Top 25+ Best Learning Apps For iOS & Android In 2022

This article is about Learning Apps For iOS And Android To Learn On The Go.  Information is now freely available because to the digital era.You don’t have to be concerned about resources because you can educate yourself while on the go.

Top 25 Best Learning Apps For iOS And Android To Learn On The Go in 2022

In this article you may know about the  Learning Apps For iOS And Android To Learn On The Go here ae details below;

Using smartphones and devices to learn something new is a great idea because they are versatile and can be used for more than just photos, texting, and social media.What better way to reinforce the concept that it is never too late to learn than to be aware of the best learning apps.

The 29 Best Android and iOS Learning Apps

Education has become more accessible thanks to a variety of online learning platforms and websites.

Educational apps, on the other hand, extend your horizons and satisfy your need to learn something new.Phones have been transformed into virtual classrooms thanks to learning apps.We’ve combed the web and compiled a list of the best educational apps for Android and iOS.Check out the best learning apps for math, a new language, science, and coding.

1. edX .



edX is a tremendous resource for finding hundreds of high-quality online tutorials and courses.Courses from MIT, Harvard, Microsoft, and other industry leaders are available.These are not degree programmes, but they are great for anyone who wants to learn about a topic from trustworthy sources and world-class professors.

With over 2,000 tutorials, it is one of the best learning apps.You have quality articles and video material on any subject, whether it’s business management, biology, data science, finance, or cybersecurity.

Top edX features include:

• Learn from experts at top universities

• Gain important insights on any subject

•Brush up on relevant topics like economic trends and public health

• Choose from a variety of credential programmes to boost your career.

• Turn the app into an online classroom to learn in-demand skills.

2. Udemy.


Udemy is one of the best learning apps, with a wide range of tutorials in every educational discipline.
As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about not being able to pursue a specific course or study something you’ve always wanted to learn.

Udemy is an outstanding learning tool that offers it all, whether it’s web development, creative classes, coding, graphic design, sound production, or personality development.
The lecturers are industry specialists with extensive expertise and a strong background in the subject.

What will you learn first: Photoshop, data science, or marketing?

Udemy’s Best Features

• Learn at your own speed

• Choose from free and paid course options to learn anything under the sun

• Get expert assistance and master a new skill

• Download materials and learn on the go

3. Be a Blinkist

Be a Blinkist
Blinkist offers a diverse selection of fiction and nonfiction books.You will find content for everything, from learning how to motivate yourself to mastering the art of winning an argument.Blinkist, one of the best learning apps for working professionals, gives you a 15-minute summary of a book.

It’s useful for anyone who wants to know what a book is about but doesn’t have time to read the complete content.By extracting key information from the resources, you can obtain expertise on a number of topics.Each time you use the app, you emerge as a more knowledgeable individual with a broad understanding of a variety of topics.

Blinkist’s Best Features

• Get your hands on over 3000 bestselling novels.

• Make your own audio playlists

• Switch between audio and text with ease.

• Use the offline mode to read. • There are 28 different categories to browse through, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

4. Lynda



Lynda is one of the best educational apps, with hundreds of courses in a variety of subjects.Lynda has you covered whether it’s learning the latest tools for graphic design or music production.Web programming, video creation from beginning, animations, and mastering the art of Excel sheet maintenance are all taught under one roof.

Lynda, one of the best learning apps, allowing you to learn on the go and at your own pace.
Students can sign up for a monthly membership and take as many courses as they desire in the period allotted.
Are you ready to learn from some of the best teachers in the world?

Lynda’s Best Features

• Subscribe to the library to have access to any course you choose.

• Use the dashboard to keep track of your training.

• Save resources to your computer for offline viewing.

• Post tutorials to all of your social media accounts.

• Get course suggestions based on your preferences.

• Courses that automatically play

• Begin a tutorial from where you left off.

5. The TED Conference

The TED Conference

TED is the best place to go if you’re looking for free learning apps.You can learn about what prominent people and well-known people have to say about current events throughout the world.They also share personal anecdotes and inspirational stories.The topics of smart lectures can be everything under the sun, and it typically relies on the speaker’s interests and mood.

You obtain practical knowledge and information about a variety of challenges, as well as insights into a variety of fascinating topics.The motivational TED speeches might range from someone explaining how they made it big in their industry to someone sharing how they overcame sadness.

TED’s Best Features

• You may save stories to read later.

• More than 100 languages are supported by the learning app’s subtitles.

• The app can be synced across many devices.

• Users gain access to the TED Radio Hour Podcast, which is highly sought after.

