Top 10 Best Remote Desktop Software In 2024

Best and demanding remote desktop software will be discussed in this article. A type of software or feature called remote desktop software allows the local system desktop environment to operate remotely on one of the systems when it is actually on another system. Local connections are referred to as “remote” connections.

Simply put, remote access software enables users to connect to any other user’s computer on their local network for any business purpose issue, such as desktop sharing, remote control, file transfer, etc.

These tools are widely used by help desks in enterprises to handle client difficulties, which saves time, reduces complexity, and thereby improves customer happiness.

What is the Process of Remote Access Software?

Remote Desktop Manager’s advantages

Comparing the Top Remote Desktop Access Tools, the Most Popular Remote Desktop Software is SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support, followed by Zoho Assist, Manage Engine RAP, Supremo Remote Desktop, ISL Light Remote Desktop, and NinjaOne (Formerly NinjaRMM)

Summary: Recommendations for Further Reading #7 RemotePC Desktop Software Tool #8 Remote Desktop Manager Tool #9 Team Viewer Desktop Tool #10 VNC Connect Desktop Tool #11 LogMeIn Desktop Software Tool #12 GoToMyPC Desktop Software Tool

What is the Process of Remote Access Software?

When a user launches a remote desktop session, the client system sends a signal to the system serving as the host via the internet through a standard listening port, requesting permission to connect and log in.

After checking the list of remote desktop users using an internal validating procedure, the machine that is functioning as the host now responds by requesting for login credentials.

After logging in, the user has access to the hosted system’s data or screens as well as the ability to interact with and operate it in the same ways as a local system user.

Remote Desktop does not support multiple connections, and any attempt to do so would result in an immediate disconnect.

Remote Desktop Manager’s advantages

The advantages of remote access software are as follows:

The only advantage of working remotely is that it virtualizes concepts and boosts an employee’s productivity.

Since a team guards the server against security breaches, Remote Desktop Connection Software offers high data and information protection.

Cost-savings rises since a business doesn’t need to spend money on new servers or workers for it.

Quick and simple access to data anywhere in the world boosts productivity.

It becomes much simpler to manage the team’s accessibility.

There are many different types of remote access software on the market, but the best ones are highlighted below with all the information a user needs to choose the right one for their business.

Top 10 Best Remote Desktop Software In 2024

Top 10 Best Remote Desktop Software are explained here.

1. SolarWinds Dameware Remote support

SolarWinds Dameware Remote support

A collection of remote control and system administration capabilities is called SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support.

It has built-in remote administration facilities.

One console will be provided for managing numerous Active Directory domains.

It offers strong tools and utilities that make simple work easier. Also check Password tools

For gaining remote access to all of your PCs both inside and outside of your network, Dameware Remote Support will be a simple to use platform. This is another remote desktop software.

You can use this platform to fix IT problems on even unresponsive equipment.


Dameware Mini Remote Control is a feature of the programme that enables cross-platform remote access to Windows, Linux, and Mac OS systems.

It offers system tools and TCP utilities, allowing you to remotely diagnose machines without starting a full remote control connection.

Features are available in SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support to handle multiple AD domains, groups, and users.

Remotely unlocking user accounts, changing passwords, and editing Group Policy are all possible.


Dameware Remote Support by SolarWinds uses many factors for authentication.

You can use it to remotely access machines that are off or sleeping.

For iOS and Android mobile devices, it offers a mobile app that enables remote access to network PCs.

In CSV or XML formats, you can export AD properties, system configurations, and software data.


A screen recording feature is absent from Dameware Remote Support.

Reviews indicate that the user interface is not very great.

2. Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist

You can access unattended PCs, share a screen, and receive remote support via Zoho Assist, a multipurpose remote support software.

You may assist a variety of clients with Zoho Assist because it supports Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops, Android and iOS devices, Raspberry Pi devices, and Chromebooks.

Sessions can be started by technicians using their preferred browser, desktop, or mobile application.

