Most Popular CBD Marketing Methods of 2022

Coming up with effective marketing methods for CBD products can require some clever thinking. While many leading platforms are now coming around to the idea of allowing businesses to advertise products, there can be many hoops to jump through. If the time has come to push your products and ensure as many customers as possible can see what you have to offer, consider trying some of the most popular CBD marketing methods of 2022.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a fast-growing way for CBD businesses offering quality products from manufacturers like Joy Organics to get their name out in the public arena. This marketing technique involves aligning yourself with someone who has a significant online following and paying them to show off your products to their followers. As many social media users spend countless hours browsing the various platforms, it’s likely not surprising that the influencer market value has doubled since 2019 to nearly $14 billion in 2021.

Email Marketing

When you’re on a limited budget but still want to appeal to as many potential customers as possible, you may like to explore email marketing. This option can be practical for business owners who already have people signed up to receive marketing materials.

Many different free or inexpensive platforms allow you to create templated newsletters and send them out with deals and information. According to some studies, companies generate $42 for every dollar they invest in email marketing.


Not all reputable platforms allow CBD to be sold through them, but Shopify is the exception to the rule. You can sell your goods through this e-commerce company, but only if you abide by their rules and regulations.

You must fill out an Attestation for the Sale of Hemp and Hemp-Derived Products form and confirm that your products don’t have medicinal or therapeutic benefits unless the FDA has approved them. You will also be required to turn off your SMS notifications and use an integrated third-party payment gateway rather than Shopify Payments.

Create Content

While time-consuming, creating content for your CBD business might be how you make it easier for prospective purchasers to find your wares in online search results. The more time and effort you dedicate to blog posts, web content, product descriptions, and articles, the more likely you can be seen as an authority in the online CBD industry.

Consider Podcasts

With so many rules, regulations, and limitations around where you can advertise CBD, you may see the freedom of podcasts as a breath of fresh air. CBD business owners may like to purchase air time on podcasts and even pay podcast producers to try their products and endorse them.

While many podcasts won’t accept money and programming from CBD companies, there are still plenty that will. Start listening to podcasts that align with your views, and consider approaching them with your marketing plans once you’re sure they have the following you’re looking to target.

There’s no denying that marketing CBD products in 2022 can be challenging, especially with regulations changing all the time. However, these are just a few of the many options you still have at your disposal. Now might be the right time to revisit your marketing plan.

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