Top 10 Best Free PC Optimizer Software in 2024

PC optimizer is one of the fundamental software for your computer, so it helps you reach the best performance on your system. No matter what configuration, your PC has, it slows down subsequently. Locating and removing useless files and applications on your PC manual operation can be a complete waste of time.

Besides, you would not have to mess with a built-in system for maintaining tools while optimizing your PC. Therefore, you need to have a free optimization device on your PC to reach things done. PC Optimization software recovers space on the disk through deleting junk files, unwanted caches, and cookies of a go, thus enhancing the system’s performance.

There are some of the beneficial PC optimizer software for Windows available in the market, as can help you according to optimize your Windows System among no time.

Top 10 Best PC Optimizer Software

To clear up the confusion of selecting the great, we have listed some of the quality PC optimization software program for you.

  1. Advanced System Optimizer
  2. AVG PC TuneUp
  3. Norton Utilities
  4. Piriform CCleaner
  5. Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2019
  6. Glary Utilities Pro 5
  7. Iolo System Mechanic
  8. IObit Advanced SystemCare
  9. SlimCleaner Free
  10. The PC Decrapifier

Advanced System Optimizer

pc optimizer

It is considered as the fine optimizer on your Windows 10, which available in both loose and paid versions. It gets rid of unnecessary documents from the pc which facilitates in improving the speed of the PC.

Features of Advanced System Optimizer

  • It gets rid of old and obsolete files from the problematic power, and at the side of it, it also gets rid of the leftover documents of the uninstalled applications.
  • If you are a game lover, then this software program is excellent for you because it stops all of the notifications, and shall we experience the game to the fullest, and with a single click, you could switch between computer mode and recreation mode.
  • Updates the old drivers to hold your gadget as much as date.
  • It protects your device from viruses and adware and helps you to fragment your disk to make use of the drive to its maximum.


pc optimizer

This is a multi functional software, AVG PC Tune Up, is not simplest a Windows optimizer device, however, is also packed with a lot of other features such as uninstaller. You can uninstall any undesirable application on your pc based on usability, ratings, heuristic algorithms, and more.

Features of AVG TuneUp

  • It mechanically updates the previous software on your laptop.
  • Removes unnecessary documents that free up the disk area and accelerates the Windows.
  • The device conserves the battery of your laptop.
  • It is also available for your Mac and Android devices.

Norton Utilities

pc optimizer

Norton Utilities is undoubtedly one of the first-class PC optimizer software for Windows as it not simplest optimizes the gadget but also enables you to preserve virtual privacy. If you are a gamer, photograph editor, or watch streaming videos, the device is proper for your device as it optimizes processing power, severe power, and reminiscence for the best experience.

Features of Norton Utilities

  • it cleans and removes old and redundant files to hurry up your computer.
  • A simple software which cleans your fierce drive by locating and doing away with duplicate files
  • Norton Utilities comes with the preset profiles, which have all the perfect settings to get the excellent overall performance from your Windows.

Piriform CCleaner

pc optimizer

Piriform CCleaner is a Windows optimizer tool that enables you to smooth your PC and maintain the device organized. It not only optimizes your laptop however additionally protect s your privacy

Features of Piriform CCleaner

  • The device efficaciously keeps all your drivers updated, removing the opportunity of protection loopholes.
  • It eliminates your browser search history & cookies. Consequently, your online browser, your identity remains private.
  • This tool removes invalid registries and damaged settings to maintain your PC stable.
  • It additionally allows you to control startup programs, which makes your machine faster.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2019

pc optimizer

One of the best device optimizers, Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2019, facilitates you to defend, and optimize your PC to beautify overall performance and privateness on your device. In a single click, it removes muddle and redundant data.

Features of Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2019

  • It allows you to tune your net connection and manage startup apps.
  • You can uninstall unwanted packages and apps in no time.
  • Enables you to personalize your PC settings, such as privateness settings, edit shortcuts, and more.
  • It takes a backup of your registry so that if any tweak is going wrong, then you could undo the actions.

Glary Utilities Pro 5

pc optimizer

Glary Utilities Pro five is one of the exceptional utility gear to optimize your PC, a one-stop solution when it comes to solving registries, system cleaning, or privacy protection, and it may do it all.

Features of Glary Utilities Pro 5

  • It improves your laptop pace and fixes crashes and errors.
  • This device comes with one-click functionality alongside with secure automated options.
  • It not most competent makes your gadget speedy and comfortable but also safeguards your privacy.
  • The tool scans and examines your PC problems speedy and thorough.

Iolo System Mechanic

pc optimizer

Iolo System Mechanic is one in every of the pleasant Windows optimizer equipment, which enables in making your PC run faster.

Features of Iolo System Mechanic

  • It boosts the machine pace and therefore enhances the machine performance.
  • The tool removes bloatware and repairs troubles in your PC.
  • It increases Internet Speed and gives privacy and security.
  • This device declutters your pc by casting off useless data.

IObit Advanced SystemCare

pc optimizer

One of the excellent PC optimization software for Windows, IObit Advanced SystemCare, lets you repair the sluggish and slow performance troubles of your machine. This tool maintains an eye on the RAM, CPU, and Disk situations of the PC in real-time.

Features of IObit Advanced SystemCare

  • This software will beautify the speed of your PC because it removes all forms of junk documents and additionally removes the non-public information.
  • It boosts net velocity and makes the net connection secure by blockading malicious attacks.
  • Detects all hidden accesses on your sensitive facts along with neighborhood email facts, contacts, and restricts untrusted applications from trying.
  • If you have got a Camera with your laptop, this software captures a photo of that character who attempts to interfere with your pc without your permission.

SlimCleaner Free

pc optimizer

SlimCleaner Free is one among the exceptional unfastened PC tune-up software program which uses a crowdsourced approach to smooth and optimizes Windows computer for loose. With the premium version of the device, you can unlock plenty of advanced capabilities that allow in PC’s maintenance.

Features of SlimCleaner Free

  • It is the most effective cleaners which remove all the unwanted documents that might slow down your laptop.
  • It allows you to discover unwanted packages and startups in some seconds.
  • It additionally has an uninstaller software program that must get entry to SlimWare Utilities’ network feedback, opinions, and comments. So, it compares the feedback and recommends you which one’s software program to hold or remove.
  • It has a disk def rag function which permits you to manipulate the disk area for your Windows.

The PC Decrapifier

pc optimizer

One of the satisfactory PC optimizer software programs, the PC Decrapifier, allows you to take away unwanted files out of your Windows and is additionally to be had for unfastened. The tool has a smooth and intuitive interface and is straightforward to apply.

Features of The PC Decrapifier

  • This Windows 10 optimizer does not want to be established on your computer to work, and you could run it off through USB, saving heaps of time.
  • It facilitates you to get rid of undesirable programs, startup gadgets to make your Windows run faster.
  • The software program is very smooth to use and does not delete something without your approval.
  • It allows you to test the tips with the aid of different users before deleting an unknown application.

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