screen capture function are among the four modes available for simply capturing any screen activity. You can capture any form of content that appears on your desktop screens. MP4, MOV, AVI, GIF, MP3, M4A, AAC, and other common video/audio formats are supported. Also check HR software

There are miscellaneous additional features available in addition to the basic screen recording functions. Its real-time editing interface, for example, makes it simple to sketch and add comments while recording. To generate a satisfying screen recording, trim or clip out any unneeded areas and adjust the sound volume before saving the recording.

You’ll have a shortcut to publish & share the recorded content to popular social media networks once the recording operation is completed. The best aspect is that there isn’t even a watermark on the video recording!

The unrestricted version can only record video for 3 minutes for first-time users, but the screen capture capability has no restrictions.

Pros: • Easy-to-use UI with useful hotkeys

  • Capable of recording webcam and specifying a recording length

Cons: • The free trial only allows you to record for 3 minutes • There are just a few video editing options available

3. Windows Snipping Tool

Windows Snipping Tool

The Windows snipping tool is a screenshot tool that comes standard with Windows Vista and later versions of Windows. It just “photographs” the screen. The snipping tool makes it simple to cut out an open window, a rectangular region, a free-form area, or the entire complete screen.

You can annotate or alter the image after you have a clip.

“How is it free if it comes with Windows?” you might wonder. Yes, technically you must purchase Windows, but because the screenshot tool is not sold separately, we’ll call it free.

The Windows Snipping Tool is a feasible alternative to Snagit if you want to capture the scopes of the screen but don’t want to pay $50 for something so basic. However, you’re out of luck if you need to record a video of your screen.

The Snipping Tool is a basic screenshot software included with Windows.

  • No need to download • Image can be copied to clipboard

Cons: • Limited editing options • Inability to enter a text box

4. Greenshot


Greenshot is a free & open source screen-capture programme for Windows 7 that can be used in place of Snagit. Greenshot is only compatible with Windows, which is bad, but hey, it’s free, so who are we to judge?

Greenshot is a straightforward tool that provides all of the necessary features for capturing screenshots. It is quite light and does not require you to climb a steep learning curve.

We are slackers. Give us something in five minutes that we can grasp. Greenshot accomplishes this, and it makes us happy.

Greenshot is a lightweight screenshot programme that is easy to use.

Pros: • Easy to use interface • Lightweight application

Cons: • No ability to capture the screen • Insecure file uploading to Imgur

5. Lightshot


Lightshot is another free programme similar to Snagit (apart from the ‘free’ part, of course). Lightshot, a browser extension programme similar to Screenrec that allows you to capture a screenshot, upload it to the server, and make a short link, is available in the Google Chrome Web Store.

You may also use Lightshot to look for photographs that are analogous to the one you just took. We’re not infallible what the point is, but it’s entertaining nevertheless. In any case, Lightshot is a free Snagit alternative that Chrome users should download.

It’s worth noting, though, that these plugins frequently create latency.

Lightshot is a Chrome addon that lets you take screenshots for free.

Pros: • Simple to use • Comprehensive online editor

Cons: To save and edit screenshots, you must first create an account and then submit them.

  • When uploading photos to edit, there is a lack of security.

6. Jing


Jing is a unique alternative to Snagit because both were developed and distributed by TechSmith. Jing had both a free and a paid version that allowed you to record voice and video and then immediately publish it to the internet, creating a shareable link.

You’ve probably noticed that we used the past tense of the word “authorised.” Because Jing is no prolonged available for video capture, Snagit has been substituted.

But, before you start yelling at us, keep in mind that Jing can still be used for basic image capture and, yes, it is still free. It may have lost a few features, but it’s still a viable alternative to Snagit. Also check hospital management software

Techsmith has released another screenshot utility called Jing (the creators of Snagit)

Pros: • Simple editing features with little learning curve • Can be stored in a variety of formats

Cons: • Can’t capture movies anymore • App can be heavy on systems, creating slowness

7. PicPick


This one will be as straightforward as the app itself. PicPick is a simple screen capture application that allows you to tweak the image you’ve recorded in great detail. There are hundreds of modes to modify and design anything on your screen with unique graphics accessories like a colour picker, pixel ruler, and colour palette.

Their free edition does not include automatic updates or tech support (which we found to be pretty nasty), but it’s a decent alternative to Snagit for Windows. You will not be dissatisfied… Yes, unless you require assistance, you are on your own.

PickPick is a programme that collects screenshots and allows you to alter them.

Pros: • Capture of a rolling screen is possible.