• Create a personalised playlist • Browse the enormous TED presentation archive and select your favourites.

6. Duolingo


Duolingo was founded in 2014 and has since become highly popular.Duolingo, one of the best language learning apps, is both entertaining and free.Through fun games and bite-sized courses, you can learn more than 30 languages, including German, Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese.As you continue through the mini-games, the teachings become more challenging, but the enjoyment level remains high.

According to the creators, spending 34 hours on Duolingo is equivalent to attending a whole semester of college or school. Duolingo is one of the most favoured educational apps for kids and adults, and it is ad-free. Also check Offline gps map apps for android and iphone

Duolingo’s best qualities include:

• It’s fun, free, and effective

• It uses a science-based teaching system

• Choose any language from the different options offered

• Improve your writing, reading, and listening skills

• Keep track of your progress

7. Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an innovative resource for learning about any subject or finding innovative tutorials.You must use the programme if you wish to thrive in traditional disciplines taught in schools and colleges, such as science, economics, physics, humanities, and math.With over 10,000 instructive videos available, it is the best learning tool for kids.
It allows you to learn new concepts and brush up on existing ones.Khan Academy, one of the best learning apps, is free to use.There are also no hidden fees.

Khan Academy’s Best Features

• Sharpen your skills by engaging in quizzes and practise exercises on any subject, such as history, politics, and grammar.

• Continue to learn even if you are not connected to the internet.

• Continue from where you left off.

• Get thorough and in-depth articles on your chosen subjects.

8. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration


If you’re fascinated by Saturn’s rings or stunned by the splendour of the Sun, the official NASA app is the best location to learn about the solar system.Diverse mediums such as images, films, live feeds, and text can be used to learn more about the organization’s various missions.

The official NASA app also includes a 3D model Augmented Reality function.The International Space Station, other NASA projects in orbit around the Earth, and the brightest stars in the sky may all be found and viewed with the Augmented Reality function.

NASA’s Best Features

• Widgets for NASA photographs and news that may be added to your Home Screen

• Augmented reality feature

• Live NASA TV

9. Coursera 


Online courses ensure that you are never too young or old to learn something new. Coursera is one of the best learning apps, offering a wide range of courses and tutorials. You can begin your journey from the comfort of your own home.Whatever you wish to learn, Coursera will have something that will interest you.

You name it, and they have it: creative, business-related, math, scientific, language, or personality development.There are almost 2,000 different courses to pick from.
Video lectures and reading assignments are offered in the form of lessons and classes on the educational app.You can choose between free and paid courses.

Coursera’s Highlights

• Learn from world-class teachers

• Get your hands on everything from music to medicine

• Stream video lectures for offline watching

• Receive a certificate at the conclusion of your training programme

10. LinkedIn learning

LinkedIn learning
People who want to improve their employment abilities should look into the LinkedIn Learning offerings.A large choice of courses and tutorials are available, spanning all professional fields.Regardless of your main niche, the app will provide you with an appropriate course to brush up on existing abilities, learn something new, and improve your CV.

The app displays all of Lynda’s available classes.LinkedIn Learning, one of the best learning apps, is a great place to start looking for professional courses.The user interface is straightforward and simple to use.

LinkedIn Learning’s Best Features

• Choose from over 16,000 different courses.

• Learn from industry experts with decades of expertise;

• Access bite-sized video information at any time;

• Get customised course recommendations

• Save tutorials for later viewing

• Learn at your own speed

• Download content to view offline

• Receive certificates upon completion of a course

11. Lumosity



Lumosity is a great tool for people who want to keep their minds sharp.Lumosity ensures that your mind is occupied by playing games and brainstorming.You can take part in fun quizzes, mini-games, and brain teasers.

There are programmes that are expressly designed to improve your mental presence.
Have you ever noticed that after using your smartphone for long periods of time, your thinking becomes dull?Lumosity, one of the best learning apps, teaches your brain new techniques and sessions to keep it fresh and engaged.

Are you up for a mental challenge?

Lumosity’s Best Features

• Pick and select from 50 different brain activities.

• Workout modes are designed specifically for you to test and develop your academic and cognitive talents.

• Analyze your gaming
• Identify your talents and shortcomings and uncover intriguing data about your cognitive tendencies.

12. Skillshare

Do you want to learn how to use digital online lessons to advance your career?Skillshare, one of the best learning apps, is the right platform for doing so.Skillshare has something for everyone, whether it’s creative arts classes or practical business advice.

Learn a new language, grasp the finer points of website design, or master the skill of dealing with human psychology; the learning app offers a wide range of options.Are you ready to take up a new activity while still improving your resume?

