The 10 Best HRMS For Human Resource Management In 2022

Organizations of all sizes utilize human resource management systems, aka HRMS, to support various HR responsibilities. In this piece, I’ll go over a handful of the finest HRMS to assist you decide which is ideal for your company’s needs.

What Is An HRMS (Human Resources Management System)?

Human resource management systems are programming solutions that use automation, collaboration, and data to aid in the management of human resources. Application tracking, workforce management, payment, perks, time tracking, and performance management are all common uses for HRMS.

Because they’re such crucial tools, it’s worth taking the time to research around before settling on the best option for your company.

In 2022, what will be the finest HRMS for management of human resources?

Here’s a rundown of the finest human resources management software:

Overviews of the 10 Best HRMS Software

 Here’s a quick rundown of each of the HR management systems on this top 10 list.

1. Sapling – HR Onboarding Software

Starting at $4.92 per month per user

Sapling is the best HRMS for medium-sized businesses (50-2,000 employees)

The 10 Best HRMS For Human Resource Management In 2022, as seen on Sapling

At every level of the hiring process, the widget makes it simple to keep records of your new hires.

Sapling is a conducted mainly platform designed for mid-market enterprises with many locations throughout the world. Onboarding, offboarding, and leveraging people data across current systems may all be automated with this solution.

Sapling helps users to create automated recruitment and onboarding operations. People workflows can be automatically assigned to team members depending on their geography, sector, and employment status.

End-users can build individual profiles, and team members can manage and store people data and construct org charts.

Sapling has native interfaces with a number of different applications, like applicant tracking, payroll system, hour tracking system, and more. For further integration options, the tool also provides an API and webhooks.

Sapling’s onboarding module starts at $4.92 per user per month, and the complete core HRIS service starts at $6.99 per user per month for 100 users.


Workflows that are fully customised and automated

Compatible with a variety of tools

People data is stored in a centralised location, which has some drawbacks.

Small businesses should avoid it.

There is no on-premise installation and there is no freemium version.

2. Connecteam – Employee App for Deskless Teams

Connecteam logo 14-day trial from $39/month

Connecteam is the best HRMS for distributed employees since it is mobile-first.

Connecteams is a portable HRMS that allows you to access your data and collaborate with your team from anywhere.

Connecteam is an all-in-one HRMS that allows HR professionals, employee supervisors, and business owners to interact, manage, onboard, and educate non-desk employees from anywhere.

Connecteam is a wonderful fit for any firm where employees don’t spend all of their professional time in the office. It’s accessible on mobile devices, desktop, and as a kiosk application for tablets. Connecteam is used by thousands of organisations across dozens of industries to interact with and manage their mobile workforce, from retail and eateries to industrial, building, field technicians, and healthcare.

A dedicated employee effective communication with targeted updates, activities with respect features, surveys, polls, feedback form to collect employee feedback, searchable company directory, organisational chat, coaching and onboarding capabilities, a corporation library, timekeeping, digital forms and checklists, quick tasks, and more are all combined in a single app and available for no additional cost.

Connecteam is intended for the out of use, even on the go, and it’s highly intuitive, easy to use, configurable, and easy to set up, so it’ll be up and running in no time. Connecteam is a one-stop shop for HR and staff managers who want to go paperless and streamline daily tasks, improve team communication, improve employee engagement, and save time & expense by reducing operational friction.

Connecteam is available for a one-time charge of $39 per month. They also provide a 14-day free trial.


Excellent user experience with an easy-to-use interface

Signing up does not necessitate the use of a work email address.

Solution that is all-in-one and mobile-first.

There is a one-time price for approximately 50 users, with no additional charges for additional services.

Cons: Extremely customizable

There are no features for tracking applicants.

Only while clocked in does live location tracking work.

Payroll processing necessitates the use of an external solution.

3. – Employee Management System for HR is an HRMS platform that uses drag-and-drop technology to allow HR teams to create and execute all of their HR operations and workflows. The programme also comes with a number of HR-specific templates to help you get started.

