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Remote Project Management Tools: Top 6

Remote working started long before the pandemic came. It became more popular at the height of the COVID 19 virus infliction when most of the companies worldwide resorted to remote working. Organizations from all over the world are trying to adapt to this technology.

It is the team leader’s responsibility to find ways to manage a team remotely. And to properly manage a remote team, there are tools available on the internet to aid remote workers to collaborate efficiently.

This project management tool requires in-depth knowledge to utilize its features. The demand to explore remote working tools through e-learning software development helps organizations develop learning adaptability, especially for the software needed for virtual teams. With the need to foster flexibility in the workplace, choosing the right collaboration tools in managing the team is vital to success.

Top 6 Remote Project Management Tools for 2022

Project Management Software makes it easier for project managers to track the progress of the tasks assigned to the team member. It allows team leaders to set which project or tasks a team member needs to prioritize. Its primary purpose is to help managers plan, implement, and oversee all the facets of remote working operations.


It is a work operating system used for team collaboration and managing tasks needed to manage the projects within the organization with ease. It is flexible and allows the team to build customized applications fit for the business.

With viewing the tasks, the collaborator and tracking its progress is possible at first glance. It also enables leaders to see and track the completion of the tasks and which assignment needs attention to accomplish. It is also helpful for the entire team to know which tasks and projects lie ahead.

  1. Trello

It is a Project Management Tool and works like that helps in team collaboration and tracking tasks. From managing projects, upcoming events, and setting objectives, Trello is a one-stop shop. It’s easy to navigate and its specific features are easy to set up and customize. It helps the team to have more organized work and integrate other tools for seamless automation.

Updates are notified through email regularly to keep everyone on the same page. This software eliminates the need to conduct frequent online meetings since you can check with the tool for updates. It has a mobile app that the user can access anytime, anywhere.

  1. Asana

Also a project management tool, Asana can take team collaboration to a whole new level. Any view of your preference, either board, list, or calendar, Asana can show you. Completed with dashboards and timelines, reporting the progress of each task has become effortless. It also has a goal feature that lets members see how close they are to achieving a particular objective.

Bring your team together and manage tasks up to completion using one tool. With its simple drag and drop design, Asana helps the team stay on track and achieve success in the business operation. Its automation features make it popular among its competitors since the app is not difficult to use.

  1. Zoom

This video conferencing app lets users conduct meetings, webinars, and trainings virtually. Since the pandemic has restricted face-to-face gatherings, Zoom has been an excellent tool for organizations to communicate despite the distance. Its record feature gives its user the freedom to document the conversation for future use.

It is one of the most sought collaboration tools for remote workers and brings the team closer together. It has a gallery view feature that lets you see every person in the call on one screen.

  1. Slack

Stay in sync with everyone you work with by using Slack as a messaging tool for remote workers. Keep the conversation with the team through separate workspace and channels to unite the people you work with to complete the work. Regardless of the size of the company, Slack makes team communication convenient.

  1. Google Workspace

Google has taken remote working to the next level with its products advantageous to virtual workers. One excellent feature is that the files are shareable and can be accessed by authorized employees and perform real-time editing. Attaching the file to the email to send to a colleague is no longer necessary. You send the link, and that’s it.

Google Workspace has it all, from messaging to meeting and creating documents and spreadsheets. It makes team collaboration a walk in the park anywhere, anytime, and on any device. All the apps integrate into one software that lets users save time signing up and logging in for several tools they need.

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