Skillshare’s Best Features

• Take advantage of hundreds of free classes.

• Save tutorials to your computer and watch them later.

• During your free trial, you can watch an infinite amount of videos.

• Gain knowledge from industry experts.

• Take part in practise exercises to make sure you understand what you’ve learned.

13. Exceptional


Brilliant is a must-have for everyone who wants to learn quickly through hands-on experience.The software covers a wide range of math and science ideas using hands-on problem-solving strategies and clear explanations.The emphasis on brief, snappy descriptions is fantastic.It connects an idea with a task for you to solve, ensuring that you have fully grasped the subject. Also check Dakboard alternatives

Brilliant, one of the best learning apps, lets you choose your study style during the first setup process.Whether you want to learn a subject for fun or to develop in your job, the app can help you achieve your objectives.

Brilliant’s Best Features

• Learn through fun and interactive exercises

• Solve problems to gain a better understanding of topics

• Decide on your preferred learning method.

• Improve your knowledge of difficult-to-understand areas like physics, technology, and math by using bite-sized lessons

• Learn from award-winning teachers

• Sharpen your mathematical skills

14. Goodreads


Do you enjoy reading?If you answered yes, you should go to Goodreads.
Books are still a fantastic source of learning and getting knowledge about everything, no matter how computerised our lives have become.Want to learn more about graphic design, but aren’t sure which book to start with?This is where Goodreads enters the picture.It highlights the various possibilities available to you when you want to educate yourself on a specific topic.

Goodreads, one of the best learning apps, has a large library of over 2.2 billion books.
Over 75 million people have downloaded the app.They attempt to make the best selections,whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, subject-based, self-help, or skill-oriented.You can also post your own book reviews and read those of others.

Goodreads’ best features include:

• Quick scanning for books you want to read and topics you want to explore

• Free service

• Get customised recommendations based on your likes and tastes.

• See what your friends are reading.

• Write a review for any book you enjoy.

• Join a book-loving community

• Keep track of the titles you’ve already read and the ones you’ll be reading next.

15.  Quora

Users can search for content on Quora that is unique to the topic or subject they wish to learn more about.You can ask questions and see what other people have to say about a topic.People who are knowledgeable about your sector of interest or have worked in it before can answer your inquiries.

Quora, one of the best learning apps, is noted for its speedy responses.You can also offer your opinion on a topic by posting your thoughts about it.

Quora’s Best Features

• On the go, ask questions about any subject or issue.

• Look for high-quality responses in your field of interest.

• Respond to questions on your favourite topics and share your knowledge with the rest of the world.

• Obtain firsthand information from trustworthy sources.

• Learn about fascinating stories and theories.

Learn to Code for Free with SoleLearn

Are you a programmer?

16. SoloLearn



one of the best computer science learning apps, is great for people interested in web development and programming languages.You will study all coding basics as well as brush up on your existing programming abilities.Users stay up to date on the newest coding trends and have access to assignments that allow them to put what they’ve learned into practise.

Java, C++, Python, Algorithms, and Machine Learning are all taught through daily updated content.

SoloLearn’s Best Features Include:

• Personalized content based on your progress

• 24/7 peer help and a welcoming online community

• A free mobile code editor

Create lessons for others to benefit from your professional knowledge in your field of interest.Get free access to a large library of stuff.

17. Edmodo


Edmodo is a great place to start if you want to try out an online classroom.Edmodo, one of the most popular educational apps, allowing users to learn something new every day.
You can easily interact with your classmates & strike up a conversation or chat, just like you would in a traditional classroom setting.

Edmodo is a website that connects teachers and students all around the world.
You can gain in-depth knowledge and detailed insights on any topic you want.
The learning app is beautifully designed, with the goal of seamlessly transferring information between parents, students, and students.

Edmodo’s Best Features

• Get all of your classes and assignments in one place.

• Maintain direct communication with teachers and classmates.

• Explore materials in any subject you desire

• Learn in a digital classroom

• Get answers to your questions fast

• Gather all of your study materials in one location.

• Serves as a home stream for discovering useful stuff from throughout the world.

18. Photomath



This programme is a must-have for math lovers. Photomath, one of the best learning apps for math aficionados, focuses on a single subject. The learning app deciphers and interprets written equations using OCR technology and your smartphone camera. The answers are then given to you. Not only does the learning software show you the solution, but it also shows you how to solve the problem. Also check Best coupon apps

As a result, you will no longer struggle with math or find it tough.
Photomath is a programme that solves equations and problems, making life easy for anyone who is afraid of math.

