Pixieset Is The Best Online Gallery for Photographers Complete Guide

This article show detail regarding pixieset. Early on in our photography company, we chose that delivering images to our customers through an online gallery would be significantly superior to sending out a USB flash drive after each session.

While we send out flash drives for larger galleries (such as wedding image galleries– which can have upwards of 1,000 images and take up 16GB+ of space!), always the first thing to end up in front of our customer’s eyes is the online gallery format. In the easiest terms– an online gallery permits immediate access to the pictures and can be a method to present the images in a more concise and lovely manner.

Pixieset Is The Best Online Gallery for Photographers Complete Guide

In this article, you can know about pixieset here are the details below;

Our search for right online gallery platform was relatively easy. We checked out a variety of services, including SmugMug, Zenfolio, Shoot Proof, and so on– we eventually ended up deciding to go with Pixieset as it jived most heavily with what we need in an online gallery system.

While we are not working to go into a great deal of information comparing Pixieset to other platforms (we will save that for another series of posts), we are going to reveal to you how Pixieset deals with the backend for professional photographer users, and also, display how the gallery winds up looking once it’s in the hands of your customers.

Our goal will be to be as detailed as possible to offer you an in-depth guide that can help you choose whether Pixieset will be the best digital photo gallery platforms for you.

Our Guide to Using Pixieset

At it’s most simple form, the Pixieset is an online gallery service that enables you to publish images and send it to your clients to examine, download, and even buy physical prints through an integrated store. It has an easy to use the interface that harbors some covert secrets that can, even more, boost both your experience as you can toggle on and off specific things (such as security settings) and the experience of your clients who have an elegant representation of their images.

Our specific usage case originates from our photography service, where we host a lot of wedding events, engagement, and portrait galleries throughout the year. We have also offered images to wedding event locations and other suppliers with more restricted access rights. We have even utilized it to show proof to a large commercial customer we did contract photography for (The Film Tavern).

As you can view, we have done a lot with our galleries, and as a result, have much experience learning more about the ins and outs of Pixieset– so can display the included value it can have on your photography company.

Overview of Features

Right now, we are going to breaks down, Pixieset into its most significant parts. We supply this as an outline for what is to come throughout the rest of this post; feel free to avoid around to the things that most interest you– or review whatever so you can have the most thorough view of what it needs to offer you.

  • – Client galleries (called “Collections”).
  • – Logos & Branding.
  • – Watermark Options.
  • – Design settings.
  • – Security settings.
  • – Online Store.
  • – Create cost sheets & choose your products.
  • – Choose your vendor.
  • – Pixieset App.

Client Galleries.

The “support” of Pixieset is the client galleries.

The major reasones why you will be looking at an online gallery service is for this. All other functions are simply additions to this, and the functions found on Pixieset and how they are implemented are why we have chosen to opt for it. These features are needed to be built on a solid structure.

Our expectation with any digitals gallery is that the content we upload is done so in a protected and in an environment that will be stable and quickly available by both our customers and us. Usually speaking, this is not a problem for any of the most respectable gallery choices out there, including Pixieset, as you may expect.


To get started with establishing your very first online gallery on Pixieset, you will need an account (strategies vary from complimentary to 40$ per month when billed annually). By registering through our link, you get an additional 250MB of storage immediately to your account.

When you have your account prepared to go, you will want to drop into the Settings area; actually, click to upload your logo and other brand imaging if you’d like (as seen in the image below). These items will exist in different online gallery locations, and watermarks will be included when defined to image uploads (frequently for providing evidence).


As soon as finished with the setup, simply click the “New Collection” button to start adding an actual gallery. Standard collection settings will include images to a “Highlights” photo set, though you can quickly add differents sets as you see fit.

For smaller sessions, we normally justs keep this as the standard– though for big day galleries, which can have many images in them, we typically break the pictures down into the main parts of the day. Our sets would look something like this.

  • – Getting Ready.
  • – Bride & Groom Portraits.
  • – Bridal Party & Family Formal Portraits.
  • – Ceremony.
  • – Reception.

You can see this in similar breakdown in a more recent wedding event gallery we provided in the image listed below.


Packing the pictures into the gallery set( s) is easy enough, though if you have a lot of photos, it can take a little time (this is most likely reliant both on Pixieset’s uploader and your web speed). We’ll typically start filling things for very large galleries before going to sleep to get a jump start on things. Not truly a “problem” for us, but something to bear in mind.

As soon as your images are all uploaded, the customization and versatility Pixieset has to provide can be explored in more information. We will break these down in more further detail now.