With embedded forms that automatically record all important contact details, the solution helps hiring managers to keep track of their recruiting pipelines and track applications. Members of the team can change the status of candidates’ applications as they progress through all the hiring process, offering real measure of knowledge for all available positions. also has an onboarding template that covers all the events and texts that newcomers will require during their first weeks on the job. No-code automations are also used in the onboarding template to alert appropriate members of the team of their tasks in order to effectively welcome the new hire. The vacation tracker, that allows the employees to arrange vacation time, is another wonderful tool. has a monthly fee of $8 per user. There is also a 2-week free trial available.


Workflows that can be customised and scaled

HIPAA certification provides enterprise-level security.

Cons: Custom dashboards do not update automatically.

There is a minor learning curve.

Certain features are only accessible in the enterprise package and are not available in the mobile app.

4. Eddy – HR Software Solutions for Small & Medium Businesses

Eddy is the best option for easy, personalised onboarding.

The Eddy directory offers a modern design that emphasises functionality over simplicity.

Eddy is indeed a fully – featured HR Suite for small businesses that automates time-consuming HR tasks and enhances employee satisfaction. Eddy, founded in 2017 by Travis Hansen, a former professional basketball player converted entrepreneur, has developed quickly thanks to its simple yet powerful product, outstanding customer service, and concentration on small businesses with deskless workforces. Businesses may use Eddy to recruit, onboard, administer, and pay workers with just one piece of software. Job posting administration, candidate tracking, and a full-fledged applicant tracking system are all key elements (ATS). HR managers can use the onboarding system to design unique onboarding packages, assign assignments, and gather digital signatures with ease. Users can browse company directories and save critical personnel documentation, performance notes, and education and certificates in employee profiles, which is a core component of Eddy. You can also use Eddy’s in-house, full-service payroll system to create custom PTO laws and approve or deny requests; use their time tracking tool to easily clock in and out; and navigate salary processes using Eddy’s in-house, full-service system, which includes support for various monthly payments and end-of-year W-2 preparedness, filing, and distribution. Eddy offers a free sample and starts at $8 per employee per month.


Low per-employee costs at the starting level

It is simple to use and understand.

Self-service help documentation that is comprehensive


Payroll and ATS are not included in the price.

There is no mention of a free plan or a free trial.

5. Sage HRMS – Human Resource Management System

Demonstration for free

Starting at $10 per month per user

Sage HRMS is the best human resource management system for small businesses.

Employee data can be gathered and saved in a safe HR database.

Sage is a company that specialises in accounting, human resources, payments, assets, building, property investment, and enterprise systems management. They provide cloud, on-premise, and hybrid solutions. Their fully configurable solutions may be modified to fit the needs of startups, scale-ups, and enterprises.

This programme excels in training thanks to a variety of wizards designed to assist with a variety of HR processes, including new hires, training, salary rises, changing jobs, and more.

Sage offers a broad variety of third-party add-ons for integrating various solutions in your HRMS process.

Sage HRMS favours first-party integration options, which puts users at a disadvantage if they need to integrate other program management or payroll applications. As a result, they lost a few marks in the Integrations evaluation.

Sage features a free sample and starts at $10 per user per month.


Uploading Excel sheets into the payroll module is possible.

Wizards are a fantastic new employee.

Payroll history reports are simple to produce.


Not designed for huge businesses.

There is no self-service available.

Some payroll systems require manual export.

Pricing is available upon request, and a free sample is available.

6. PeopleStreme – Educational HR Resources


PeopleStreme is the best HRMS and payroll software available.

Keep track of HR-related information such as active learning, qualifications, and approvals.

Ascender’s PeopleStreme is a global human sources to make and payroll system company that specialises in the creation of technologies to enable human resource activities. Audi as well as the Movember Foundation are two companies that employ it.

PeopleStreme performed highly in the Usability rating area, as the programme is simple to use and has a straightforward dashboard interface. Additionally, they give quick troubleshooting and support when needed.