If you have a limited budget, Zoho Assist’s cost, which starts at an eye-catching $8, is well worth it.

The following is a list of Zoho Assist’s features:

File transfer, text chat, VoIP, run as service, multi-monitor navigation, and rapid launch options to access the command prompt, control panel, and other crucial areas of the remote computer are just a few of the capabilities that help troubleshooting.

With functions like computer grouping and departments, unattended PC management is made simple.

Options for mass deployment to set up a lot of computers for unattended access.

Features like data anonymization, breach notification, encryption, role-based access, and customer approval for operations like file transfer, remote printing, and clipboard sharing help protect client data.


First-timers will find the user interface to be simple and intuitive.

When compared to other remote support software, charges are reasonable.

No cost cloud storage.

All sessions started using Zoho Assist can be recorded.

supports multiple languages (French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and more).


Only Windows is capable of remote printing.

With a Chromebook, just screen sharing is possible. =>

3. Manage Engine Rap

Manage Engine Rap

System administrators and IT help desk staff find Remote Access Plus to be a thorough troubleshooting tool useful in solving problems.

The intuitive UI of Remote Access Plus makes it simple to set up and use.

A complete troubleshooting solution for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems is Remote Access Plus.

Control Engine RAP.

The utility covers the essentials, including powerful remote desktop sharing with built-in capabilities and over 12 diagnostic tools like command prompt, file manager, event log viewer, device manager, and more.

Additionally, it has extra tools like wake on LAN, remote shutdown, and audio, video, and text chat.

There is a suitable package for small organisations and corporations that starts at just $6.

Up to 10 machines can be accessed for free forever with Remote Access Plus.

Additionally, the manufacturer provides a fantastic free trial programme that enables you to utilise all of the product’s features.

What makes Remote Access Plus so special?

Support for voice, video, and text chat for unobstructed communication.

With 256 bit AES encryption, remote access is HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI compliant.

Computers can be added to control immediately using Active Directory-based administration.

The capacity to keep track of and audit each troubleshooting task completed.

Role-based access control with two-factor authentication.

4. Supremo Remote Desktop

Supremo Remote Desktop

Supremo is a small, user-friendly piece of software that may be used to connect to remote computers or servers without the need to install or set up routers or firewalls.

A single licence can be used on an endless number of computers, and it permits numerous simultaneous connections on the same system. This is another remote desktop software.

The ability to deploy Supremo as a Windows service is a crucial feature since it enables you to begin Supremo automatically whenever Windows starts, giving users the ability to control remote machines without the need for user input on the controlled PC or server.

Supremo is free to use for personal purposes, while subscriptions with quarterly and annual plans start at $6 per user each month.


Countless installations on countless computers and servers.

Many connections occurring at once.

Unattended entry (Windows Service).

Free but effective address book.

Adaptable user interface with your company’s name or logo.

Remote connection monitoring using Online Reports

Easy-to-use file manager for chat.

Getting assistance.


There is no installation or configuration needed.

Accessible on mobile, macOS, and Windows (Android and iOS).


No voice assistance.

No remote printing.

No recording of the session.

No option for a black screen on the remote display.

5. ISL Light Remote Desktop

ISL Light Remote Desktop

ISL Light Remote Desktop is desktop software that is safe and dependable for supporting your clients and gaining access to unattended PCs. Also check virtual conference platform

Because it is cross-platform, you can use a Windows, Mac, Linux, or mobile device to execute it.

Either an on-premises solution or a cloud-based service applies.

You can connect to and control any server or remote computer using it quickly thanks to how simple it is to use.

Its features include an unlimited number of users, screen sharing, file sharing, chat, video calling, email invitations, support for multiple monitors, etc.

Rich customization possibilities and OEM white-labeling are provided.

With 256-bit AES encryption and two-factor authentication, ISL Light is a highly secure remote access software that is utilised by governmental organisations, banks, insurance companies, and hospitals all over the world.


