Does Picuki Show Private Stories And Profiles Of Instagram In 2024

Does Picuki Show Private Stories And Profiles Of Instagram will be described in this article. Instagram anonymous story viewer Picuki is quite famous among IG users. Here are numerous Instagram story viewers but they usually offer limited features and don’t show private stories. However, Picuki is quite famous for its wide range of tools.

Does Picuki Show Private Stories And Profiles Of Instagram In 2024

In this article, you can know about Picuki Show Private Stories here are the details below;

In the article, Picuki best points, guide, features, es, and drawbacks will be discussed. Hence, after reading this blog, one can be sure what to expect from this site.

What’s Picuki?

What’s Picuki

Picuki is an Instagram support app, which lets a user view stories without letting the algorithm catch them, downloading videos, posts, and stalking. This platform is available to everyone, without any subscription or any software installment.

One just needs to open it and start using its tools. As there are no private tools on Instagram to hide their views on videos, and stories. Hence, this tool comes in need. One can employ it when they’re having a problem with their friends and aren’t talking to each other but still want to watch their stories.

Hence, this comes in handy. Additionally, it’s beneficial for various other purposes including stalking a crush or the person you like.

How Does Picuki Work?

Picuki bypasses Instagram security and alogrithinin by accessing its Application programming interface. This enables the platform to focus on private and public platforms both. Numerous anonymous Instagram viewer tools only show the public stories.

Hence, after opening this platform one can search for the private stories they want to watch on Instagram by following these steps;

  • Open the Picuki website on the browser or search this IP address
  • Open Instagram and copy the link to that account’s profile.
  • Paste profile URL into the search bar.
  • Click on the view profile on the screen.
  • View the account, and go through posts, videos, and stories. One can also download them with just a click.

Features of Picuki

Some notable features of Picuki are;

Viewing Private Profiles

Viewing Private Profiles

It’s better to respect people’s privacy and don’t peek inside private profiles. But not everyone thinks the same and some situations enable a person to view private stories anonymously.

This tool is for those people who are using it for branding purposes or some other reasons, so they can watch someone’s story without letting them know that they’re watching it.

Viewing Personal Stories

Many of the Instagram accounts are personal and their profiles are inaccessible to everyone, particularly to the ones who don’t follow them. One can watch their friends, opponents, rivals, or competitors’ stories without letting them know through this feature. Also check buy instagram account.

Downloading posts, Reels, and Stories

This website Picuki has tools that help one in downloading posts, reels, stories, and videos. One just needs to add their links in the search bar, wait for them to load, and click on the download button. That content will be added to your library or gallery after it’s downloaded.

Editing Photographs

One can also edit photographs with different filters and stickers. One can also add text and other transitions to the pictures and make them look glamorous and sparkling. This makes the pictures more beautiful than they are and the users can post them confidently.

Analytics and Search

There are also search and analytics options including searching through hashtags, locations, and specific profiles. Likewise, one can also observe their insights, followers, and engagement they have with other accounts.

What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Picuki?

Picuki has one benefit that makes it the first choice among its alternatives, access to private stories without following the account. Some other benefits are underlined below;

  • One can view private profiles and their content without following them.
  • Downloading Instagram photos and videos easily with just a click on the website.
  • Searching for IG users, posts, reels, and hashtags with developed filters. This also helps in tracking competitors and brand evaluation on the app for monetizing the content.
  • One can also glamorize their photos with various filters and effects using the Picuki editor and post them on the app.
  • Analyzing the Instagram profile, receiving insights, managing followers, and observing engagement are also included in its tools.
  • Viewing Instagram private account stories anonymously
  • It is an authorized and 100% secure platform for accessing Instagram content without getting caught by the IG algorithms.
  • User-friendly; easy to use and navigate,
  • Does not require any prior software installation for accessing its tools.
  • Free of cost.


As there are various benefits of the website, there might be some drawbacks as well including;

  • This website isn’t approved by Instagram.
  • May violate Instagram’s terms of service which include keeping privacy secure and steady.
  • This may put your Instagram account at risk if one has provided their information to the website.

Is Picuki Safe to Use?

Picuki is safe to use as it doesn’t require any personal info from its users like their identity, name, location, contact details, or Instagram profile specifics. Hence, one shouldn’t provide the information to them as well. This platform works anonymously, therefore, it serves itself from the community guidelines of IG. Also check What is an installment loan

Until, Instagram doesn’t know that this profile user is watching or leaking private content, no action is taken against them and they remain safe with their account remaining unrestricted.


Picuki is an anonymous Instagram story viewer platform for observing both private and public profiles. One can also employ various tools to enhance their monitoring of the IG account and download content through its unique components. This user-friendly platform will be the best option for all anonymous Instagram users.

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