Top 10 Best Plex Alternative You Can Use In 2020

This article will explain plex alternative. DVDFab Player 6 is a dreaming multi-media playback software that plays DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs, ISO files, and film folders with native navigation menus. One of the most reputed house media sharing and managing solutions is Plex Media Server; however, some options can help you get all your online and regional media lined up.

Top 10 Best Plex Alternative You Can Use In 2020

In this article, you can know about plex alternative here are the details below;

A trusted Plex alternative device will assist save movies and apps on a central server that can supply access from anywhere. These can be caught on TELEVISION, phones, computers, or iPads. Lots of people, nevertheless, search for a free option to Plex. There are several Plex like a media server apps.

If you wish to looks at efficient and simple streaming media options in the areas listed below, we talk about trusted Plex alternative solutions.

1. Serviio

plex alternative

This acts as a freemium offering that can supports Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems. It can stream media files of various types of but for home-based DLNA devices. Media files can be streamed onto video game consoles, Television Set, mobile phones as well as Blu-Ray gamers.

2. Kodi

plex alternative

Also known as XBMC, this is an open-source and complimentary cross-platform software application service that functions as an entertainment center and a software application media player. It can be a hassle-free digital media source for home theatre PCs and function as one of the free alternatives to Plex Alternatives. This particular software application media option provides compatibility across several hardware platforms and PC operating systems.

3. MediaPortal

plex alternative

This particular platform acts as a media option that can change data saved in PCs into customized media. It can offer connections between PCs, and users can likewise get multimedia files onto their TELEVISION from PC.

4. Emby

plex alternative

This platform can handle all your media to allow streaming and download of metadata and the artwork. Media files can be quickly shared through this platform with individuals you invite to share. It normally supplies access to sources that are reputable such as and If there are server-based activities around you, it alerts you of the same.

5. JRiver Library

plex alternative

This is a service platform for all multimedia, which can help organize all types of media content. It can be played on different media operating systems and digital gadgets. This specific platform is offered for users of Windows as well as Mac OS X users. These individuals can build libraries by themselves to organize the various type of media files.

6. Universal Media Server

plex alternative

This multimedia platform acts as DLNA assistance. It can support the streaming of medias of different types in addition to formats. Universal Media Server likewise functions as a multi-platform base for video game consoles, PlayStations, smartphones, Blu-ray gamers, and DVDs. It comes as a programms that is free for usage.

7. Mezzmo

This particular service functions as a media server that is DLNA based. It is a multi-platform and helps to stream media of different formats. It can help support the streaming of various kinds of media files that can reach UPnP and DLNA devices. It can handle HD videos, 3D videos, photos, TV shows, movies, and others.

8. Windows Media Services

This specific service offers media streaming. It supports control, along with the generation of media files. The only limitation is that Windows Media Services can support only Windows Media, JPEG, and MP3 formats.

9. MediaTomb

This is a media server for UPnP that is open source and freeware. It has a straightforward web-based user interface. MediaTomb works on a UPnPMedia server platform that provides access to different sorts of digital media submit that can be streamed onto the house network.

10. TVersity

This is a media server that is DLNA based; it can assist stream multimedia information from PC to smartphones, DLNA, and UPnP devices. This service supply functions like screen mirroring and media sharing. It is also a leader of actual time transcoding.

The Best Media Server Hardware

Besides the above services that can function as an option to the Plex media server, DVDFab Film Server is available. What you get with this media server hardware 4K multimedia services that consist of playback and handling of motion picture files.

The features of this solution include cutting edge innovation such as 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD navigation menu playback. There are all kinds of audio assistance of different formats and alternatives to manage smart media of various kinds of Plex Alternatives. This service likewise consists of a poster wall feature. These are all aspects that are wanted by video geeks or film fans.

With its poster wall and wise filtering feature, one can quickly find any motion picture they want to enjoy and no requirement to lose time searching out physical storage devices.


With the different Plex Alternatives options discussed above, you can go with a solution or service as per your particular media streaming requirements and the platform compatibility you are looking for.


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