Fixed Invalid Value For Registry Error In Windows 10

Are you dealing with ‘Invalid value for registry‘ error when attempting to open an image in Windows 10? You might come across a comparable mistake message trying to open photos, pdf, music, or any other kind of file. If you are getting this mistake when trying to open an image, merely resetting the Photos application will resolve this problem on your computer. Follow these actions to do so.

Fixed Invalid Value For Registry Error In Windows 10

In this article, you can know the fix regarding invalid value for registry here are the detail below;

Repair 1– Reset Photos App.

  1. Press Windows secret+ I to open the Settings windows.
  2. Scroll down then click on “Apps.”

invalid value for registry

  1. Then, click on “Applications & features.”
  2. After that, on the right hand side of the Settings window, click the Search box and type “Photos.”
  3. Next, just click on the “Photos” from the search result, and after that again, click on “Advanced choices.”

invalid value for registry

  1. Now, Click on Repair to fix it.

invalid value for registry

Now, attempt once again; if it still does not work, then attempt to reset it.

  1. Now, scroll down the Photos settings and click the “Reset” to reset the default state application.
  2. Once again, click on “Reset” to confirm the resetting process.

invalid value for registry

Restart your computer system.

As soon as the Photos application is reset, attempt to open the image again on your pc. This time you will be able to see the image.

Repair 2– Using computer registry editor.

  1. Press the Windows key from your keyboard.
  2. Then, type “Regedit” and press the ‘Enter’ crucial.

invalid value for registry

  1. Now, before doing anything with the registry editors, just Click on File > Export to take a backup, and after that, proceed with the next step.
  2. Go to the following course in the windows registry editor.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ SOFT-WARE \ Classes \ Local Settings \ Software \ Microsoft \ Window’s \ CurrentVersion \ AppModel \ Repository \ Families \ Microsoft.Windows.Photos _ 8wekyb3d8bbwe.

  1. Now, erase every key present in the form of Microsoft.Window’s.Photos from the expands list.

Do not worry about the keys as they will once again appear there when you close the computer system ‘Invalid value for registry editor and restart your PC. So, after that, simply Reboot your Computer.

Your problem ought to be fixed.

Repair 3– Using SFC/ SCANNOW.

  1. Browse CMD in the windows ten search box and right-click on the “Command Prompt” and select run as administrator.

  1. Now, type “SFC/scan now” and struck the Enter key.

Wait on the command to get performed totally.

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