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How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

Instagram stories serve as a great source of fun and entertainment. Unfortunately, you cannot access this platform without an internet connection unless you have a means of downloading the content.

If you have a chance to view people’s Instagram stories, you’ll get to understand what people are doing in their day-to-day activities whenever you are. Unfortunately, the app allows users to customize who should watch their stories.

But what happens if you want to watch Instagram stories anonymously? Well, you will need to use the 4K Stogram Instagram stories downloading tool. It also allows you to download Instagram videos and photos that are posted by various account users without their knowledge. Amazingly, you can access content from private accounts that you cannot access even when you have an account.

Could be, you are yet to use the 4K Stogram software. That means that you probably don’t understand how to use it to view various Instagram content. To get a deeper understanding of this software, read on to find out more.

Main Features of 4K Stogram.

Any tool or application is rated based on the features it exhibits. 4K Stogram is proven to be a great tool to download Instagram stories and videos. The best thing is that you can subscribe for automatic content download whenever someone uploads content or updates a story.

1. Downloading and Viewing Instagram Stories.

If you want to download or view other people’s stories anonymously, 4K Stogram is the way to go. You will be able to access stories on public and private accounts and the account owners won’t be notified when you view Instagram stories anonymously.

2. Downloading Instagram Videos and Photos.

This is another amazing feature of the 4K Stogram tool. You will use it to download all videos and photos that you feel are good for you. The downloaded content is of high quality and the program is known for supporting multiple formats. Some of the supported formats include PNG, MP4, JPEG, and many others. This gives you a chance to download a video or an image in the most preferred format usable on your gadget. The content downloading process is the same as that of viewing and downloading stories. You only need to press Download to start downloading the photos or videos.

3. Browse Instagram Feeds.

Ads come as distractors when we are serving on the internet. They continuously interfere as you try to read through interesting articles or when watching videos. Although they appear on Instagram feeds, you will enjoy scrolling them without seeing Ads.

4. Automatic Content Download.

Sometimes, you may not be available to download stories whenever they are uploaded. When you subscribe, the 4K Stogram Instagram video downloading tool will automatically download content uploaded on the said account, location, or hashtag.

You will only take time to watch them when you are free without using internet bundles. However, it’s good to be keen to subscribe to these downloads wisely to avoid boring or spammed content.

5. Selective Content Download.

The 4K Stogram Instagram Stories viewer also allows you to control the content that you download from various Instagram accounts or hashtags. You are free to choose videos, saved posts, photos, Stories, tagged posts, or highlights. It all depends on what you love to see from a certain account or hashtag.

6. Original Captions Download.

When you are using Instagram, you have no right to copy a post’s caption. However, you may need it for memories, as a reference, or for entertainment. Those who may want such content are lucky since 4K Stogram makes it all possible. This app enables you to download other people’s posts in their original state. You can either copy the link to that post or capture the post itself.

Using the 4K Stogram App.

  1. Using this tool is easy and more convenient than any other Instagram content downloading software. Before you think of downloading Instagram stories, videos, or other content, it’s paramount to understand the following steps necessary for downloading them:
  2. Download and install the 4K Stogram on your computer.
  • Open it and move to the Search section.
  1. Type the name of the Instagram hashtag, location, or username. You will be free to see the stories related to your search and download the ones you like.
  2. You can customize the ones you wish to download automatically by subscribing to the given username, location, or hashtag.


It is amazing that you can conveniently save Instagram posts, download content automatically, anonymously watch Instagram stories on both public and private accounts, browse Instagram feed without Ads, download an entire account’s content, and watch private Instagram stories.

The most unique aspect of this software is that all your activities on someone’s account remain confidential to you. Instagram account owners will not by any chance realize that you are accessing or downloading their private content.

Don’t wait to have other people enjoying your content on Instagram or other social platforms while you only ‘miss’ theirs. Download the 4K Stogram software today to offer you anonymity whenever you want down people’s content.

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