ISL Light provides quick screen sharing as well as safe unattended access.

Within the same session, users can reset and restart a remote computer.

For Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices, you can provide mobile assistance.

It offers 256-bit AES encryption and 2048-bit RSA keys for optimal security.

By modifying your firewall or employing a VPN, ISL Light enables you to create secure RDP connections between your PC and a remote desktop without endangering your network.

Session recording, computer sharing, file transfer, support for multiple monitors, Wake on LAN, reports, and external authentication are all included.


ISL Light is a user-friendly remote desktop that provides a variety of connection options.

It offers a licence plan that does not place a cap on the quantity of users, installations, or supported endpoints.

Customer service is readily available by phone, online chat, and a knowledge base and is quite responsive.

According to customer reviews, the price-performance ratio is excellent.

It is available in 28 different languages.


Although challenging, remote printing is conceivable.

There has to be a little more information in reporting tools.

There is a free trial available, but no free software.

6. NinjaOne



NinjaOne’s integrated Cloud RDP, TeamViewer, and Splashtop allow it to take direct control of Windows and MacOS computers.

Watch over all of your servers, laptops, and workstations running Windows and MacOS.

Through a complete set of remote tools, you may remotely manage all of your devices without disturbing end users.

Automate the patching of Windows and MacOS devices’ operating systems and third-party software.

Utilize effective IT automation to standardise the deployment, setup, and administration of devices.


Utilize the strength of the major remote desktop programmes TeamViewer and Splashtop.

Utilize a comprehensive IT management solution to lessen the demand for remote desktop software.

Remote desktop services that can self-heal when problems occur.



7. Remote PC Desktop Software tool

Remote PC Desktop Software tool

A well-known desktop software programme called RemotePC enables you to connect to your home or workplace computer without physically travelling there.

It conveniently handles file management, file transfers, and remote printing.

In order to work on presentations or papers in real time, it truly calls for a person to temporarily access our system.

Small businesses that require remote access are the main users. This is another remote desktop software.

Consider the RemotePC architecture flow below:

The following is a list of RemotePC Desktop Software features:

One-time immediate access and constant remote access are features of RemotePC.

Platform-independent, secure, scalable, and web-based are all characteristics of RemotePC.

Simple file transfers, computer-to-computer communication, remote printing, and a whiteboard.

Invited to collaborate, with the ability to drag & drop local files and record a remote session.


The UI of RemotePC is user-friendly, and the learning curve is short and clear.

Because of its light weight, it is quick and offers a password protection feature.

Comparable to other desktop tools, inexpensive.

Powerful compatibility and integration.


Sometimes connections are cut off.

It takes time to add members so they may edit files.

UI can be made better.

More than one remote screen cannot be displayed in the same window.

Cast Box, Slack, Petuum, Instacart, HCL, NSEIT, Amazon, and more clients.

US-based headquarters are in Calabasas, California.

Employee count: There are currently about 50 employees working.

8. Remote Desktop Manager Tool

Remote Desktop Manager Tool

One of the well-known remote desktop programmes that is popularly utilised by many enterprises is called Remote Desktop Manager.

It provides instructions for creating a single remote connection tool, data, password settings, and permits use of a secured platform that is simple to use.

Remote Desktop Manager controls risk while monitoring security and productivity throughout the entire organisation. Also check create website shortcut on desktop chrome

It is supported by numerous integrated technologies, including VPNs and protocol.

Please see the Remote Desktop Manager Architecture flow below:

The following is a list of features of remote desktop manager software:

The ability to centralise all remote connections through a single platform and manage passwords securely is a characteristic of remote connection management.

Uses granular protection access protocol to defend connections from various security assaults.

It handles audit and report activities and has fully integrated features for teams.

Facilitating management by giving users access to what they need.


The configuration setup for Remote Desktop Manager is easy and quick.

It is amazing how the connection information can be centralised in a single interface.