Photomath’s main features include:

• Easy solutions to hard math problems

• Detailed explanations

• Multi-functional science calculator

• Investigate multiple solutions to the same problem with illustrative animations and interactive graphs

19. Chart of the Stars

Chart of the Stars


Do you have a passion for astronomy? Would you like your own virtual planetarium in your home? Download Star Chart and let your inner scientist out. Star Chart, one of the best learning apps, allows you to discover planets, stars, and constellations in the open air.
Users need only point their smartphones at the sky to receive information about what they are seeing.

Are you prepared to see what’s on the other side of the globe?

Top Features of Star Chart

• Enjoy magical stargazing

• Take a virtual planetarium with you wherever you go

• Voice control

• Tap on anything in the sky to get instant and accurate information about what you’re looking at

• View 88 different constellations

• Manually enter a location to see how the sky looks from there

20. NASA

NASA is the final name on our list of the best learning apps.The subject of space is broad, and astronomers make new discoveries every day.As a result, the NASA app keeps you up to date on the most recent advancements in this fascinating science.

You can educate yourself by watching movies and reading articles on a variety of topics related to space science.You learn about what’s going on in NASA right now, their purposes and goals, and the principles of astronomy.

The app sends you notifications for future celestial occurrences.As a result, you won’t miss seeing a planet or an eclipse.

NASA’s Best Features

• Get the most up-to-date information on space from the most reliable source

• Read articles, watch videos, and look at the stars

• Get the most up-to-date NASA information by watching live NASA TV

Keep-up with the most recent developments in space science.

• Vote on photographs and look at the ones that have received the most votes.

Receive alerts when new sightings become available.

21. WolframAlpha

WolframAlpha, one of the best learning apps for academics, is full of serious content and offers a lot of information.Mathematics, physics, chemistry, statistics, astronomy, and geography are just a few of the subjects covered.

You look up information and explanations on any subject or notion.The app explains what it is and how to go about doing it yourself.WolframAlpha also comes with a set of teaching tools.Take advantage of specialised classes on subjects like Math and reference guides if you’re ready to spend a little extra money.

Wolfram Alpha’s Best Features

• Obtain simplified explanations for difficult ideas.

• Gain expertise in disciplines such as math, science, and statistics.

• Have a good understanding of people and history.

• Get the latest weather information.

• Have a strong grasp of music.

• Use the dictionary, anagrams, and word puzzles to your advantage.

22. The Great Courses

The Great Courses
Colleges and schools are excellent places to get a formal education, but what if you want to learn something unusual or are unable to physically attend an institute to learn a new skill?
You wouldn’t be disappointed if you turn to The Great Courses to pursue your aspirations.

The Great Courses, one of the best learning apps, offers a wide range of topics and has industry professionals as instructors.You name it, and they have it: educational movies on history, arithmetic, music, literature, and food.The tutorials are available for download and streaming.

The Great Courses’ Best Features

• Stream any tutorial you’ve purchased

• Transitions between audio and video versions of the classes are seamless.

• Get access to guidebooks

• Download lectures for offline viewing

• Learn from professionals and gain clarity on ideas

23. Brainscape Flashcards

Brainscape Flashcards


Brainscape Flashcards, one of the best learning apps, is unlike any of the ones we’ve mentioned thus far.Flashcards, according to the software, help people learn faster and more effectively.Brainscape carefully and systematically paces each concept’s explanation and repetition.This guarantees that consumers remember the information in a precise, correct, and efficient manner.

You will be requested to rate how well you comprehend each idea.The software then determines whether or not it is appropriate to provide you with another quiz.You can make and share flashcards as well.You can also look at other peo

• Try out a fresh way of learning with flashcards.

• Create, share, and find free flashcards.

• Make learning a more enjoyable and creative experience.

• Boost your ability to retain information.

• Find out what professionals have to say about a wide range of subjects.

• Use color-coded and adaptive flashcards to learn more quickly and actively.

• Establish objectives and keep track of your progress.

24. Memrise


Are you interested in learning a new language, such as Spanish or French?Are you curious about the meanings of particular words and phrases in different languages?So you should check out Memrise, one of the best language learning apps for unleashing your inner linguist.There is no requirement to spend money on a costly textbook to learn the ins & outs of a new language.

The software takes a unique approach to learning.It begins by teaching you the fundamental terminology by using real-life examples.All you have to do is download the app and choose a language to learn.You may learn a language from real native speakers with such language learning apps.