Other Ascender tools, GO1, the Australian HR Institute (AHRI), Broadbean, CT Management, Apparently, Intercheck, SEEK, and Workpro are among the integrations.

The internal candidates are a) recognised only by number, not by name, and b) are not indicated in the event of duplications, so the data can be difficult to interpret at a glance (ie, candidates that apply for multiple roles within the company).

PeopleStreme gives a free demo and offers prices upon request.


Ability to customise responses to a large number of prospects

Payroll for complex criteria and configurations

Can handle a high volume of recruitment work


Custom branding choices are limited.

The best reporting tools are only available on higher-tiered services.

Failure to recognise the same candidate twice

7. HR Cloud – Employee Onboarding Software

HR Cloud – The most effective combination of onboarding and engagement Solution for HRMS

Add social media-like functionalities to HR social elements to make them more engaging.

Onboard, Workmates, and HR Suite are three integrated software solutions offered by HR Cloud to help you better back on board, connect, and govern your employees. Their software is built to automate tedious HR operations, improve employee engagement, and manage the complete employee lifecycle.

The Onboard system includes self-service, employee profiles, customisable new hire portals, and customized orientation workflows, among other capabilities for automating manual onboarding tasks and ensuring employees are prepared on their first day but throughout the onboarding process.

The Workmates solution from HR Cloud comprises a set of strong capabilities for remote teams to cooperate, communicate, and even recognise and reward one another. Employee feeds, updates, an employee directory, communication and messaging tools, and worker analytics are all available here. Workmates also features a nice function that allows employees to become brand ambassadors for your company.

HR Cloud’s HR Suite also includes a number of powerful, tried-and-true HR tools, including as performance management, leave monitoring, and a mobile employee app, to help you better manage the whole employee lifecycle. Advanced reporting, organization charts, and the process of designing polls to gather employee feedback are all included in the suite.

HR Cloud integrates with a variety of popular applications and systems, including ADP, Quickbooks, UltiPro, Compass, TalentLyft, Checkr, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and others.

HR Cloud solutions begin at $6 per user each month, and all solutions come with a free demo.


Onboarding routines and checklists that can be customised

Platform that focuses on the employee experience

Intra-employee recognition and reward systems that work


Payroll is not included in HR Cloud.

It wasn’t designed with enterprise businesses in mind.

HR Cloud keeps building new integrations despite the absence of integrations.

8. Built for Teams – Position Management and Org Chart Software

It costs $30 a month and comes with a free trial.

Best ORG charts – Built for Teams

The org chart created by Built for Teams depicts where everyone in the firm stands.

Built for Teams is a set of straightforward, powerful tools for hiring, managing, retaining, and analysing your staff. Data-driven org charts for better visibility, simplified PTO monitoring systems, and application tracking automation are just a few of the features.

This tool has a low learning curve, so even folks who aren’t extremely tech-savvy ought to be able to utilise it effectively. As a result, it received a high score in the Usability rating criteria.

Google Suite, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, ADP, Slack, and other payroll systems are among the integrations available.

One disadvantage to be aware of is that it is currently not feasible to revoke requests, such as paid time off, once they have been entered into the system. Although the HR department can do it, putting this ability in the responsibility of individual users would be preferable.

Built For Teams is available for $30 per month with a free trial.


It’s simple to create a personalised hiring process.

An org chart tool that is both robust and data-driven.

PTO monitoring software that is accurate and flexible


There are just a few “away” statuses available, and there is no ability to customise them.

In the app, you won’t be able to see the entire calendar.

OT monitoring and documentation are limited.

9. VAIRKKO – Workforce & Operations Management Software

Starting at $4.99 per month per user

VAIRKKO is the best HRMS and LMS add-ons on the market.

The Scheduler tool assists you in managing the availability of your personnel.

VAIRKKO is a cloud-based workforce administration and operation management software with certification monitoring, online staff scheduling, personnel administration, e-Learning, HR, and more. Bonus: with a plan, training is included for free.