  • Photo editor with advanced features

Cons: • The editor can be difficult to get used to; • You can only share publicly

8. TinyTake

TinyTakeTinyTake is equivalent to Screenrec in that it enables for free video and image capturing. You can only record upto five minutes of video, unlike Screenrec.

You can add text to your recording and publish it on the internet. With a straightforward layout and easy-to-understand choices, it’s fairly simple to use.

Unfortunately, it’s only for Windows. So, on their behalf, we apologise to all Mac and Linux users. We can’t be too harsh on TinyTake, either. There aren’t many free Windows Snagit alternatives that can record video in addition to photos.

TinyTake is a free alternative to Snagit that can also record video. Pros:

  • Can be used to capture webcam footage • Can be used to blur critical information

Cons: • Recording time is limited; • Only accessible for Windows.



Screenpresso may appear to be a coffee shop owner-only app, but don’t panic; it’s open to everyone. Screenpresso fits in nicely among the elites, adding to our collection of free image and video captures.

Simple, straightforward to use, with a minimal interface that allows for instant sharing. You’re familiar with the procedure. However, there is one reoccurring issue: it is only available for Windows. Even so, it’s a better deal than the $50 Snagit.

Screenpresso is a simple utility for capturing images from your computer screen.

Pros: • Document generator • Capture can be delayed

Cons: • Video recorder has a limit • Watermark is included

10. Shutter


Hello, Linux/Ubuntu users! We have an app for you! Shutter appears to assist you in capturing your computer screen. This could be the programme you’re looking for if you’re seeking for a simple Linux screenshot tool.

They don’t have video capture, but they make up for it with some decent editing features and plugins for amazing effects. For Ubuntu fans who don’t need to record screen video, it’s definitely worth a try.

Shutter is a Linux/Ubuntu image screen capture programme. Pros:

  • Open-source, allowing for more editing options and effects
  • Direct uploading to social media networks is possible.

Cons: • Only for Linux • No video capture

11. ShareX


This Windows-only screen capture tool isn’t just a competition to Snagit; it’s also a direct challenger to the Windows Snipping Tool, and it appears to be doing a good job of it. Share X is a busy little software with a lot of functionality crammed into a single desktop app. Also check Library management software

There are dozens of editing tools available, including a colour picker, image splitter, image combiner, and, of course, annotation and blur effects. You can also upload your screen captures to over a dozen different websites. Is anyone else experiencing decision fatigue since there are so many features and options?

Pros: • Numerous editing options • 19 annotation tools

Cons: • There are too many possibilities • Multiple menus and drop-down options clutter the user interface, making it harder to discover what you’re looking for • No quick link for simpler sharing



You don’t have to trust on an app that is designed for businesses if you’re a gamer. Steam is a not-so-little app that can help you out. Steam is a screen recorder, live broadcast programme, and screenshot tool that is simple to use.

To take an in-game screenshot, simply press F12 on Windows or Option+fn+F12 on Mac while playing. After the snapshot is earmarked to the Steam cloud, you can use basic annotation features to vary it before uploading it to Steam or disseminating it on Facebook.

Pros: • Easy to use screenshot hotkey • Ability to control the computer screen prior to capturing a screenshot

Cons: • Can only be used to capture gaming screenshots • Limited sharing possibilities

SnapDraw is a programme that allows you to draw quickly.

In a free app, talk about professional features! ScreenRec isn’t the only one who does this. SnapDraw indemnifies for its lack of video recording capability with fantastic screenshot editing tools. Yes, you may capture portions of your screen as well as the entire screen. Yes, a webcam can be captured.

SnapDraw is a superior unrestrained alternative to SnagIt because of what you can do with your grabs. You may make any image into a 3D model. Transparency/translucency can also be captured. You may also arrange and alter screenshots, as well as change the backdrop colour or picture.

Pros: • High-quality editing tools • Easy-to-use interface

Cons: • There is no option to shoot video • There is no convenient way to distribute

What is the greatest alternative to Snagit?

We’ll let you make that decision. Each programme has its own set of features and tools, but Screenrec, in our opinion, takes the cake. It’s the only programme that works on most operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac, and can capture photographs as well as record videos and share them instantly. No other unrestricted screen capture tool has been able to match Screenrec’s triple threat.


Overall, Snagit is bad for our heads and our money. It lacks far too many features and capabilities to be anything other than free. You do, however, have a lot of options with 9 proven top snagit alternatives. We hope you found this analysis to be useful and that you will find the proper tool for your requirements here.

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