Memrise’s Best Features

• Study with locals

• To train your brain, get your hands on some practise games.

• Improve your pronunciation by downloading the resources in advance and learning wherever you are.

•It’s up to you whether you want to study too much or too little in a day.

• Build a routine and improve by opening the app for at least 5 minutes every day to develop an entertaining habit.

• Select a language from a list of more than 20 alternatives.

25. Google Classroom

Google Classroom
Google Classroom, one of the best learning apps, is a virtual representation of a real classroom.You can make announcements, submit assignments, start discussions, and create lectures.Users can also seek answers and feedback, grade tasks, and share their resources.

The setup procedure is simple.Teachers designate a class using a numerical codeThey provide the code to students who wish to participate in the lesson.You enter the code and join the virtual classroom as a student.

Google Classroom Features

• Ideal platform for teachers and students to connect

• Free for anyone with a Google account

• Save time and paper

• Improves organisation because you can view all of your assignments and remarks in one place

• Improves communication because you can stream content and get answers to questions instantly

• Easy setup, affordable, and secure

• Faster grading process

26. Quizlet



Quizlet is one of the best learning apps that makes grasping ideas simple and quick.
Multiple study mode buttons are available in the app.You can select from a variety of alternatives, including match, learn, test, write, and flashcards, among others.The approach in which you will learn a subject or topic will be determined by the mode you choose.

Flashcards are a fantastic technique to help your memory retain knowledge.Quizlet has millions of flashcards available for you to choose from.You can also make your own flashcards and share them with others.

Quizlet’s Best Features

• Get your hands on standardised test study packages

• Use practise tasks to confirm what you’ve learned, and flashcards to help you remember what you’ve learned.

• Get study reminders

• Keep track of your progress

• Take part in fun gaming activities

• Improve your vocabulary and grammar

• Listen to the audio version of your study materials for better learning

27. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle
When it comes to self-learning, one of the best learning apps is Amazon Kindle, which is popular and charmingly old school.An outstanding assortment of textbooks, reference guides, and self-help books may be found here.

There are also millions of periodicals, comics, and newspapers at your fingertips.You can read on the go while exploring new releases, manga, and audiobooks.You can purchase what you require, download the information, and begin reading immediately.

Amazon Kindle’s Best Features

• Change the font, text style, reading direction, and margins to your liking.

• Use the built-in dictionary to look up the definitions of unfamiliar words.

• Take notes and bookmark locations you’d like to return to

• Keep track of your reading progress • Zoom-in text and high-definition images

•Get notified whenever one of your favourite authors publishes a new work.

Sync your books and magazines between different devices.

28. Kahoot

(Kahoot) is a game in which players competeKahoot is a great place to start if you think interactive quizzes are the best method to learn something new.Hundreds of pre-made quizzes on a variety of subjects, topics, and concepts are available in the app.When students properly answer a question, they experience an adrenaline rush.They merely need to choose a topic and take part in live quizzes with other users.

Kahoot, one of the best learning apps, successfully speeds and makes the learning process highly exciting.You can also make your own quizzes and challenge your friends to them.

Kahoot’s Best Features

• Speed up the learning process

• Play and study at the same time

• Take quizzes and discover how far you can get

• Host games on big screens by creating your own quiz and inviting your friends to compete.

• Locate quizzes on any subject and study on the go 29.

29. Wikipedia



Do you recall how we used to stock up on various volumes of the Encyclopedia?Learning has gone digital with the introduction of technology, and there is far too much material available online.Wikipedia is a great source for people who don’t want to view adverts, as well as one of the best learning apps.

Wikipedia is your one-stop shop for reading about anything under the sun, whether it’s pop culture, history, science, or academia.If there is a strange or technical idea that you wish to comprehend in layman’s terms, go to Wikipedia. You will not be disappointed.

So, are you up for having access to millions of articles?

Wikipedia’s Best Features

• It’s available in over 300 languages

• There are millions of entries on any subject imaginable

• No ads

• Offline reading

• Free unlimited access

• Night mode is available

• Quick search options to locate what you’re looking for


It is never late to learn something/anything new.Increasing our knowledge and learning a new talent are never out of style.Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives and are a wonderful learning tool.You can learn any subject you’ve always wanted to learn, from technical disciplines to creative ones for professional development.
We have also compiled a checklist of the best learning apps available on Google Play and the iOS app store, including science, space, geography, arithmetic, and coding.

All of the best educational apps on this list are compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones.You may get them from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, and then go exploring.Some of these also keep track of your progress.Learning on the fly has never been easier thanks to the digital era.

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