Collection settings.

In “Collection Settings,” you have access to some of the more basic, however, required items you will want to control in your online gallery. You can change the Collection Name, Event Date, Collection URL, and other elements. Suppose you want to organize your Pixieset galleries. In that case, you can add tags like “wedding” or “engagement session” to keep like galleries together when viewed from the home page (which may or may not be made accessible to others, depending on how you want to set it up).

The most substantial settings we regularly change are Auto Expiry, EmailEmail Registration, and Gallery Assist.

Auto Expiry.

While we initially would enable galleries to remain online indefinitely, we discovered this to not make good sense as even in the highest-paid plans, we might still run out of the area. Virtually speaking, many customers just communicate with their online galleries quickly after preliminary delivery, possibly having fixed printed if needed for wedding welcomes or thank you notes, and sometimes leading up to their anniversary.

With little galleries, it’s simple enough for clients to download and have sufficient storage space– while with substantial wedding event galleries, the offered flash drives we give provide our customers with a physical medium where all their images will be housed.

While you will want to define your standards, we have used keeping smaller sized sessions readily available for three months from shipment– and wedding event galleries online for one year from shipment. Naturally, it goes without stating that if you choose to end galleries in this way, you should make sure to have all of your client’s galleries backed up on an external disk drive. We normally doubles and even triple backup our photos throughout various HD’s and computers.

Email Registration.

As the name implies, Email Registration is an alternative that can be toggled on/off and can be utilized to need that guests that visit the gallery page input an email. While we do not require this ourselves, it can be a helpful system to see (potentially anyways– depending upon the email address) seeing a specific gallery. You may see a familiar email like that of the customer. Still, you may likewise discover friends and family visiting too– as the client can share their gallery link with anybody they please.

As a more advanced user, you might also utilize this data to include individuals in your newsletter. You will wish to review Pixieset’s article about collection email addresses and consider using a subscriber list service like MailChimp (which needs a Double-Opt-In).


Gallery Assist.

Lastly, “Gallery Assist” is another choice that can be toggled on/off– though we keep this on at all times. This results in a basic pop-up that shows whenever someone goes to see the gallery, which walks through the standard performance.

It offers a quick summary of how to download images, share with family and friends, pick favorites, in which buying prints is a choice through this service.

While all components are useful in supplying our customers with the best experience once they get their galleries– the reference of being able to buy prints at this (frequently highly psychological moment in the gallery shipment procedure) has, in fact, likely, converted several sales for us.

We say this as individuals who do not highlight physical print or album sales ourselves.



The design choices present in Pixieset provide the ability for you to control how your images show in your client galleries. These can be personalized for each gallery if you so desire. You can select the cover image– which is the first image to show to your client when they open their gallery.

In the “Gallery Style” click, you can control whether to emphasize picture or landscape images, set the background color theme to either white or black (aid with contrasts and how the images are perceived depending upon the general color of the images you supply), and select the thumbnail size that fits you.

The design function is really basic but makes for an effective method to showcase your work in a manner in which is clean and modern-day while permitting some versatility to personalize.

Personal privacy.

Worldwide we live where personal privacy issues have been at the leading edge of many peoples minds. This is something we hold in high value when it comes to your online galleries.

Luckily, with Pixieset, providing online galleries to your clients that are protected is easy to do.

You can consist of a password requirement (and you set the password). You can likewise take things even more and restrict access to just your clients, and provide the ability to mark certain photos or sets of photos as private (so unable to be accessed by anyone else).

When giving a client exclusive gain access to, you can likewise make it possible for a secondary password that is entered in addition to the Collection password. While you might not feel this is required for every gallery type (and it might be seen as an inconvenience by your client), if you are preparing to use Pixieset for boudoir photo galleries– it might be something to seriously think about given the increased want for personal privacy in these sorts of sets by a lot of clients.


For your clients, the abilities to download their images is most likely the most important so they can put them to utilize by buying prints, showing pals & family on social networks, and conserve them to their computers and external hard disk drives. Pixieset uses an assortment of choices to make certain your customers are getting the data you want them to have when downloading.

In some cases, you may want to disable the downloading at all– such as restricting this function when sending a gallery of proofs for your customer to select from. The download size choices can likewise be offered with your choice of 1– 3 file sizes: Original (Full Resolution), High Resolution (3600px), and Web Size (2048px).

As we typically describe to our customers, you will want the initial file size to see all of the details or have an image printed, such as on canvases or in an album. Additionally, if you just want to share on Facebook, you will desire the smaller file sizes outputted for the web.

