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Recover Lost Or Corrupt Photos or Videos From any Camera’s SD Card

Keeping a video or a photograph is something common in life because you can recall some memories. As a fan of photography, professionally or as an amateur, you must have a good number of videos or photos stored on your computer. Another group usually has this visual or audiovisual content on an external hard drive and a flash drive.

However, you risk losing them when you keep the files due to a disk or computer failure. You may not even want to imagine the pain you will feel when you lose your most precious images in which you appeared with your parents. But they are things that can happen when you least expect it, although they have a solution.

It is time for you to learn how to recover photos and videos that you have lost on your hard drive or SD memory. As you will see, almost everything in this world has a solution, even when losing files such as images or videos. But before going into the context of how to recover these files, you should know the causes of the failure.

Problems that affect your SD memory or Hard drive so that it deletes images and videos

Sometimes your computer could crash, causing you to lose much information stored there. These errors or failures can be caused by a faulty sd memory or even because your HDD hard drive is expired. At other times the failure could occur because the Windows on your computer has a virus or a program formatted the system.

You may have basic computer knowledge and be encouraged to investigate the failure thoroughly. The first thing you should do is scan the computer using the antivirus installed by default. If it is not a software failure, you could analyze your computer’s hardware to rule it out.

You shouldn’t just remove programs that affect your computer’s performance and cause these errors. The main idea is that you have a stable operating system that causes errors like deleting images. Although this formatting in your photo and video gallery is unfortunate, you should know that the solution is in your hands.

Solutions so that you can recover the photos and videos that you have lost in your SD memory or hard drive

Regardless of the fault that caused the loss of valuable material on your computer, you should find a solution. Luckily you have several solutions available to recover photos and videos that have emotional value in you. You could try some of these methods to accomplish the goal.

Method #1: Recover your videos and photos that have been sent to the trash

You may lose your files in a simple way when they are sent to Windows recycle bin. This problem could be caused by a faulty antivirus that scanned the images and marked them as viruses. Eventually, the antivirus would delete the files without your consent and send them to the trash on the computer’s desktop.

You only have to look for the trash can on the desktop, which you will identify by the logo. You should not forget that these images and videos in the trash usually last 30 days. After that time, they will be deleted forever.

Method #2: Recover the files using the backup.

The number one method to recover deleted files in your gallery may not have been effective, but you have another solution. You can take advantage of the “backup” option in Windows to recover the images that you have lost. This option will restore the operating system to a more stable version, eliminating the errors that have been generated.

You have to navigate through the Windows tools and click on the most recent backup before the failure. This option is also available for SD memory that has failed.

Method #3: Recover deleted files with restoration programs.

If you did not have good results with the methods to recover your media files, you might use some programs. The problem is often so complicated that you need to scan your computer or SD card to recover the images. Although the method seems complicated, the reality is that you will depend on useful software that will do all the work.

The only thing you have to worry about when trying to use one of these file restoration tools is:

  • Look for reliable software that allows you to install it on your computer without suffering from malware. These programs must come from professional websites that guarantee you a good system.
  • The program you will install on your computer must be compatible with Windows and, of course, with the affected memory. You should look for software that helps you analyze solid hard drives, HDD, SD memory, and external memory.
  • The program’s efficiency must be excellent because it will help you thoroughly analyze the storage spaces. These programs must be so good that they must recover the images and videos that you have permanently deleted.
  • With the right recovery software, you shouldn’t feel limited when recovering any file type. The image could be JPEG or PNG and still have the facility to retrieve it. This also applies to videos.
  • If the software is of quality, you will not have limits when recovering more than 1 gigabyte in lost files. Some programs may require a subscription for unrestricted use in recovery.

Tips so you don’t lose your photos or videos on the SD memory and hard drive:

Recover Lost Or Corrupt Photos or Videos From any Camera's SD Card

If one of the three methods has worked for you, it is time for you to take some tips so that you lose your files again:

  1. Avoid installing harmful programs on your computer.

The first advice you should take to prevent your files from being deleted from the SD memory or hard drive is to avoid installing harmful programs. You should refrain from having programs that have been downloaded from unknown sources. It is good that you analyze the computer with the antivirus from time to time to rule out malware.

  1. Replace the hard drive or SD memory every so often.

You must understand that your hard drive and SD memory have a time of use so that you respect them. Every 5 or 7 years, you should replace your storage units not to cause failures on the files you save.

  1. Create copies of the images and videos.

You should not only have your sentimental photos and videos in one space but make copies of them. You can save these images on another computer, on your phone, or even on the Tablet.

  1. Frequent use of cloud storage.

To easily prevent your files from being deleted from SD memory or hard drive, you should not save them there. You should give priority to cloud storage systems like Dropbox or google drive.

If the damage is already done and you want to recover your media files with the software, you should use Stellar Photo Recovery. This software will allow you to have the best experience while recovering your lost files without any hassle. You can learn more about the program by viewing an online review.

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