There are numerous integrations present.

Schedules and follow-up features are easily accessible.

There is GPS tracking in place.


The free edition of Remote Desktop Manager has a relatively limited feature set.

A better interface design is required.

Due to its procedures, the system can occasionally become extremely slow.

The user cannot transfer a file to another location until they have first saved it to the cloud.

Laveltrie, Quebec, is the headquarters.

Customers include Shell, Nokia, Nike, Yamaha, Bosch, Xerox, Motorola, Symantec, Sony, HBO, IBM, Microsoft, and SAP.

Employee count: There are about 100 people working right now.

9. Team Viewer Desktop Tool

Team Viewer Desktop Tool

In the field of Remote Software Innovation, Team Viewer is a well-known software.

Cloud-based technologies are the main emphasis of Team Viewer, which enables global online remote support and collaboration.

This is another remote desktop software. It serves as a catalyst to advance and amplify people’s ideas as well as their capacity to address problems and face obstacles.

TeamViewer is a comprehensive package that allows for remote access to and sharing of meeting software on all desktop and mobile operating systems.

Additionally, a trial edition account for personal usage is included with Team Viewer.

The following list of Team Viewer software features is provided:

Team Viewer offers strong cross-platform access and remote device control.

It offers a VPN alternative, access from a mobile device, and highly secure unattended access.

It restarts, wakes up, and instals software all on its own.

It offers remote printing, IOS screen sharing, and customizable file sharing.

Access to a 4K remote desktop, improved customer satisfaction, and shortcuts that save time.


A powerful control and support software, Team Viewer is straightforward and quick to setup.

Team viewer makes cross-location cooperation quick and easy, which lowers the cost.

Useful for managing cloud computers with the Team Viewer software.

There is a free version available that has just the right amount of functionality for personal use.


Lack of VOIP and mobile phone audio conferencing on a single bridge.

The versions occasionally become incompatible with one another following an upgrade.

Two remote systems cannot be viewed simultaneously by Team Viewer.

A large file cannot be shared via Team Viewer because of its time latency.

Customers include Henry Schein Inc., Secret Escapes Limited, SAP, Fresh Works, Zendesk, Tribridge, Ellucian, HCL Technologies, SAP, Atlassian Jira, and Amazon Workspaces.

Germany’s Goppingen is the headquarters.

There are approximately 600 individuals that are currently at work.

The official Team Viewer website

10. VNC Connect Desktop Tool

VNC Connect Desktop Tool

A well-known remote access software utilised by many global corporations is called VNC Connect.

It offers remote access to your system, allowing you to use it whenever and wherever you need to.

Screen sharing is safe and dependable with VNC Connect. This is another remote desktop software.

In order to control, support, administer, monitor, train, collaborate, etc., it helps to link users and devices.

It offers solutions and toolkits for safe integrations and remote real-time access to own products and devices.

It works on a variety of platforms.

Please see the VNC CONNECT architectural flow below.

The following are some characteristics of VNC CONNECT Desktop Software:

Cross-platform support and an intuitive remote control are features of VNC CONNECT.

With tried-and-true performance, including attended and unattended access.

VNC is made with security and support for multiple languages.

File sharing, printing, chat, Linux virtual desktops, and online group collaboration.

Pre-installed or connect-on-demand remote deployment.


Password protection options in VNC Connect prevent unauthorised users from accessing remote desktop.

There is a robust file transmission and upload system in VNC Connect.

Excellent remote printing

Quick connections, quick responses, and simple screen sharing.


In a single window, multiple screen sharing is not supported by VNC Connect.

If we employ a linking tool within another tool, shortcuts can be improved.

The documentation and explanations need to be enhanced because they can be challenging for new users to understand at first.

The mobile app shouldn’t be overly simple and awkward.

Cambridge, United Kingdom, is the headquarters.

Customers include Philips, Shell, NASA, IBM, and Dreamworks.

Employee count: There are about 100 people working right now.

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