Including another layer of security, you can likewise add a requirement for a download pin # to be inputted before any images that can be downloaded.

In the Advanced Options section, by enabling “email tracking,” you will be alerted each time a gallery or image is downloaded. This is typically a helpful way to check that a customer has, in truth, got their images or if they are sharing them through Pixieset with loved ones.


Enabling your clients to favorite images, and develop favorite image lists, is a simple way to get them interacting with their online picture gallery. As professional photographers supplying these images as a final product, it’s constantly cool to see the photos they choose– sometimes even selecting a large number of images. It can be truly declaring on our end that our work is of high quality.

It is, of course, in the interest of the clients as well, for when they return to the gallery to have simple access to the images, they consider their favorites. In addition to the client’s ability to establish favorite lists on their own, you can likewise create some in addition to a means of interaction that might be desired after gallery shipment.

For instance, one way we use favorite lists is for the purpose of putting together a wedding event album for our client. The method this works is easy– click the “Produce Favorite List” icon, and fill in the required fields. In our case, we might desire an optimum of 30 images to be used in the album, and this is an easy method to restrict the customer to need to just select 30 images.


Most likely, the most basic of all of the functions on Pixieset, your customer can share their images through major social networks platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +) as well as through direct links through email. This can be done on private images and complete gallery sets.

While it might be obvious, this is a necessary method to allow customers to utilize their images as they wish to. There is actually no lack of advantage to your service either as they share with others, as this is among the very best parts about customers sharing their pictures– other individuals see them, and wish to know who the professional photographer is and have their photos done, too!.


In our opinion, the store function of the Pixieset gallery is what makes it so important to us as a company owner.

Its application into the design is extremely non-intrusive– so if your clients don’t seem like purchasing things through your storefront, they aren’t forced to.

However, there is a serious value-added to just have it therein, as often clients will make purchases– and much more often when they share with mommy, papa, or an extended relative– those individuals will be the ones to buy as gifts. We’ve seen this on a couple of events ourselves, and it is constantly an invited surprise.

The way the Pixieset store works is like this.

  • – You define your rate sheet by populating what products you will be using and just how much you will charge for them. This permits you to clearly see what printing expenses will be and just how much profit you would make per sale.
  • – You can likewise choose what supplier will print your items. You can read more about this procedure on Pixieset in their Frequently Asked Question article– What Are My Satisfaction Options? In other words: you can either self-fulfill orders (significance you collect the payment and put an order with any print studio you desire), or you can have orders fulfilled through Pixieset partners (presently: WHCC, ProDPII, Miller’s, Mpix, and Loxley Colour). In our experience, we have orders satisfied through WHCC– and haven’t had concerns.
  • – Once all of this is set, your clients can order straight through their gallery by clicking the image and clicking “Purchase Image.” It then brings them to the pop-up page (seen in the image above) to choose the specific product they want. When total, they can go to an easy order page (akin to shopping on Amazon or any other online merchant) and check out.

As you can see, it is actually a great feature that compliments the lovely galleries you are currently sharing. As expert photographers, it is likewise a way to include some level of control over where customers are printing their pictures– as you can verify the good quality of the print labs, and recommend to your customers to stay away from huge box shops like CVS or Wal-Mart that typically output poor quality prints.

Pixieset Mobile Gallery App.

If, after reading the phrase “Pixieset application,” you were thinking we were simply going to speak about a mobile version of Pixieset with all of the very same functions: you are wrong. The Pixieset mobile gallery app is, really, a service you can offer to your customer to showcase highlights of your work in a strict mobile area.

As you need to expect, the mobile application is enhanced for use on phones and other mobile devices like a tablet such as the iPad. It can be tailored for each client gallery and be provided in an easy download link on their phone.

The gallery app consists of a number of the exact same features they would find on their routine online gallery, but with the benefit of it being housed offline (so they do not require a wi-fi or information network to gain access to).


Pixieset has ended up being a core staple of our business, and its platform is in lots of methods very much reflective of our end product.

When viewed likes this, you can see how having the ideal online gallery shipment platform is so essential as a photographer. In the past few years of our use of Pixieset, we have had no issues or obstacles, and in fact, during conferences with prospective clients– it is something we like to show off, and we consistently get favorable feedback about how the galleries look and are easy to use.

We hope you have actually found our in-depth take a look at Pixieset to be valuable to your understanding of what this service provides. In our viewpoint, formed through years of use, it truly is the very best online gallery for photographers & their customers.

If you need to sign up for Pixieset to start with a totally free account or go up to a paid represent additional storage space, consider using our link. Thanks !!.

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