VAIRKKO scored strongly in the Value for Fee portion of the evaluation criteria, with a low monthly price that can be changed according to the solutions your organisation need and a lengthy free trial.

VAIRKKO offers a number of add-ons to integrate varied levels of service into your plan; however, their website provides no information about the possibilities of third-party app compatibility (ie, with Slack and so on).

VAIRKKO could improve (as shown above) by providing more alternatives for third-party apps and add-ons. This is the software’s most common criticism.

VAIRKKO features a free 1 month trial and starts at $4.99 per user each month.


Customization of branding, logo, and colours

It’s ideal for keeping track of CEUs.

Add unpaid breaks to your employees’ time cards with ease.


The learning curve is steep.

The mobile app isn’t as feature-rich as the browser version.

The expense of using several add-ons will skyrocket.

10. Workday

Workday – Time-off management at its finest

Workday provides you with easy-to-understand labour expense visualisations.

Workday makes it simple to plan for, acquire, and grow employees. You may engage your staff on their preferred device, make decisions that are based on contextual knowledge, and establish and manage business processes, among other things.

The software’s versatility in managing user-input modification is one of its strongest features, including the capability to audit modification logs and bulk retract changes, among other things.

10x Psychology, Accu-Time Systems, Accurate Background, Achievers, Adobe, ADP, Amazon Business, AON, Aptitude Applications, Ascend Apps, Automation Anywhere, Avalara, Box, BetterUp, BountyJobs, Checkr,, docusign, Google Cloud, Microsoft structures, Crm systems, and others are among the integrations available.

Although it is usual for software companies to keep pricing arrangements under wraps, Workday goes a step further by refusing to reveal information regarding plan tiers, free trial offers, or even live demos. Their lack of transparency cost them points in the Value for Money category.

Workday provides prices upon request and has a free video sample available on their website.


From attract-to-pay, intelligent process automation is the way to go.

Benefits plus worker transactional data in the same system Cons Flexible organisational structures and models

Goals that are difficult to achieve and a self-evaluation process

Pre-screening questionnaires cannot be tailored to each job ad.

On the Candidate Grid, you may only drag & drop single entries.

Criteria for Comparing Human Resources Software

What criteria do we use to determine which tools make the final HRMS list? The following is a list of my assessment criteria:

Is the user interface (UI) neat and appealing? Are all of the regular HR functions easily accessible? Is personal information organised, transparent, and searchable?

Is it simple to understand and master? Is there good tech assistance, user help, tutorials, and training at the company?

Functionality & Features:

Scalability/Flexibility – Is the software scalable and flexible enough to develop and expand with your business as your HR needs evolve?

Employee Engagement, Satisfaction Measurement, and Culture Development Tools – Does your HRMS of choice go beyond “normal” HR capabilities to provide a method for employee satisfaction, satisfaction measurement, and culture development? Is there a built-in learning management system?

Can the software handle all of the standard parts of the HR process, such as time, payroll, and tax?

Reports and Analytics – Would the programme deliver real-time, actionable insights based on the information you submit? Are reports easily customisable, exportable, and adjustable in any other way?

Is it simple to integrate with other applications? Do you have any pre-built integrations? Is it linked to any job postings for quick hiring?

Value for money: Is the price reasonable given the characteristics, competencies, and use case? Is your price straightforward, transparent, and adaptable?

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What are your thoughts on these HR management tools?

It’s difficult to envision a modern company running well without some type of HR automated systems, given the growing trend toward remote employment.

HRMS is increasingly being used by businesses to gain additional insight into their workforce by studying patterns in employee data. HRMS analyst, a comparatively recent position, are responsible for establishing and maintaining HRMS as well as offering data-driven recommendations.

Have you used any of the HRMS tools mentioned above? For your day-to-day HR needs, what HR software do you use? If you had the chance, would you add any HRMS solutions to this list? We appreciate your feedback in the comments section.

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